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Tsalbot to Moff, Higgy runs for it but the full time whistle goes.



Throw in Hibs.

Backwards to their half, over to Marciano, long ball to Morris, down to Clark, taken off him and Hibs head to our half. Out wide for Talbot but he doesnt need to as its over the byline. Throw in Pars.

Loks like Higgy has had a knock on the back of the head. Being walked off.

Paul McMullan is BBC Alba`s MoM

Ball across the face of the pars goal with Talbot and there`s a pars player on the deck. Cant see who from here. Ball goes over the byline. Goal kick Pars.

Oh Sean I want your babies.... as he makes a save on his line.

Murdoch to take.

Long ball downfield. Higgy cant get there.

ET 3 mins.

Another spot of handbags. Dearie dear.

Hibs sub off Shinnie on is I cannae spell never mind say it! Titi I think? ach I dinnae ken.

Played short, Hibs are forced back ot the halfway line. Moff chases. Down to Herron who is fouled. Free kick Pars in our own half.

No subs yet for Dunfermline.

Clock ticking down.

Higgs loses the ball on the wing. Forced ball across field. Hibs forward with Cummings but Nat clears and its on to Murdoch. Clears to Clark but on to Marciano.

Herron puts the ball out wide for a Hibs throw in.

Morris heads down. Murdoch clears ahead of Stevenson.

Higgy from the right.

Cant see a damn thing with fans standing in front of me.

Cleared at the near post. Long ball downfield.

14,437 is the crowd today.

Long ball to the hibs defence. Pushed out wide to Talbot, down to McMullan and a corner for the pars.

From the left its a right footed cross and an easy save for Murdoch. Goal kick Pars.

Free kick Hibs in their own half.

Ref having a word with Hibs manager too. He`s kept his seat, for now. Long free kick. Corner Hibs.

Long ball to Geggs. Foul by Geggs with his head on the other player`s face. Geggs is going to be carded though. Yellow it is. Handbags indeed.

Teams taking on water.

Ref having a word with Clark. Not sure why.

Ball is done the gentlemanly way and Clark gives to Marciano who takes the free kick. Down to Moff, away to Hibs through to our box, out wide, Talbot clears and a great save at the near post by Murdoch.

McMullan is the player down. He has been tracked for a while now. He is up thankfully.

From the left it`s a right footed cross. Cleared at near post. Down to the halfway line with moff chasing. Poor clearance and its on to Higgy but Moff mis reads and its away t oHibs deep in our half. On the way to the pars box, no7 shot on goal is blocked. pars have it away downfield. Higgy to McMullan then to Moff on his own stopped and a pars player is down needing treatment.

Ref ignores the push on Talbot as the ball goes out wide. Corner Hibs.

Long ball goes out of play. Hibs throw in.

Down to Stevenson. Out for a pars throw in despite boos from the home fans. Halfway line with Geggs,

Down to Moff, just ahead of him and Marciano has to clear at the near post.

Ball away to Morris who is fouled. Play on. Nat to Herron then a foul by Geggan means a free kick to Hibs in their half. Taken quickly, its over to the hibs defence.

Moff to Herron then toMcMullan back to Moff, bac to McMullan has to jumop and Herron has it.

Long ball to Moff but he cant quite get there and on to marciano.

Out wide to Fontaine. Cummings heads down, shout for a foul but on to Murdoch. AJ off his seat in the dug out shouting out instructions.

Hibs deep, and a shot on goal from 25 yards out is saved by Murdoch at the left hand post .Goal kick PArs.

Talbot to Moff back to Talbot. Long ball goes to Marciano, out to Hibs on the wing, taken inside, Geggs cant pick up the spare, cross to the pars goal, cleared by Ash and out wide by Murdoch. Throw in Hibs.

I keep wanting to type Huggy lol

Long ball over the field to a running Fontaine.

Great leaping save for Murdoch.

