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Thanks for reading folks - the penalty situation was very poor and it\`s a hard one to take.

Over n out Buffy xx



















From the right it`s a high ball in, punched to the left by Sean and it`s into PENALTIES now as whistle ends for ET

I cannae see who is taking it.

Possibly Redmond but that`s a guess.

Off the wall. Out wide to Watson down to McMann and who is offside .,free kick Pars with murdoch to take.

Down to Paton, then away to Imrie.

Out wide to Morris who loses it to Redmond. corner hamilton.

Good tackle by Martin but a foul says ref. Free kick Hamilton 20 yards out.

Hamilton rush to our half, brlliant defending by Talbot who is really in trouble.

Throw in Hamilton, Long ball from Donati, good stop by nat. Down to Paton, across to Joe but lost to Skondras. Aha that`s who came on.

Hamilton to the pars half.

Murdoch long to Paton but over his head. Hamilton throw in. Seaborne to Imrie then to Watson. Morris long to Reilly ahead of Redmond, and a foul on Talbot again. free kick taken quickly.

Talbot to Nat,

Out to mccabe great cross to a running Reilly but he cant get it in time. what a chance.

Hamilton sub off Bingham on Ive nae clue sorry. Have to wait til I see his number up close.

Long ball to the Pars byline but out of play. Goal kick Pars.

Talbot defends and Murdoch clears long. Down to Reilly and a throw in for pars deep in the pars half.

McCabe long throw to Devlin, ahead of Morris. Down to Murdoch clearance to Nat. Bounces in front of him. Out for a Hamilton throw in.

Murdoch picks up a spare.

Talbot was stepped upon whilst the free kick took place hence why it was retaken. He is limping quite badly even now.

Throw in Pars. Martin to Reilly over to Devlin and cleared to the halfway line. Bingham to Nat, short to Talbot long ball to Reilly who slides on to Joe and the ball is taken back after a handball shout on Reilly after he went to ground.

Free kick from their own half for Hamilton.

This isnae good for ye.

Free kick taken - nothing given but the free kick is to be taken again.

Talbot doesnt look good and is limping.

Easy stop on the wall.

Pars fans singing their hearts out

From the right it`s over the pack and out for another with a rebound from Watson.

Corner Pars.

From the left clear at the near post, dow to Joe loses it to Bingham and who is fouled. Free kick Hamilton 20 yards out.

Long ball to McCabe`s head after a flying jump. Down to Joe and the ball is over the line so its a pars corner.

Reilly fouls and a free kick to Hamilton on the halfway line.

Seaborne to take.

Long ball to Ash who is fouled. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Players lined up for the final of this second ET.

Pars to kick off this time.

Off we go!

Pars playing towards the pars fans.

Redmond to Watson, Nat to Reilly and a long ball out of play as a Hamilton player needs assistance but in the end runs off his injury.

It`s gone awfy quiet --- then the ET whistle goes for the first part.

Second ET half coming right up.

Joe to take.

Long ball to Herron`s head and out for a goal kick to Hamilton.

High ball from Murdoch. Redmond to Morris and puts it out of play for a hamilton throw in. Imrie to McCabe and out for another.

Imrie to Watson, Talbot cant quite get there but gets it eventually to Joe. Away to Mccabe great move to Joe who is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

out wide to Talbot.

Down to McCabe and is fouled. free kick pars on halfway line.

McCabe to talbot, now t Joe crosses in and its past the left hand post (with I think a wee toucy by Reilly. Jeezo that was close.

Short to Joe, clears to Donati. Over to Seaborne, for4ward to Redmond and an easy save for Murdoch.

Hamilton throw in. Imrie to Watson. Down to Redmond. Martin defends and out to Bingham. Another fantastic save by Sean.

Ball out wide for a Hamilton throw in.

That was some stop by Sean.

Martin to McCabe, nowhere near, McCabe fouled. Free kick was going to be taken quickly by ref Thomson says nope. Ridiculous.

Murdoch to take.
Long to Paton but over his head.

Redmond to take.

Crossed to Bingham headed it wide, Murdoch stops a shot from the left with his body, cleared out wide for a Pars throw in.

Paton to take.

Crossed to the right hand post, headed clear by Imrie, down to Bingham on the halfway line.

In to McCabe, poor pass but away to Joe shot blocked from the left hand side. Down to Brophy. Cross blocked.

