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Joe from the left short to McMullan and out of play. Throw in for Alloa as the full time whistle goes.



Re-start and Joe has to chase the spare out wide, Alloa forward and not cleared, chance in front of goal but Morris defends again. Ball fdownfield to Moff in front of goal and earns a corner for his trouble.

The goal was a mile offside but not picked up by the assistant ref.

Morris defends a high ball to the pars box, down to Nat and away to McKeown. Alloa out wide of the pars left hand side, McKeown and Hetherington crosses but no trouble for Murdoch.

He hoofs it high and downfield. Watters heads it foreward and it`s into the net for Alloa ahead of a hapless Pars defencre.


Joe crosses to Moff and he puts it in to the net but the offside flag is up.

Ball up to Reilly, blocked pass and over to Joe. Gives out wide to Geggan.

Crosses in and Parry punches it out wide. Just gets his fingertips to it.

Ball downfield to the pars half.

Returned to Nat in to MOff, turns and its downfield. On his own chips to Joe and his shot is stopped by Parry.

Reilly fine.

Hahaha Im a poet and didnae know it

McCabe had sa shot on goal blocked first time clear the second but it`s played away. Clock ticking down as some pars fans make their way out.

Nice to meet Scosha who was next to me today.

Ball through to Reilly who is upended by Parry as the goal is err parried away.

I`ve been waiting to type that aw day like

McMullan fouled in front of us, free kick Pars on the halfway line.

He needs physio help.

McAllister getting time on the ball, a long spare is way past the right hand post and out for a pars goal kick

Every time Alloa play a corner it`s short and gets the first man`s head.

It`s out wide to Nat, on to Joedown the wing in to McMullan who is being chased. Short to Moff but his shot is blocked, now to Geggan. McCabe to Reilly and in to Joe in the box blocked and its out wide for McKeown.

Morris pushed over as Spence makes his way to our 18 yard line but on to Murdoch. Out wide to Taggart, and a chance on goal is over the bar but rebounds out. Corner Alloa.

Alloa keep pressing however and have a throw in at the halfway line.

Their sub McAllister has made an impression since he came on.

Geggan to McCabe, out to McMullan in to McCabe again and it`s long to Joe.Another offside flag.

Very poor connection now. ALloa had a corner, played out wide, downfield to McMullan whose shot on goal was just over the bar.

Goes wide and returned back behind goal for a goal kick.

Sub for Pars off Herron being replaced by McCabe

Geggan to Morris as Ash falls. Down to McKeown, in to Moff,but forward to Spence, out wide to McAllister and Herronhas to come in to clear ahead of Murdoch. Corner Alloa.

Some cracking banter here in the covered terracing. Really funny.

Long ball to Spence who punts it over the bar and on to the main road running past the stadium. Dearie dear.

Long pass through to Joe after the clearance by Parry. Offside flag up as his goal chance goes past the left hand post.

Joe to take.

Low in blocked now to Moff, blocked and just behind the right hand post for a goal kick.

Throw in for Pars. Geggan to Taggart who heads down. Over to Watters with Joe chasing. High ball headed down by Herron. Down to Moff turns and gives to McMullan on his own past three players and upended. Free kick Pars 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Pars sub getting ready May be Moffat.

Aloa forward but Morris blocks and its out wide for an Alloa throw in.

Pars sub off is Clark to immense applause and on is Moffat.

Throw in taken by Alloa and a shout for handball but nothing given.

Pars with Clark and Herron through to McMullan then Joe has a try but the pars are keeping up their pressure and looking for a fourth goal.

Geggan throw in.

Short to Clark blocked and out to Reilly but he is nowhere near.

Another chance on goal for Alloa as they got to our half no problem and then to the left hand side of the goal area. Thankfully Murdoch on top form.

Our defence went to sleep as a cracking goal came in from McCluskey.

It`s getting very very cold now and the fog is most definitely coming back down, as I can see it in the floodlights.

Hope they`ve got the heating on in the DASC bus or I`ll be chittering aw the way hame.

Throw in for Alloa. Taggart to McKeown, Over the field to Hetherington (hope he didnae go aff) and a good goal for the home side.


Sub for Alloa off is 11 who came on is anyone`s guess. Tannoy is not the best.

Spence to take.

Curls high over the wall and a good save by a leaping Murdoch.

Hoofed downfield. Joe crosses to the head of Watters in the Alloa box.

