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Thanks for reading folks, see you next weekend. pLayers have all come up to the byline to thank the waiting fans.

Over n out Buffy xx

Paton to take.

Clock ticking down.

Hands all over our players in the box and the full time whistle goes.



OBrien with the free kick. Long ball to Demetriou. Down to Mallan runs to the right hand side, Morris clers to Paton, in to Herron, then to Talbot. Good play. Short to McMullan back to Talbot in to Herron away to Clark. Push on Clark. Free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Foul on Nat by Mallan but nothing given.

Long ball to Ash who has no choice but to put it out of play. Demetriou was chasing at his heels.

Long ball to Moff, runs down te near wing, cross to Paton, in the box, chips to Herron, gives to McMullan and an offside flag up.

Mallan to take.

Long ball headed down by Moff, Sean comes off his line and punches it clear. Ends with Murdoch.

He hoofs it to the pars half. Brought down by Ash. Defenders give to Demetriou. Talbot rebounds and McMullan heads rthe spare to Moff. High ball to the head of Eckersley. Then to McMullan. Nat does well and keeps the ball yet the linesman thinks its a foul and calls for a free kick to Saints.

Free kick 30 yards out on the left hand side.

Long free kick by Murdoch. Nat heads down, then to Todd. Long ball cleared by Geggs. Paton keeps hte ball then to MOrris in to Nat. Good play turns gives to a running Clark but its on to OBrien.

Free kick Pars. Murdoch to take.

Demetriou came on in place of Smith not Storie.

Out wide for Davis. Long ball to the pars half. Down to Todd, then to Irvine back to TOdd. Demetriou at the back post and an offside flag up.

Paton stops the throw in going further, ball away to IRvine and his ball to Storie is poor as it travels over the byline. Talbot with the pars throw in. High ball to Herron then to MOff nice touch by stopped en route to Clark by Mackenzie.

Paton crosses to Moff but blocked.

St Mirren to our half out wide to Demetriou, in front of goal, cleared to Talbot and Demetriou slides over the byline. Long ball cleared to the st mirren half. Moff to Paton shouts for help.

Shoots blocked.

10 mins to go, with ET probably.

Murdoch long to the head of Storie. High ball Geggs loses it as it goes behind. Throw in St Mirren.

Ayr United 1 - 2 Falkirk

Paton from the right, right footed cross, punched away by OBrien, out wide for a foul, Free kick St Mirren. Taken quickly. Downfield for a corner.

From the right its crossed in to the box and punched away by Murdoch whilst Finnie blows for a push in the back.


Sub for St Mirren in the melee, off went Smith on came Storie

Long ball to Paton over to McMullan run through for McMullan and he is impeded in the goal area but wins a corner for the pars.

St MIrren have a free kick and a yellow card for Paton- What for? I`ve no idea. Has plenty of yellow cards for our players but none for St Mirren.

Nice footwork by Herron. Now to Moff turns gives to Nat. Out to McMullan runs to the box and he is booked for diving in the box. He most definitely did I can assure you. We don`t need players like that.

From the left it`s MOrgan.

Croszses to the box, headed away by Herron, down to the st mirren half for their defence.

McMllan to Ash, heads down, out wide to Smith on a run, stopped by Paton. Long ball to Clark and Moff chases.

Irvine to Sutton, turns gies to Irvine stopped by Nat. Now Smith crosses, Morris clears with his head, out wide to Smith. Good play and past Paton. Over the byline and out for a St Mirren corner.

Murdoch long punt to Clark just ahead of him is Irvine. St Mirren pick up the pace. Out wide to Irvine long ball to Mackenzie and Ash puts it out of play. Throw in St Mirren.

irvine to take.

Short to Nat who put it out again.

McMullan to Talbot, then down to Herron, on his own, and fouled. Nothing given despite being right in front of Finnie.

Long ball to St Mirren who race to our half, a shot on goal is saved by Murdoch at the right hand post.