Seaborne to Bingham, great play by McCabe, fouled. Free kick taken quiockly and a foul on Herron by Bingham, free kick Pars 30 yards out.

Morris to Nat, over to Watson. Out wide to Imrie. Redmond to Imrie but its out for a pars goal kick.

Murdoch to the left hand side and out for a hamilton throw in.

Higgy to McMullan. Lost to Watson. Down to Morris who does well past Bingham.

Subs for Pars off Higgy and McMullan on are Joe and Paton.

Paton stripped too.

Hope they`ve got their simmets on. Brrrr

Joe being stripped to come on.

McCabe to Reilly, blocked, down to Redmond ahead of Talbot who gives chase. Foul on McCabe by Redmond. Free kick Pars. Murdoch to take.

Not Redmond, Imrie.

Murdoch hoofs long. Higgy to Reilly, and Mattews has to clear ahead of him.

Throw in Pars.

Offside for Pars. Free kick Hamilton on the halfway line.

Long ball to Herron. Free kick Hamilton, great stop by Morris, and onwards to Reilly. Down to Matthews, long high ball to the pars half.

Nat picks up. Does well over to Martin. Then to Higgy, bac kto Nat on to Ash and driven forward by Talbot. Out wide to McCabe who slides and the ball is down in the pars half. Cross in by Redmond and past the left hand post. Goal kick Pars.

Hamilton start.

Bingham long to Danoti. Over to Talbot in front of goal. Long to McCabe. Blocked.

Ive got 2 hours 45 mins left on the netbook. Nae power here in the away end ye know!

Bless Jimmy Dowds - he tried to get me a pie and a hot drink but the kiosks are shut.

Talbot to Reilly and another pars throw in deep in the hamilton half.

Seaborne defends and the ball is with Donati. :ong ball to the head of Morris, out wide to Redmond crosses in, headewd to WEatson and cleared by Moff.



You can cut the atmosphere with a knife now.

Pars forward with another throw in.

McCabe to the box, cleared by Watson. Throw in Pars. Talbot to McCabe, loses it and a throw in for Hamilton. Seaborne to Ash, down to reilly just ahead of him and Hamilton head to our half. Back to Reilly and a throw in for pars.

Long to Reilly who is fouled but NOTHING from the ref.

Hamilton foward, Nat clears, only to halfway line. Seaborne to Redmond crosses in, McCabe defends.

Long ball to Morris headed down to Higgy, away to Reilly and out for a pars throw in.

He put it into the bottom left hand corner.

:ong ball to McMullan crosses, blocked. Pars throw in.

McCabe to Herron, fouled, but free kick given to Hamilton.

Matthews to take.

An obvious dive in the box.


Bingham to take.

GOAL for hamilton.


Temperature guage in the top right hand corner is reading 1 degree. I`ve no even got my jacket zipped up!

Hamilton defenders take it behind, Seaborne to Redmond and play along the halfway line to Devlin/. Forward by 23 int tyhe pars box and a PENALTY FOR HAMILTON.

Clock ticking down.

Martin to Higgy takes on two defenders but ref says it was over the byline before he crossed to the box. Goal kick Hamilton. Matthews whips it long. Reilly cant get there neither can McCabe.

Donati to Redmond, Bingham goes to ground and a shot on goal from the left hand side by Donati is poor and past the right hand post.

Murdoch takes the free kick.

Long to Higgy, blocked. Out for a pars throw in.

Martin to higgy behind to Reilly. Out for another pars throw in.

Hamilton were looking for a penalty but instead got a corner.

Matthews clears from danger as the pars headed to the hamilton half.

Moff to Reilly but his pass is poor. Redmond takes it and heads across field to Seaborne. McMann gets it past Higgy midfield. Hamilton forward and Nat defends well. He is fouled by Redmond who finally gets a card for his behaviour. Free kick in the pars half.

Sub for Pars off Moff on McCabe.

Shot on goal after a plethors of feet in the pars box, great end save by Murdoch.

On to cant kleep Bingham, away anmd his shot on goal is good but cleaed by morris. Down to McMllan then to Nat, bounced forward by Talbot. Hamilton keeping up the pressure and Moff wins the ball fairly in our eyes but not so says Thomson. Free kick Hamilton 45 yards out.

Pars fans singing and in their element.