McMullan takes down Hetherington, Free kick Alloa 25 yards out on the right hand side.

Reilly to Morris forward to Nat lovely play out wide and he is upended by Spence. No free kick for the pars however as the ball comes towards us in the east stand.

Throw in Pars. Geggan to Joe, turns, and its over to Spence who goes down by an invisible pars player. Free kick taken quickly.

Re-start and Spence took it out wide, ball back to Joe by Herron, short to Martin but out wide for a pars throw in. See what happens when ye bring Super Joe on!

Herron to McMullan and Spence has to defend. Long to the middle picked up by Nat. Forward to McMullan and a VERY close call at the right hand post as it flies past.


Joe taking the free kick

Over to the head of Taggart, down to Herron and out wide for a pars throw in. Geggan to Herron, over to Morris down to Joe shot on goal from JOE IS IN THE NET.



Herron takes, off the wall, out wide to McMullan, played backwards to Joe who is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

From the left its Joe. Clark`s header is cleared off the line, only to Herron and a free kick for the pars after he is pushed over.

Free kick pars 20 yards out.

Long ball to a running Joe. Crosses to the box played out wide and a cracking rebound means a corner for the pars.

Aye ye dinnae want to mess with me Stevie ;D

Alloa from the left hand side.

Great diving same from Murdoch. Clears to Spence only, Morris intervenes and plays it away downfield. Reilly cant get there and its back to Alloa.

Long ball down to the pars half with a corner for Alloa.

Shocking decision by the ref. Never a foul never mind a free kick. Goes long. Martin to Clark on the halfway line but it`s blocked. Spence goes to ground again but ref plays on. Bit of play acting by the home side.

Long ball way out of play and a throw in for Alloa. Taggart to MNorris heads it down to Ash. High ball to the feet of Herron. Off to Hetherington forward to Spence but Murdoch comes off his line to uplift. On to Clark forward to Joe and the offside flag is up again.

Over the wall and out of play. Murdoch hoofs upfield. Morris returns it, out wide to Geggan. Foward to the head of Taggart, down for an Alloa throw in. Watters to McKeown great play by Clark and McMullan is then upended and the ref gives him a yellow for diving - free kick Alloa from their own half.

Very cold and the fog is coming down again.

Throw in Pars.

Down the wing to Joe. Loses it to Watters down to Spence fouled says ref, very soft decision imo, and a free kick for Alloa on the 18 yards line.

Alloa throw in. Taggart to McKeown who brings it into the centre for Nat. Out to Geggan chips to Reilly crosses in but no one in front of goal for the pars. Booted out of play on to the main stand roof and bounces back down. Throw in Pars. McKeown good play and its over to Taggart forward to Morris who is fouled by Spence but play on says ref.

Morris gets back and stops a corner for Alloa.

Great to see Cal back.

Alloa forwards cant keep hold of it and a spare landed near Clark but Parry came off hius line to catch it ahead of him. Long ball through to Joe but offside flag up for him.

Geggan throw in. Short to Clark, back to McMullan runs through gies to Clark back to McMullan and a great chance for a third goal except the excellent save by Parry from close range.

Off we go with Alloa kicking off.

Heading to the feet of Clark however and its en route to the ALloa goal. No corner says the ref despite it looking like one from here.

Now I`ve got a pillar in front of me. Seriously I just want to go hame like....

Teams back out for the second half

Higgy has been replaced by Cardle.

A wee note from a fellow Pars supporter - if we keep trying to walk the ball into the net we could be five goals up

Some scores from the fourth round

FT: Rangers 2-1 Motherwell
Bonyrigg Rose 1-3 Hibernian
Elgin City 1-1 Inverness
Aberdeen 2-0 Stranraer
Ross County 4-2 Dundee Utd
Partick 3-0 Fromartine
St Johnstone 2-0 Stenhousemuir
Kilmarnock 0-0 Hamilton
Morton 1-0 Falkirk
Livingston 0-1 East Fife
Stirling 1-1 Clyde

The BBC have McMullan down as our second scorer so Ive changed the stats page.

Clark is fouled in the centre circle - free kick Pars. Morris to take.

Good ball from Morris to Higgy, lost to McKeown and it`s downfield to Murdoch ahead of Spence.




Cracking goal into the bottom left hand corner by Ash who came up from a good run, a great cross by McMullan after the corner from Higgy.

Another chance for the pars after the re-start and it`s saved in the bottom left hand corner by Parry.