Talbot to McMullan, stopped en route to the hibs half, forced out wide but Hibs in our half.

Cummings to Shinnie and Nat defends well. Our for a pars throw in.

Geggs to Higgy, to Nat chipped out wide to Talbot and out for a pars throw in.

Talbot to Herron off to Clark whose shot is nicked over the bar from 20 yards out.

Hibs defence give the ball back to Marciano. Long ball to Cummings, on to Stevenson and back to their defence.

Out wide, Talbot forcing himself on to the ball but its back to the halfway line.

Hibs keeping it tight.

Not getting forward though.

Now to Higgy over to McMullan then to Moff whose shot on goal is cleared then to Hiuggy back toHerron in the box, then to Geggs cleared at the left hand post.

Great play Pars

nat defends well and its up to McMullan. Talbot then punts it to Clark but no where near.

Shinnie to Stevenson and a great stop by Murdoch assisted by Talbot. Down field for Clark and his shot is out wide past the right hand post.

It`s now a clear night here at Easter Road, the stars are oot. Braw.

Nat to Clark, down to Calum thingy, Off to McMullan then to Geggs out wide to Higgy back to McMullan, along the byline to Geggs but Higgy cant get it back and Hibs head to our half.

Long ball up the wing, out for another home side throw in.

I had to re-start the netbook and lost my team sheet list lol so it`s just silence on the hibs team now!

Free kick Hibs. Long and out of play. Goal kick Pars.

Marciano with the clearance. Hoofed downfield. Stevenson picks up but its off to Morris. Out wide to Geggs, in to Herron, pushed over but ignored by ref. No free kick. Out t oTalbot then to McMullan back to Talbot but it came off him too quickly. Throw in Hibs.

From the left it`s higgy. Right footed cross, headed down by Herron, and comes back in for Nat but he is covered and its behind for a goal kick.

Geggs to Higgy, and out for a corner.

Long to Geggs then to Higgy. Tripped on the byline. Free kick Pars.

Hibs sub off Fyvie, on is Calum someone. Not picking up the surnames at all.

Ball out wide for a pars throw in.

From the right it`s crossed in high, over everyone, and played out wide.

Back in and saved well by Murdoch at the left hand post.

Free kick taken and a cracking punch by Murdoch. Corner Hibs.

Marciano long to Herron over Shinnie. Bouncing ball on the wing, and and free kick to Hibs 40 yards out.

McMullan goes to ground on the 18 yard line, too many defenders around him and ref pays no attention. ball out wide for a hibs throw in.
Handball shout for Herron. Free kick Hibs on the halfway line.

Long to Talbot and a clearance in front of the pars goal by Morris up to Moff out to Higgy.

Crosses to Moff then to McMullan chance on goal but it`s cleared at the right hand post - looked like a handball to us. Goal kick Hibs.

If you`ve just joined us it`s currently 2-2 here at Easter Road. Hibs went two clear in a short space of time after an early goal followed by a penalty. Then McMullan had a peach, before the second half approached with another cracking equaliser by Higgy from out on the left hand side.

Long ball from Murdoch.

Gegg throw in to Moff, Nat is fouled and free kick to the pars. Geggs takes, short to Nat then to Herron but behind to Ash and on to Murdoch.

Long ball to McMullan but it`s Clark who chases the spare. Marciano clears to the pars half.

Out wide for a Hibs throw in.

Free kick taken and a shot on the pars goal is way past the left hand post. Goal kick Murdoch.

Moff takes it, in to Clark backto Moff but it hits off his heel and it`s away to Hibs who run to our half. Out wide with Shinnie, crosses in low, cleared by Ash but straigh to Holt, then to Stevenson then Talbot clears. Free kick Hibs after Herron fouls.

Marciano clears long to the pars half.

Goes out wide to the dug outs. Poor clearance.

Higgy to take.

Curled high and headed over the bar by Herron.

Geggs to Clark, Higgy fouls Stevenson and ref eventually takes it back. Free kick Hibs from their own half.

