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Joe to take.

Low in, touch by Reilly but Queens are down to our half. Nice play by Thomas, cleared by Talbot and play doenfield to Brownlie. FULL TIME WHISTLE GOES.


PARS 1 - 1 QOS

More timewasting by Robinson. Pars fans make their way out.

He should have been booked for that as he ran backwards into his goal area before kicking the ball downfield. Returned by a quick footed Murdoch, down to Clark and out wide to Joe. Crosses to Nat then to Morris. Low ball to Reilly before Nat is fouled. Free kick Pars 30 yards out.

From the left it`s Paton.

Right footed cross cleared at near post, and then Joe puts it over the bar from 18 yards out.

Timewasting galore.

Ball to the head of Talbot, out for a queens throw in on halfway line.

Brownlie to Bell who fouls Talbot. Free kick Pars. Talbot to take.

Down to Higgins, into the middle for Jacobs, good play by Mercer but its away by Talbot and then to Murdoch. Long high ball to Joe. Keeps his feet ahead of Brownlie.

Ball to Paton, ten to Geggan and a corner for the pars.

Throw in pars. Talbot takes. rebounded out.

Out for a Queens throw in.

Brownlie to Ash, out to Talbot but he slips and Queens are on a run to our end. Stopped by Morris and down to Robinson.

Nat is fouled, free kick in our half. Ash takes, down to Higgins, long ball to a running Rankin but out for a pars throw in.

Sub for Queens off is Thomson being replaced by Owen Bell

Hiya Mike! :-)

Joe to take.

Long to the queens box, crossed by Paton and a great save by Robinson on the line.

Talbot to Reilly, down to Joe, stops gives to Reilly but he has slipped and Queens clear it. Morris fires it long towards Geggan but he cant get there in time and Queens are in our half.

Stopped by Morris, and on to Murdoch. He hoofs it long quickly with the clock ticking down to full time.

Joe is taken out in a terrible tackle and a yellow card is shown to Darren Brownlie. Joe is up but that was an awful foul.

Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

Paton to take.

Chipped into the box, Ash has a touch, and the ball is eventually cleared downfield. Out for a pars throw in.

Morris lumps a long ball forward. Out for a pars throw in deep in the queens half.

Geggan to Paton, turns and is fouled in the process. free kick Pars 5 yards out on the left hand side.

Double sub for Queens off is Dobbie and Thomas being replaced by Lyle and Hilson.

Lumped to the halfway line only, Nat cant pick it up. Forward and out wide to Talbot and high feet by Joe. Given that there`s been high feet by Queens all night the ref has a hard neck giving the foul for that one. He was nowhere near the player either.

Anyhoo play on.
Ball reverberates off Talbot, ball to Morris who clears from danger, great play, and the ball is up field for Clark. Out for a pars throw in deep in the queens half.

Geggan to Ash over to Nat and on to Talbot. Then to Joe crosses in and it`s wayyyyy out over the byline and past the left hand post.

Given to Dobbie who fires it ahead but nowhere near the Pars goal.

Thomas to take.

Long ball to the head of Brownlie cleared by Talbot from close range, and a clash between Joe and Rankin results in a drop ball.

Boos from the pars fans as Robinson takes his time picking up the ball.

Now spots it and ref tells him to hurry up.

Ash heads down. On to Clark cant get ball to Joe, Nat picks up gives top Herron. Then to Joe but the spare from Joe to Herron is poor and Queens run to our half. Foul by Paton on Mercer. Free kick Queens 40 yards out.

Free kick Pars after Paton is fouled. He takes the free kick.

Singing coming from the NW.

Long ball to the box picked up by Joe and his cross to the left hand post is nt picked yup by Reilly and it;s out for a goal kick.

Throw in Pars. Geggan to Paton, backwards to Morris and a close shave for Reilly as the ball bounces over him to Robinson who hangs on to it for dear life.