Long ball to Reilly, now to Higgy back to Reilly over to Herron. Back to Reilly then to Martin chips it forward to Herron but its over his head. Goal kick Hamilton.

Hamilton looking for a penalty as Redmond went to ground in the pars box but nothing given by Thomson. Long ball to Moff who cant keep it in. Throw in Hamilton in their half.

I make it ten minutes to go.

Murdoch long to Moff. Returned to Morris who does well to keep the ball away from an advancing Bingham/. Throw in Pars. Martin to Herron. Away to Redmond, and out of play for a Hamilton throw in.

Watson takes, over everyone and out for a pars goal kick.

Poor clearance by Matthews, down to Ash and a sliding tackle on Redmond. Free kick Hamilton 45 yards out.

Talbot with a throw in from Murdoch`s hoof. Goes backwards and it`s Bingham to Nat. Throw in Hamilton.

Seaborne to Redmond, through to Bingham crosses to the pars box, goes high but out wide to Kurtaj, crosses in, Morris defends and Talbot to McMullan. Comes back in for Hamilton and punted clear and long by Moff.

Hamilton forward with Redmond whilst great defending by Ash. Goal kick Pars.

Over the wall and batters the bar before ending on top of the net. Goal kick Pars.

A push on Nat is finally spotted by ref and a free kick for the pars. Martin to take from the halfway line.

Goes long and no where else but to Matthews.

Goal kick Hamilton.

Devlin to Nat who is knocked into. He limps aeway as the ref awards the free kick to Hamilton. Bizarre doesn`t cover it.

Free kick 25 yards out on the right hand side.

Corner taken by Higgy, defneded well by Kurtaj back to Higgy another cross to the box but the final touch by Nat sends the ball over the bar from the right hand side

Murdoch to Herron but way over his head. Hamilton throw in. Devlin to Refdmond poor pass goes to Moff then to Herron then to Moff and he wins a pars corner. Great play Moff!!

Free kick Hamilton after the foul on Talbot is reversed. 20 yards out on the left.

Low in, cleared by Talbot and the ref sees a push. Goal kick Pars.

Sub for Pars off Clark on is Reilly. Clark is NOT HAPPY for being subbed.

McMullan to Moff, Clark gets his toe to the spare but cant control it after being held by Redmond.

Long ball by Watson to the pars box, and cleaed high by Talbot. Throw in Hamilton.

Goes long to Clark but onwards to Matthews.

Nat picks up gives to Murdoch then a long hoof towards Clark. He is blocked. Dopwn to Redmond shot is bloclked by Talbot who is then fouled but no free kick. Sub for Hamilton - cannot hear the tannoy clear enough so cannot comment on who has come on and off.

Morris defends a long ball from Seaborne, returned to the pars box and saved by Murdoch.

Bingham has done that several times now. No cards shown.

Higgy to take free kick.

Chips ovedr the wall, Devlin clears and Hamilton head to our half. McMullan to Ash, out wide and passed foward to Moff but he isnt close to the leaping of Matthews.

Pars throw in.

Martin to Herron, cleared by Redmond, out wide for Clark who is fouled by Bingham. No card shown, Free kick Pars 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Free kick Pars after Clark is upended in the centre circle.

Talbot to take.

Long ball to the head of Devlin, cleared and an offside flag up. Free kick Hamilton as the ball is put out of play.

Free kick Hamilton deep in the pars half after an offside play. Cleared at the near post and out wide for a throw in.

Seaborne to Redmond ahead of Nat. Forward by Wtson, out wide to Devlin, then to Watson. Long ball to Bingham and Morris defends well.

Watson again forward, Moff cant get the spare to Clark and it`s Hamilton once again in possession.

A great build up between Clark and Moff but his final touch was very poor. Eventually over the bar. Goal kick Hamilton.

The home team then runs the length of the field and Redmond comes close with a shot from the right and passes the left hand post with no one to pick up the spare.

Seaborne to Redmond, Talbot defends, over to McMann.

Moff intervenes, gives to Higgy back to MOff but he loses it to Redmond. Bingham to Seaborne. Takes on Talbot, out wide, BNingham cross, shout for handball by Herron.

Nothing given away to Moff, out to Clark in to McMullan and Moff misses a clear chance in front of goal. I DONT BELIEVE THAT. WHAT A CHANCE FOR A SECOND PARS GOAL .

Not Brophy who came on, sorry, it was Donati.