Lng ball to Holt down in the pars half. Over to Herron who chases a spare. Out to Higgy long ball to a running Clark but on to Marciano as Moff comes in close at the left hand post.

Geggs to Herron and he is fouled. Free kick Pars 30 yards out on the left hand side.

Hibs throw in at the dug outs. Their fans have gone awfully quiet...

Holt cant get past geggs. Over the byline and its a throw in for the Pars. Hibs player remonstrating but our fans can see, aw the way fae up this end of the pitch lol.

Geggs to Higgy but he is pushed in the back. No free kick but another pars throw in.

higgy from the right

having to stand up to watch the corner but Moff couldnt get it and it`s behind for a goal kick

Geggs to Higgy does well past two defenders tyhen Geggs and Moff misses it and it off to McMullan who earns the pars a corner. What cracking play!

Geggs to Higgy then to Clark and out for a pars throw in. COME ON DA!

Throw in taken, Geggs cant get it over Holt. Clark chases a spare and on to Marciano, Moff slips as the ball is taken off him on the 18 yard line, Holt has to run around Nat and gives it to Stevenson.

Down to Gegg then to Moff, turns on his own, run to the box and is fouled but the ref says no to a free kick after he is pushed in the back en route to the goal.

Pars throw in.

The pars fans are in their element - singing our heart out!

In to the middle for Higgs, over to Geggs. Short to Higgy but his back heel wasnt picked up by Geggs after Stevenson intervened.

Boyle takes it out wide, crosses in, Morris defends and its out for a pars throw in at the dug outs.

Free kick pars with Murdoch to take.

Long to Nat, headed down, whilst the spare goes to marciano, He boots it downfield.

Out wide for a hibs throw in.

Fantastic equaliser for the pars with a belter of a goal from the left hand side by Higgy. What a peach!

Pars to kick off with Clark to nat and a long ball forward. Gegan to Nat over t oTalbot on his own. Short o Nato, awya t mcMullan then to Herron then to Moff chips it toClark anda shoit on goal from HIGGY IS IN THE NET



Both teams out for the second half.

Thanks to Pars1885 and his pal for feeing me at halftime!




Long ball from Marciano and on to Murdoch.

High ball to Herron, then to MOff chips it to Higgy and out for a pars throw in deep in the hibs half.

Geggan to Clark, on to HIggy crosses in McMullan chests down but its on to Hibs. Morris intervenes then to Geggs then to Nat cross to Moff, back to Higgy and a hugely high ball ends behind the goal.

Fyvie yellow carded.

Free kick Pars 45 yards out. Higgy yellow carded too.

Higgy to take free kick.

ET 2mins.

Long to Herron but over the byline for a goal kick.

Long ball from Marciano. Hibs throw in.

Forward to Shinnie but out for a pars throw in.

SDown to Higgy on his own and is fouled. Handbags between the hibs players and pars players. Free kick Pars.

Chance for an equaliser perhaps? Half time clock ticking down.

Clark to take.

Off the wall down to McMullan and touched behind for what we thought was corner but it went off McMullan last. Goal kick Hibs.

Long ball headed down by Morris, then to Moff then to McMullan who is fouled. Free kick Pars 20 yards out.

Talbot to Clark and out for another, deep in the hibs half.

Long ball to the box, McMullan heads it forward. Talbot to McMullan on a good run crosses in and Moff in front of goal is covered. Good chance on goal but behind for a goal kick to Hibs.

Long to Holt`s head. Down the wing and a pars throw in. Geggan to Higgy back to Moff but he cant get there. Off to Holt, then to Gray and Talbot makes sure along with Ash to Murdoch.

Short to Morris, deals with Holt no problem.

Down to Nat, a good run but he manages to stop a long clearance. Pars throw in.

Short to Ash from Murdoch, in to McvMullan then to Herron but it was a lonely run and Marciano cleared. Out wide for a Hibs throw in.