Two sub for Pars off go McMullan and Moff replaced by Reilly and Paton

Gets it back.

Over to Joe, good ball to McMullan crosse in hits first man, down to JHoe, nice touch to Moff, then gives to Clark but he isnt near it and the ball is away downfield. Morris stops and long ball back to the Queens half.

Clark hits the ball off the inside of the post and outi for a pars throw in. Offt we thought it was in!

Thomas on a good run, down to Brownlie, and a tippy toe save by Murdoch on his line. Long ball downfield and an offside flag up. Queens throw in. Down to Clark out for another.
Long ball to Thomas, headed backwards. Out for another. Creeping up into the pars half.
On to Murdoch out to Morris, into Nat.

Long ball to Clark. Wins a throw in. Short to Joe from Talbot then to Nat. Gives to McMullan but he loses it temporarily.

Now to Moff, out to McMullan and he loses it this time.

Hamill to Thomas, chests it down and the offside flag up for Queens as they head to our box.

Murdoch to take free kick.

Throw in for Pars in their own half at the NW.

Humped to the left side. Queens throw in. Mercer to take.

Cross to the pars box, saved well by Murdoch, who punches it out to the left hand side. Throw in Queens. Hamill takes, it;s away to Clark but he slides on the byline. Throw in Queens.

Hamill to Higgins, then to Thomas out on the left. His cross is short and into the side netting.

Murdoch hoof to well it`s no gonna be Higgy cos he went aff. Geggan takes it. Out wide to McMullan, over to Ash and on to Murdoch. Terrible clearance and out wide. Queens throw in in the pars half.

Hamill to Talbot gets it past Thomas and out for another visiting throw in.

Murdoch long to the head of Higgins. Down to Dobbie but picked up by Herron. Backwards to Ash, then to Joe takes it round the halfway line, out wide for Ash. Throw in Pars. Talbot to Moff heads down to Clark. Queens romp to our half but too far for an advancing Rankin.

Big roar for Joe.

Talbot to Nat and Geggan. Out for a Queens throw in.

Ball downfield to our half, Nat can`t stop the spare, and a cross to the box is over and out for a throw in to the pars.

Talbot to nat, QUeens offside as they progress into our box.

Joe coming on - replaces Higgy

Geggan with a throw in. Ball played high by Queens and ends on the roof of the NW.

Throw in taken after it rolls off. Herron loses it and Queens head to our half.

Good passing but Morris keeps it safe.

Robinson off his line as Queens lose their defence and the pars are hoping on a corner after it`s played backwards but alas no the ref said nope.

Morris loses the ball and Queens run to our half. Lose out on a corner.

Further down the wing with Higgy. He slides at the corner flag and the ball is out for a goal kick.

Crowd 2,653

Pars throw in in our half. Geggan to Moff, down to Higgy. Out for another. Geggan to halfway line. Oot for another.

Custard is the goalie incase you`re trying to work it oot fae the stats info.

Down to a running Moff, Nat heads down the spare, and the finish ends with Murdoch. Long ball to Clark but too high and on to Custard.

Long ball to Clark. Missed by a leaping Higgins. Down to Dobbie and a shot on goal is straight to Murdoch`s hands.

Geggan throw in. Short to Herron then to Higgy cross by Geggan brought down to Higgins and Queens up field to our half. Nicely passed to Hamill headed clear by Nat and down to Clark. Out to mcMullan but stopped by Jacobs. Up to Murdoch.

Custard punts it long to the pars half and out for a throw in. Morris heads it from the Pars 18 yard line. Forward to Morris, then to Clark nice play and in Herron. Cross by Hggy is blocked, and out for a pars throw in.

Geggs to Clark, back to Geggs. Higgy takes the spare. Lost in the Queens box and reverberates out for a Queens goal kick.

Murdoch long to Higgy but behind Higgins. High ball from Jacobs. Cleared into the middle by Morris. Out for a Pars throw in. Geggan has to retrieve it himself. Down the wing to Moff, and out for another pars throw in this time at the NW.