Hamilton to our half, having plenty of time on the ball.

Donati out to Redmond, a blocked pass from Watson and a throw in for Hamilton deep in the pars half.

Long ball from Murdoch. Returned to the pars half with Redmond who came close but Murdoch saves ahead of him.

Long to HIggy headed in to the middle for Kurtaj but on to Matthews.

Long to Morris, down to Herron and he rues a bad pass as it goes out wide.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Nat, headed down by Devlin.

Redmond to McMann but his pass to Seaborne is poor and out for a pars goal kick.

Hamilton about to make a sub.

Long ball to Redmond then to Bingham in the pars box, cleared by Herron.

Sub for Hamilton off Imrie on is Brophy

MOrris to Herron grteat shot on goal by Bingham and an excellent diving save by Murdoch. Hamilton throw in. Devlin to Redmond, Ash takes it off him and Higgy cant keep hold of the spare.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to MOff then to Clark with a great run to the hamilton right hand post but Matthews just ahead of him. Cleared downfield.

McMullan to Higgy just misses but its off to Morris then to Murdoch.

He can fly that man.

Ash to Martin forward to Moff and a throw in for the pars deep in the hamilton half.

Martin to Moff shot on goal but saved by Matthews as he bangs into the right hand post. Looked a sore one but seems ok.

Goes nowhere except backwards to Matthews.

Clears long to the pars half and out for a corner to Hamilton.

From the left it`s Seaborne.

High ball and a great jump in the air and save by Murdoch.

McCann? Naw McMann.

Saying that I`ve no seen Ozzie furra while...

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Clark and a free kick for Hamilton after Higgy deemed to have fouled McMann on the halfway line.

Higgy to take from the right hand side.

Right footed cross.

Cleared at the neasr post by Imrie., over to Clark takes on McMann up to Nat over to Talbot but ahead of him is McCann who takes it to the halfway line.

A good start with the pars walloping the ball forward, and out of play for a throw in for the pars.

Martin to Moff, blocked, up to Herron, Clark is clearly held but no free kick. Corner to the pars.

Both teams heading out for the second half of this important replay. The winners shall be heading to Ibrox to face a managerless Rangers.

Let`s get this party started Pars, don`t drop the heads and away we go!

Ok the shoulders are going....

Im gone man solid gone

Loving the halftime music though - 1970s disco. Brilliant!

Play that Funky Music - I`d be up dancing if I wisnae sitting in the front row.... ;D

Giggling at Derek Ferguson`s comments on Sportsound - "Hamilton look powder puff"

Couldnt have put it any better masel Derek! lol

The other Replay tonight currently stands at

Clyde 0-1 Ayr United

A bumper 194 people reading the updates tonight!

That`s a lot of early finishing Valentine meals.... ;D

A good atmosphere here at the Safeseal Stadium.

Im sitting in the front row, with naebuddy in front of me, and I cant feel my feet. Not because it`s cold but because the step below my seat goes back so far my legs are dangling lol. That makes a first!

Martin hreads down whilst a shot comes in from the right hand side by Imrie which came close but past the left hand post.



Higgy to take.

Cleared from the Hamilton box. What`s with the technique of stopping before taking the free kick? That`s three times he has done that now.

Ball downfield with Hamilton. Out wide for Seaborne and offside with it.

Half time coming close.

Long ball from our keeper. Pars throw in on the halfway line.

Martin to Higgy but he is crowded. Out for another.

Down to Moff. 2 mins ET.

Free kick Pars after Higgy is fouled 20 yards out.

Hamilton defence play it back to Matthews after Seaborne cant get past Nat.

In to Redmond out wide to Mackinnon whilst Ash defends, Hamilton throw in. Seaborne to Gillespie.

Ovder to Redmond, then to Mackinnon shot on goal stopped then saved by Murdoch.

Slow connection tonight - must be a lot of folk reading on dotnet. Good stuff. :-)

Bingham forward to Imrie, in to Bingham cant get past Herron and Martin clears to Clark then to MOff chases a spare but the ball is off to Matthews.

From the right it`s Devlin, headed backwards by Bingham. HIggy does a lovely sliding tackle and the ball is behind for a goal kick.

On to Matthews.

Long ball to Morris headed out wide. Hamilton throw in. Imrie to Seaborne, in to Devlin. Nat misses a header but its out wide by Morris. Corner Hamilton.

Herron to Clark great play.