Free kick in fact, no a throw in.

Goes long to the pars half.

Gray to Stevenson and comes off him. Pars throw in. Talbot to take.

Long to Moff but over his head. On to Clark. Out for a Hibs throw in at the dug outs.

Higgy to take.

Long to Clark, Hibs defence kick in and we thought it was our ball out wide but ref says it`s Hibs. Throw in in their half.

Free kick after Moff is fouled. Goes nowhere. Hibs forward to our half, Holt to Gray, and a crunching tackle by Geggan. Higgy clears it downfthe winf and its Moff on his own, and goes to ground. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

Throw in Pars deep in Hibs half.

Sub for Hibs off Fontaine on is Marvin someone. Sorry didnt catch his second name....

Geggan to Clark, past Moff back toGegg then to Moff back to Geggs low in and cleared to Holt. Another throw in for the pars.

Im guessing there`s a lot of folk online as Im having problems loading the page.

Morris loses it to Holt, out wide for Geggan who is pushed over. Free kick Pars in our own half.

Morris takes, goes to Mcmullan who shoots and punched over the bar by Marciano.

Corner Pars.

Corner Hibs, from Holt it went over to Stevenson but goes way over the bar.

Sorry lost the connection but McMullan had a cracking goal after Moff missed it out wide but the cross came in and McMullan put it away.

That`s got us off our seats!





Long free kick, goes nowhere and Talbot makes sure. On to Murdoch.

Long clearance to the hibs half, over Nat, but down to Stevenson. Out wide to Gray, past Ash.

Nice cross to the box, and a dive in the box means a penalty to Hibs. Saw that coming a mile away.


From the left it`s Stevenson. Rght footed cross, over Moff and its back whilst headed away for a second corner by Ash.

From the right its Stevenson.

Right footed cross, high ball in, over the pack in front of goal, cleared out wide and the pars defence do well. Higgy punts it to McMullan good run to the hibs half, in ot the middel, stopped but gets it back and forces a free kick after a foul on Fontaine. Free kick hibs.

Shinnie from Fontaine. Stevenson to Gray, Talbot forces a corner.

Hibs fans have a drum - whit a racket.

Higgy to Clark but its out for a hibs throw in in their own half.

High clearance from our keeper. Down to Morris but behind for Ash. Shinnie takes it down. Forward to Cummings. Out wide and Geggan thought he had gifte Hibs with a corner but its a goal kick instead.

Long ball to Holt who chests it down. Out wide for Shinnie and a throw in for Hibs. Easily past Ash and a cross to the pars box is nowhere near. Goal kick Pars.

The rain has gone off.

Moff humps it to Higgy but it was really a loose ball and goes nowhere except Marciano.

Nice play by Talbot to Nat, over to Ash then to MOrris. Hoofed to Nat in the middle but he was covered. Talbot to McMullan but goes nowhere. Hibs defence on the ball. On to Marciano.

Higgy loses the ball out wide, whilst Herron chases the spare, Holt thought about giving it to Marciano but changed his mind.

Hibs forward, out wide with Fontaine. Holt takes it off Talbot. Cross from Fontaine and a good try by Cummings in front of goal but Pars defence kick in. Higgy earns a throw in at the halfway line. Geggan to take.

Down to Clark, but lost to Holt.

Higgy to take from the left hand side.

Low in cleared at the near post. HIgh ball and the spare goes to Marciano.

Short to Morris. Humps it forwrd to Clark. Geggan to Wedderburn over to Talbot. Back to Nat back to Clark but then to Herron. TUrns gives to Geggan then to Higgy and a free kick fo the pars 20 yards out.

Throw in for Hibs after a poor ball by Geggan in five yards of space.

Ball to Marciano, high ball to Shinnie, headed down to Talbot. Good run pass out wide but stopped by Holt. On to Murdoch.

A great home crowd = a great atmosphere.