From the left it`s Mercer, and into the side netting. Goal kick Pars.

Murdoch, in royal blue, hoofs it long to the head of HIggy ahead of Dobbie. Over to Hamill, he punts it to the feet of Ash, and an offside flag up for Clark. Free kick taken by Hamill long to the pars box, dealt with by Dobbie, turns crosses and missed by Talbot at left hand post. Out for a Queens corner.

Geggan with a long cross and Robinson comes out of his box to save.

Nat down to McMullan but it runs off him and out for a queens throw in in their own half.

Hamill to Thomson. Headed down to McMullan easily tackled by Dykes, away to Higgins and fired back to Moff who is blocked. Away to Robinson.

Long ball to Thomas. Out wide to Higgy, turns and it`s out for a pars throw in at the NE.

Geggan to Morris over to Ash on to Talbot. On to Murdoch but a close call with Dobbie who ran into him and shouted for foul. No go says ref. Throw in Queens, McMullan clears down to Jacobs, then to Higgins out to Thomas. Takes on Talbot and his cross is way out over the byline into the stand.

Nat cant keep a spare in, shout of handball from the pars fans and its given as a free kick. Long ball from Talbot and the second corner for the pars as it`s parried over the byline.

GFrom the left its Higgy right footed cross, cleared at the near post. Down to the halfway line. Pars throw in. Geggan to Higgy and out for another.

Ball played long and out for a Pars throw in. Ref blows for a corner now.

Played short, cleared back to Higgy crosss in and saved on the line by Robinson.

Teams back out for the second half.

Pars to kick off heading to the Norrie.




Talbot to McMullan. Ref sees a push in the queens box from the cross, and play is stopped. Clark gives the high five to the queens player he bumped into. Ball to Robinson.

Long to Dykes, ahead of Higgy. Over the byline. Throw in Pars. Geggs to Ash. Now to Clark on to Nat great ball through to Moff. Tight play.

Down to Higgy awat to Moff then to Geggs. Fabby play. Poor a pass by Herron towards McMullan and its out for a Queens throw in at the NE.


Throw in Pars. Geggan to Moff, long ball is stopped well, now to Clark bumps into Brownlie. Herron takes it from him, nice play, down to McMullan cant keep it, but its a long ball and out over the byline for a Pars throw in deep in the visitors half.

Ash puts it out of play and into the NW. Pars throw in. Talbot takes. Foul on Ash. Free kick edge of Pars box. Ash takes, goes too short, and Queens edge forward. Stopped by Talbot, cant get through to Moff, and its downfield to a running McMullan. To the Queens box, past three players and a shot is rebounded by Moff. Fantastic sweeping play by the Pars.

Queens getting forward every time.

Herron to Morris back to Herron. Over to Ash, then Nat back to Herron. Short to Higgy rebounds off Mercer. Out wide for a Queens throw in on the halfway line.

Long ball headed down by Brownlie. Down to Dobbie into the pars box, shot on goal is saved by Murdoch at the right hand post.

Throw in at the NE. The NW is open tonight but it`s looking awfy sparse, as is the Norrie.

Ball played wside, Moff can`t get the spare, and Queens fire a ball behind the goal net as they run to our half again.

From the left it`s crossed into the box, cleared out wide and out for Queens throw in.

Hamill to Mercer in the box and toe poked behind for Murdoch.

Long ball to the Queens defence and on to Robinson.

Morris takes the free kick, out wide to Talbot and down to McMullan. Ball over the byline by Talbot. Throw in Queens.

Pars fans getting restless.

Good cross by Thomas is cleared out wide and yet another corner for the visitors.

Hamill plays it up the wing, and another crack on Nat this time. Still nothing from the ref as the pars fans boo. Stopped this time as the offside flag goes up.