Second corner taken and out for a third.

Higgy short to McMullan then to Ash and its in the net



Corner Pars as Higgy rebounds the ball off Taggart.

From the right it`s Higgy, right footed cross, good ball and headed just past the post by Clark with a touch by Watters. Corner Pars.

Murdoch high ball to Higgy`s head. Down to Herron back to Higgy who puts in an overhead kick. On to Parry closely followed by Clark. He clears just in time. Geggan puts in a long pass all the way back to Morris.

Higgy to Martin short to Reilly and a shout for a penalty as Reilly is taken down in the box but the ref says play on.

From the left it`s a right footed cross, Watters shot is headed clear by Clark over to Spence who punts it way over the bar for a goal kick to the Pars.

Free kick 35 yards out.

Taken and headed over the bar for an Alloa corner.

Murdoch takes.

Headed down by Taggart who was way over the top of McMullan but no foul given.

Higgy long to Geggan. Turns goes back to Morris but its nowhere near him. ALloa forward. Free kick Alloa as Ash crashes into Spence.

Parry hoofs long to Morris who is upended. Free kick Pars in their own half.

Alloa free kick after a foul by Geggan. Free kick 30 yards out on the left hand side.

Straight to Murdoch. High ball to Reilly but he is nowhere near it. Seems some of our team are off the boil to me, and the long spare goes to Murdoch.

In to Clark, out wide to Martin on his own. Crosses high and headed down by McMullan but straight to Parry.

Pars throw in now. Over to Ash a miss by Higgy and it`s out to Martin. On his own out wide to Reilly in to Herron but Alloa have it back. Clark misses a short pass and Alloa rush to our half. Pars throw in. Martin to Nat, back to Martin and out for another. Martin to Higgy but he misses it.

Parry long to the halfway line.

Taggart to McKeown. Out for a pars throw in. Geggan to McMullan. Out for an Alloa throw in.

Elgin 1 - 0 ICT

From the right it`s Higgy, right footed cross, Ash heads down and past the right hand post by a mile. Goal kick ALloa.

Short to Herron, an a poor ball from Martin goes sky high over the pitch to the main stand.

Alloa have it in their possession. Hetherington good ball to Taggart, nearside, in to McKeown down to Spence, blocked by Martin. In to Reilly, loses it but out to Martin, Good run in to Hiuggy short to Reilly back to Higgy then to Herron short to McMullan in tyhe box and shoots and wins a corner for the pars.

Chips isnt a player for the pars, honest. I left the caps lock on...

Good save by Murdoch as Alloa fire down to our half.

Hetherington with a throw in in the pars half.

Switched to Taggart. Down to Spence, turns and McMullan thought he had got rid of it but its now to Higgy, just manages to keep hold of it turns and gives to Clark fardown in the Alloa half , on his own back to Martin in to Herron, Chips to McMullan and blocked by Clark. Offside flag up for the Pars.

Im cold can ye tell? Missing letters...

Taggart to Watters. Foul by Higgy. Free kick Alloa nowhere near where the foul happened. Short to McKeown, away to Hetherington and forward to Spence. Rebounds off Martin for an Alloa throw in deep in the pars half.

Higgy heads it backwards. Over to Morris then to Reilly in to Adsh forward to Clark and out wide to Hggy crosses in but its too low a ball and the ALloa defence clear it.

Parry clears downfield. Morris to McMullan in to Higgy then down to Reilly and he stops a clearance. Throw in Alloa deep in their own half.

Geggan with a miss there but Morris picks up and clears downfield. Reilly to Herron, in to Higgy back to Herron and down to Ashcroft. Over to to Nat, centre, now to McMullan good tight play and a chance for Martin but he chips it over the bar from close range.

Taggart to McKeown, spare to Higgy on his own, past McKeown, crosses but behind for a goal kick. Seemed hesitant to me.

McKeown to Watters, Spence comes in and its a long ball to Geggan`s head and down to Murdoch.

Nat to Higgy down the middle out wide to McMullan, played to the box but the ALloa defence hit back. Back to Nat, over to Morris and out wide to Ashcroft.

We now have two stewars in our line of view. This is ridicylous.

Higgy passes to Herron, a good chance in front of goal but just bobbles as it goes.

Morris returns it to Taggart and it`s ALloa with a free kick in their own half.

Parry to Martin who heads it out of play. Throw in ALloa. Waters to Hetherington, long to a running Spence but on to Murdoch.