Ball returned to Murdoch but Ash gives it to Talbot, Hamlton there and it`s away to Moff. Out to Clark back to Moff aghain another good run but it goes nowhere but to Matthews. Imrie has to track back to put up with the pressure of McMullan. Matthews clears and its down to Nat then to Talbot.

Moff on the end of the throw in, goes the length of the pitch gives to Clark who tries a shot from 20 yards out and its nowhere near the goal.

Matthews to Imrie, down to Nat`s head. For4ward to Moff, tackled well and Morris defends high. Bingham takes it over the byline but it`s a throw in for Hamilton in line with the pars 18 yard line, Murdoch saves with a high jump after a cross from Seaborne.

Murdoch long to MOff, held by Seaborne. Higgy to Herron in to Clark back to Higgy down the wing and four Hamilton players can only force the ball over the byline. Pars throw in.

Martin to McMullan but impeded by Redmoind. Long ball to Martin who clears to Moff runs off his chest and out for a Hamitlon throw in.

Long hoof and out of play. Hamilton throw in. Imrie to Seaborne, over to Matthews, goes behind to Martin but he is deemed to have pushed Devlin over the byline. Free kick Hamilton on the halfway line.

Devlin to take.

Long ball to Talbot who is slapped in the face for his troubles and is down on the deck. Up now but no free kick awarded. Hamilton do the decent thing and pass it back to Murdoch.

Goes long to Mackinnon, then to Redmond defended by Martin. Clark is clearly upended by Redmond and ref Thomson eventually gives the pars a free kick in their own half. Murdoch to take.

He hoofs it Redmond who puts it out for a pars throw in. I thought AJ was going to take it there!

Martin to Moff, over to Seaborne who is fouled. Free kick in the Hamilton half.

Throw in taken, its forward play by Redmond, defended by Morris and down to the halfway line for Devlin. Long pass to Bingham defended well again by Morris. Out wide to Imrie, nice play by Higgy and a goal kick for the Pars.

Long ball to Moff brought down to Imrie. Nice play from the Hamilton midfield. Ball to Seaborne. What a bonny name. Im just sayin!

Gentleman throw from Redmond to Murdoch.

Throw in Pars after a poor ball from Matthews. Short to Herron and on to Murdoch who clears ahead of a chasing Bingham. Down to the Hamilton half and its out wide for Redmond. Nat puts the ball out of play to allow a Hamilton player to be looked at after a knock.

Apologies for the spelling all oer the place when the goal went in - I got a tad excited!

I thought it was Morris myself. He headed the ball down after Moff and McMullan were blocked. A Hamilton player is currently on the deck being looked at. Gentleman pass by Higgy to Matthews.

I had to ask everyone around me because there was such a stramash in the box no one knew!

We have the goalscorer down as Morris although I think the BBC have it as Ashcroft.



Right footed cross by Higgy, Mogfgf heads down the nMorris then it`s oin the NET


Higgy to take.

Goes short to the left for McMullan who earns a corner.

Long ball headed down by Morris. Out wide to Talbot. Forward to Higgy, Moff taken down. Free kick Pars 25 yards out.

Matthews long ball to the head of Bingham. Down to Moffat and Clark just misses it ahead of him. Morris to Murdoch who clears ahead of a close call by Bingham Long to Talbot on to Moffat but he cant keep it in and it`s a goal kick for Matthews.

Ball downfield to Matthews. He puts it out wide. Devlin to Redmond and Morris makes sure. Back to Murdoch who clears it long downfield. Stopped by Bingham, good play by Martin and down to Clark who is fouled. Free kick Pars in our own half. Higgy takes but it was too quick and went nowhere.

Lost the teamsheet, had to go and pick it up before it blew away. Im needin a junior I tell ye!

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Moff, backwards to Nat who takes a tumble. Down to Ash out to Talbot who gives it to Murdoch.

On to Nat great play again. Talbot makes sure to Murdoch. He clears long. Shouts of handball to Imrie. Ball brought down in the centre for Hamilton.

Martin brings the ball down after the clearance, throw in Pars. Applause fo the pars subs on the byline.

HIggy to Clark back to Hggy over to Nat on his own. Out wide to Higgy then to Moff in front of goal but cleared well. Hamilton hoof it forward. Morris is down after a clash of heads but ok now.

Free kick Pars. Higgy takes, headed clear in the goal area by the Hamilton defence.