Morris makes sure to Murdoch, clears to Nat, then to Herron nicely done. Nat plays it wide to Higgy, chases but slides at the Queens byline. Picked up by Brownlie, the baw no` Higgy although that would have been awfy nice too. Played out wide and but into the middle for Nat.

Jacobs up.

Drop ball between the captains. Goes to the pars half and out for a throw in to the home side.

Geggan to a running Clark but its too far. Ash returns it. This is like Wimbledon, fae one end to the other in 5 mins.

HIggy fouls Jacobs who is down on the deck. Free kick on the halfway line.

Short to Ash. Down to McMullan who was fouled in the process. Stuck between two players. Free kick taken and goes nowhere. Robinson hoofs it to the pars half.

Out left for Thomas.

Left footed cross, saved by Murdoch.

Talbot has the spare and gives to Murdoch. Nat takes a sore one in front of the ref but play on.

Geggs with a throw in. Down to Clark, back out for another.

Short to moff, then to Higgy short to McMullan but defended well by Dobbie. Out wide for Hamill, past McMullan, and long to a waiting Rankin. Another Queens corner.

Ref having a word with Geggan and Dykes.

Herron heads to Ash over to Talbot. Nat shouts for it but Herron gives to Higgy who was covered. Down to a running Clark and lifted by Higgy. His cross is cleared at the left hand post, down to Geggs and Clark just misses a chance to put it in the net from very close range.

An easy goal for Thomson who was waiting at the left hand post and put it past a hapless Murdoch. Where were our defence? Naewhere.

Too many high balls being played. Bounce out of play. Queens throw in. Brownlie to take.

Short to Thomas, turns and lays to tge opars box aiwth a shot on goal at the left hand post and into the net from close range.

Pars 1 - 1 Queens

Murdoch takes the free kick. Down to Nat, runs off him and Queens fire it up to our half. On to Murdoch to clear, goes too short, Nat misses it, Queens in the box, Talbot clear but only to 30 yards out, Morris mis hits and the ball is out of play. One senses panic in the pars half.

Talbot up thankfully. Yellow card for the perpetrator.

Robinson hoofs to the pars half. Over to McMullan leaps over two players - really! - and Talbot is taken out by a Queens player in front of the NW. Shocking tackle.

Clark is elbowed in the shoulder and a free kick fo the pars. Taken and goes to a Queens wide player.

Played short to Talbot, down to Higgy crosses to the box and it`s too close a call for Herron to get to. Clark gets hit in the process and the physio has been on for him. He looks ok too.

From the left it`s a left footed cross and saved by a leaping Murdoch.

Offside flag after he takes it - hmm - and the throw in goes to the opposition. Out for another corner to Queens.

Robinson, displaying a custard yellae strip, punts it to the halfway line. Nat heads to Geggan then to Herron but a poor pass to Talbot thankfully earns him a throw in at the NW.

Stephen Dobbie hoofs a ball upfield, Dykes fires it past Geggan but it`s over the byline. Throw in Pars. Geggan to Higgy. Another throw in for the pars.

Geggan to Higgy, squashed between Dykes and Jacobs. Its over to the Queens box and out of play for a goal kick.

Queens had a chance to equalise when Thomas made his way to the 18 yard line past Geggan and Morris. He handed it to Dobbie who fired it past the left hand post and it probably landed on Peter`s knee.

Brownlie let it go over his head and it landed perfectly at Moff`s feet.

Throw in after the re-start. Morris keeps it despite a fight with Mercer. Throw in Queens deep in the pars half.

Morris cleared the ball, hoofed it down to a running Moff who fired it into the net from close range.

Cracking shot and has fired up the fans.




From the right it`s Higgins, crossed in to the box, headed clear by Morris, comes back in and past the left hand post but kept in. Ref sees a foul in the box and play is stopped. Ball to Murdoch.

Geggs hoofs a spare. Brownlie heads down.