Clark in the middle to Higgy. Stopped at the Alloa 20 yard area by Taggart. Out wide for a throw in.

Hetherington over to Watters on the wing but its too far. Throw in Pars with Geggan to take.

Short to mcMullan, great play over to Martin on a good run. Looking for Higgy and switches it.

Crosses in, headed clear and out for Higgy. Picks up the spare crosses in and headed just past the right hand post by Clark.

Down to Hetherington but the spare to Murdoch. He hoofs it long to the ALloa half. DOwn to McMullan but the Alloa defenders there too. In to the middle for Geggan but a long spare only goes as far as Parry.

Taggart to Parry.

Watters fouls Reilly. Free kick taken quickly with Nat over to Martin, out wide to Clark who slides on the plastic wet surface. Throw in Alloa.

Higgy to take.

We have a steward directly in front of us who refuses to move.

Right footed curling shot low on the ground out to Herron back to Higgy and he puts it high and Morris heads it to the hands of Parry. Long ball down the wing and Martin to Higgy.

High ball down to the pars half. Returned down and it;s headed foward by Reilly. Out wide to McKeown away to Geggan and over to Martin on a good run to the alloa half. Out to Higgy over to McMullan back to Clark and a free kick to the pars, 30 yards out.

Long ball through to Morris and on to Murdoch.

Up to the Alloa half, a foul occurs with McMullan and a free kick for Alloa.

Waters from Taggart. On to Parry.

Cracking return by Clark who clattered it into the net from the poor clearance by the Alloa defence.



McKeown chests it down. Long ball to McMullan and Reilly takes a chance and comes back in and it`s in the net GOALLLLLLLLLLL

Higgy takes the free kick however and its wide to Herron on to the head of Clark but down into the hands of Parry.

Higgy chests down to Higgy who crashes into an ALloa player who then goes to deck and there`s an melee in the middle of the ALloa half. He`s having a word with both players and a rellow for Higgy.

Murdoch in bright blue today hoofs it to Taggart who clearly pushes into the back of McMullan. No foul but played through to Reilly but backwards to Morris. A long ball out for an Alloa throw in deep in their half

Reilly plays it too fast for Martin and it went out for an Alloa throw in. Over to Morris who has to chase ahead of Geggan and a spare is skiped past the right hand post by a mile into the standing pars fans on the terracing.

Kirkpatrick takes. Goes short, out wide and defended by Morris. Now to Taggart and on to Parry. He hoofs it long. Out to Martin, across to Morris and down to Clark who is fouled but ref plays it on much to the annoyance of the away support.

Morris to Reilly foward to Clark pushed off. Gets it back but Alloa sticking in.

Reilly waiting for it as the ball goes to the deck. A missed chance for Reilly as the ball whizzes past him and its over to the ALloa no.11, into the feet of McKeown but down from a foul. Free kick Alloa 40 yards out.

McKeown takes, in to Clark, out to McMullan and his forward pass is poor. ALloa have it away into the middle for Waters. McKeown shouts for it but it`s too far and out for pars throw in. Martin takes but its too far and out down the wing to the ALloa half.

Up to the Pars half, down to the head of Morris and another high ball to the middle. Down to Waters forward and out of play for a Alloa throw in. 2 takes, short to 7 over to the middle for Waters. Spence shouting for it but it`s overplayed and out wide for an Alloa throw in.

Higgy right footed cross, and the ref sees pushes and play is stopped. Free kick Alloa with Parry to take.

Played out wide to Higgy and have their first throw in. Short to Clark, on to Higgy and onwards to the Alloa end and out for the first corner of the game to the Pars.

Both teams make their way out for this fixture

Alloa in black and orange stripes, black shorts and black and orange stripe socks.

The Pars in their red tops, white shorts and red socks.

Pars to kick off this half playing right to left.

Away we go!

No team sheet for me today so Im going to wing it instead.

Apologies if I just type in the numbers for the Alloa team. I`ll keep looking at the team I`ve just copied and pasted.

Three changes for this cup tie - in comes Morris, Martin and Reilly whilst Moffat, Talbot and Fordyce drop to the bench.

My dongle is not getting great reception today folks so please be patient. It`s dropped twice already.

There is a massive away support for the pars. I can count the Alloa fans from here... let`s hope they`re just coming in fae KFC

Good afternoon from a very cold and foggy Indohill Stadium in Alloa for the fourth round of the scottish cup