Low in from Higgy, cleared to Herron, back to the goal area and saved on the line by Matthews.

A nice try from Hamilton after they ran the length of the field to our goal area but an easy save for Murdoch.

Martin to Moff, over the head to Herron and upfield to Nat with some great play. McMullan shotots and it`s touched round the post by Matthews. Corner Pars.

Murdoch long ball to the Hamilton half. Onwards to Matthews. He passes to his defence and it`s out of play for a Hamilton throw in in front of the dug outs. It`s forward with MCMullan great play passes to Nat and on to Moff. Out wide to Talbot back to Nat picks out McMulan out wie to Martin and he cuts it to Clark. Hamilton put it out of play for a throw in.
Great pars play.

HIggy to take.

Long ball headed down by Mackinnon. Into the middle for Kurtaj and out wide. Hamilton across field pass to Redmond and a shot on goal from 20 yards out is past the left hand post.

Cleared only to the halfway line, McMullan loses it to Watson, then a free kick after Clark is fouled just inside the Hamilton half.

A wee roar to start the pars fans going early doors. Acht well.

Out of play ball and a Hamilton throw in deep in the pars half.

Ball goes across the face of goal then back to the tight hand side and finally behind for a Hamilton corner.

Low in headed high by Morris and eventually ends in the safe hands of Murdoch.

Murdoch takes. Long to Higgy. HEads down and it`s hte net by by Higgy but way offside.

Long ball to Matthews.

He hoofs it out wide to the right hand side. Redmond fouls Herron. Free kick Pars in our own half.

Short throw, Nat defends and Talboit chases a spare. Martin defends well ahead of Bingham and the ball is downfield and out for a Hamilton throw in.

Turned high down to Kurtaj but put out of play by Martin. THrow in Hamilton.

Long ball across field headed down by Morris. Forward to Kurtaj but his final touch was poor.

Talbot long ball to Herron but returned to the pars half. Ash puts it out of play. Hamilton throw in.

He hoofs it long to Moffat but i;s a tad too far and returned to Murdoch. Across to Talbot on the right long ball to no one except Matthews.

Taken quickly, its out wide to the left hand side. Foreard to Kurtaj Nat defends with an overhead kick but back to the feet of a running Bingham but Murdoch collects at the near post ahead of him.

It goes long and out of play in the pars half .

Throw in for Martin.

Oerhead to Higgy keopt in the air and over to Nat. On to Talbot out wide to McMullan but its cleared from danger by Redmond. Another free kick for Hamilton this time in the centre circle.

He boots it long downfield and headed down by Moffat. Over the field to Talbot and a high ball to Ash croft with Nat having a bouncing ball to McMullan with a good run down the left hand wing. Free kick after he is impeded.

Higgy to take.

He shouts to Ash and it`s headed down by Herron. Free kick after Thomson sees another free kick for the home side to be taken by their keeper.

Looked like Talbot got the last touch too.

Redmond takes and an easy save for Murdoch.

Kurtja plays it back to Redmond and it`s forward to Bingham. A high ball to Morris who heads down in defence and a good tackle by Talbot on Bingham 20 yards out was seen in a different way by the ref and has awarded Hamilton a free kick.

Hamilton have won the toss and will start this replay match.


Both teams enter the field of play.

Hamilton in their red and white sleeved tops, white shorts and white socks,

Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks,

Pars playing towards the home end this half with their backs to the pars fans.

Happy Valentine`s Day....

I never had any problem leaving the hoose this morning... humph.

The pitch is of course artificial and looks good, from here.

For those of you listening in tonight it`s the feature match on BBC Sportsound with Allan Preston doing the live commentary. (I telt him to get the kettle on afore I left)

The DASC bus was packed to the gunnels and there`s a fair few hundred pars supporters here already.

I`m sitting in the away end facing the pitch head on with nothing in my way ---- in fact I`m willing to bet I may be in the firing line when the ball is up this end of the pitch! I might no be testing my clearance skills whilst hudding the netbook though lol

Here nice and early at New Douglas Park - it`s been a long time since I`ve been here. Don`t remember having to walk past Morrisons and then an underground car park...

Not as cold as Saturday (so I`m telt). There`s a light breeze and it`s dry.

Good evening from New Douglas Park for tonight`s Scottish Cup 5th Round Replay between Hamilton and DAFC