Murdoch long to the hibs half. Headed down by Holt. A good ball through to Shinnie and a good stop by Murdoch from close range.

Out to Geggs, up the wing to Clark good ball stopped but kept hold of it. Geggan chasing the spare and Hibs were through until Murdoch comes off his line to collect.

Marciano long ball to the head of Morris. Down to Holt, forward on the left hand side. Nice cross by Fontaine to Cummings. Ash nowhere in sight and the ball is over the byline. PArs goal kick.

Marciano to Fontaine. Walking it up the field. Over to Talbot does well from Cummings. Long to Clark held back but nothing. Higgy to Clark back to Higgy. Good cross to a waiting Clark in front of goal but it`s a good stop by Marciano at the left hand post.

Moff to McMullancrosses in and its over to the left hand side of the goal but Clark cant pick it up. Out for a Hibs goal kick.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, headed clear and back to Higgy. Another nice cross, Moff chases but it`s fired to the halfway line. Talbot to Clark but Hibs have it back and are cruising to our half.

Re-start and the pars have a throw in deep in the hibs half. Geggan to Clark and the pars have their first corner.

Holt got hold of the cross and jumped clear of Murdoch and headed the ball into the bottom left hand corner.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Moff headed foward but to the halfway line for Hibs to come forward again. Ash standing too far back and a cross into the net for Hibs.


Murdoch and defence were in top form with cummings and shinnie both trying for a goal in a short space of time. Thankfully cleared after a stramash in front of goal.

A cracking stop by Murdoch with a one on one with Cummings. Forced the ball out wide but kept in. Ball to Murdoch.

Long ball downfield.

Wedderburn cant keep the ball but Pars have a throw in on the halfway line.

Talbot to Moffat high ball behind but no one to in particular. Marciano clears.

Really slow connection here in the south stand.

Pars had a throw in deep in the hibs half after a poor clearance by Hibs. Cummings through and a fantastic stop by Murdoch,

Hibs win the toss and kick off this half.

Facing the away fans .

Away we go!

Long ball to the head ofTTalbot. Long ball forward to Marciano and he returns it to Fontaine.

Both teams out on the pitch with the line up opposite the main stand. Pars head to our end to a standing ovation by the away support who appear to have filled the south stand lower section.

Hibs run to their end.

Sean Murdoch resplendent in royal blue outfit with Marciano in neon yellow.

The Hibees are on a high after knocking out Edinburgh rivals Hearts in the Scottish cup round.

Back to league business and live on BBC Alba this is sure to be a good match between both teams.


I`ve just clocked Wotsit! Here after his Souper Saturday antics earlier no doubt. Guid man.

FT SCOTTISH Championship scores:

Ayr 0-2 St Mirren
Dundee Utd 1-1 Morton
Falkirk 2-2 Dumbarton
Queen of Sth
2-1 Raith Rovers

Go Scotland! Beat Wales 23-19!

And the heavens have opened - ye gods!

Hopefully not a sign of things to come in the game but the shooting practice has the ball flying over the net and into the fans! yikes!

The wind has picked up somewhat, it`s rather dull overhead but hopefully it doesn`t batter the hell oot of this stand and gets those home fans instead.

I`m fairly sure the south stand is the old coo shed.

No mucky comments please!

The Pars fans are filling up the south stand now - we got here a tad early and after a wee jaunt doon Easter Road it was still afore half four when we came into the stand.

I`ve no team sheet despite asking at the reception - only available to offishul folk :-(

So, I`ve copied and pasted the team line ups from Coos and will be looking to it on the netbook pages so forgive me if I don`t get the home team correct on occasions.

However I have the additional 1000 extra eyes beside and around me with the pars fans - let`s see if we can all get the right view LOL (chance will be a fine thing!)

Lewis Martin is dropped today and in comes Andy Geggan

Good afternoon from today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Hibernian FC and DAFC live from Easter road. Ko5.15pm.