Spare to Murdoch. Hoofed downfield, headed down by Hamill on to Ash then to Murdoch who put it short but Talbot cleared. He has to leap over the legs of incoming Dobbie and Clark just misses the spare. Queens head to our half, with Dykes in the box and wins the first corner of the night.

In to the middle for Herron, out wide for Morris and a throw in for the pars. Morris takes and gives to Ash. Over to Talbot back to Morris.

Morris long ball to Moff just close to the 18 yard line. Long ball back to the pars half and out over the byline. It`s going to be one of those games...

Returned to the pars half for a throw in for his own side, at the NW.

Hamill takes.

Dykes heads the ball down past Geggs. Throw in Pars.

Geggs to Higgy but the spare goes to Ash. Over to Talbot long ball to a running McMullan but its too far and on to Robinson.

Geggan towards Moff but a foul occurs. Free kick Queens in their own half with Robinson to take.

Long ball to the head of Higgins and it`s out past the pars byline. Murdoch with the goal kick.

Low ball out of play. Throw in Pars.

Long spare ball goes too far past Higgy and it`s out for a Queens keeper.

Forward to Moff again but out for another. Geggan takes.

Short to Kal, turns gives back to Geggs. Herron cant get in between and it`s away to Murdoch. High ball missed by Moff with Higgins behind him heading it down.

High feet being used but ref lets play go on.

McMullan chases a spare as it heads to Robinson.

Long punt to the pars half. Returned to the queens defence before being high balled - oooer - to the pars end. Offside flag up and free kick to be taken by Murdoch.

It`s going to be a long ball - brace yersels - and it wiz.

Herron brings it down. Geggan to Moff who loses out on a throw in. Brownlie takes.

Gentlemanly conduct by Queens who give the ball to Murdoch.

Nat takes it from his punt. Throw in for Geggan just inside the Queens half. Now to Kal, back to Geggs good run through to the box, short to Moff but he was caught offguard and it`s through to Robinson.

Orange bits. Like duck feet!

McMullan being walked off. Looks ok.

A clash happened after Geggan took the throw in which resulted in the ball being played long to Morris. Physio is on.

Oops not Paton - he`s on the bench! - it was Clark.

Ball played out wide by Hamill. Throw in Pars. Geggan to take.

Short to mcMullan, goes far back to Morris and over to Ash. Short to Talbot and McMullan is on the deck in the queens half ignored by the ref.

He puts it long and out of play into the away end. Throw in taken. Long ball to a running Morris. Geggan heads down a high ball. Herron passes it to Paton in to the queens box, bounces high, brought down to McMullan but he has missed it. The pars fans happy with the first 5 mins of play.

Ball out of play after a hoof up the park from Thomson. On to Murdoch.

Away we go!

Long to Geggan on to Murdoch. he hoofs it to the halfway line. Out wide for a Pars throw in with Talbot to take.

Long ball to the head of Rankin. Across field to the left for Scott Mercer. Hoofed forward to Nat short to Talbot and the Pars fire downfield. Returned by Mercer. High ball headed down by Ash and it`s missed by Moff in the QoS end.

The visitors win the toss and will kick off this half playing towards the Norrie end.

There`s around 40 visiting fans in the Cowden end.


Both teams head out for tonight`s match. Dafc in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks. The visitors QoS in their full red strips.

The SPFL have chosen Nicky Clark for their player of the month.

If you haven`t heard DAFC have now got a Spotify link up to enable personal playlists for music before, during half time and post match. You can go to the link from COWs and vote for your favourite tracks. It is also being used by the players and tonight`s line up is the music chosen by Sean Murdoch.

I make no apologies for wearing my long christmas jumper tonight - it keeps the derriere warm and it`s cauld enough ootside to build snowmen!

Strange I was just thinking about Andy Dowie last night too.

No` like that!

Good evening from East End Park with me, Buffy, for tonight`s SPFL Championship fixture between DAFC and Queen of the South