Ash stops a long ball, out wide for a St Mirren throw in.

Kal was going to lose the heid otherwise!

Nice header by Sutton to Mallan, cleared by Morris. Down to Clark but headed to OBrien by Sutton.

OBrien to Ash, then to Herron Morris but straight to Davis. Out wide for Smith.

Pars sub off Kal on Paton

OBrien right footed punt downfield. Herron fouled by Sutton. Free kick Pars. Talbot to take.

Sutton giving Finnie a mouth ful. Geggan great header to Clark then to MOff then out wide to Kal who is fouled again. No free kick this time.

Talbot to

Geggs to take.

Long ball to Clark bounces just ahead of him and out for a St Mirren goal kick.

Free kick taken by Talbot, Morris clears it long and Clark rebounds it out for a throw in for Pars. Talbot to McMullan and Ash cant get the spare. Talbot crosses to Clark in front of goal but its away to St Mirren who run to our half.

Smith is stopped by Geggs, great move, and a foul on Kal on the byline. No yellow card again. Free kick Pars in our own half.

Low ball up field. Out for a pars throw in. Geggs to Kal behind to Moff then overhead kick to Higgy crosses to Clark in front of goal, cant get there but McMullan chases the spare. St Mirren downfield until the offside flag is raised for McGinn.

Free kick St Mirren. OBrien to take.

Sutton to Mallan headed forward to Todd over to Ash then to Talbot.

Crowd 4,582

OBrien long to the halfway line, down to a running MOff chases Mackenzie, out for a pars throw in. Geggs MOrris, chips it forward to Clark and headed dout for a pars throw in deep in the st mirren half. Down to Moff, then to Clark, short to Herron and out for a st mirren throw in.

Long ball from Murdoch. HIgh into the air it goes. Down to Geggs and up to Moff. Out for a St Mirren throw in. Goes over the byline. Foul occurs, free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Kal to take.

Long ball just missed by Morris who leapt into the air. Goal kick St Mirren.

Punt downfield to Murdoch. Long bal returned this time to Moff, tries a shot from close range blocked, then cleared despite McMullan being close by. Down to Nat, then to Irvine out wide to Smith, runs to our half. Foul on Talbot over the byline but linesman ignored it. On to Murdoch.

Kal takes the free kick, long to the st mirren box, and a shot on goal by McMullan bounces off the hands of OBrien before being returned by one of their defenders.

Irvine to Morgan, up high for a punch by Murdoch, cleared on the goal line by Ash, downfield to Kal who is fouled in the process and a free kick given to the pars. NO YELLOW CARD SHOWN TO HIS PERETRATOR..

terrible refereeing. Absolutely dire.

Kal has to be careful - already on a yellow.

Free kick taken, cleared, headed down by Mackenzie. Brought back to the pars box headed way by Geggs, chested to Mallan outw wide to Smith cracking stop by Murdoch at the right hand post. He punches clear another try and out wide for Talbot. Throw in St Mirren with their fans behind them every time they touch the ball.

OBrien to Ash headed down to MOff, clears behind but only to halfway line. Free kick St MIrren after foul by Kal on Smith.

Actually Smith not Mallan.

Free kick taken but goes nowhere after Finnie whistles for a foul.

Adrenaline pumping through us all now. Fans cheering and singing but we need a goal to settle this.

Mallan fouls Talbot in front of Finnie but nothing given. Our fans are furious. Alas he decides to give us a free kick. Does he book Mallan? Does he hell.

Finnie being booed by the pars fans for allowing McMullan to be upended and nothing given for the blatant foul.

OBrien clears to the cehst of Sutton.

Morris to Kal, out to Geggs up to Clark. Good ball to a running Herron but too far and on to OBrien.

From the left it`s Kal.

Right footed cross, hbigh ball, cleared in the box, ow to Clark stopped on the 18 yard line, St Mirren run the length to our half, McMullan fouled, ball to Mallan and a shot on goal is saved at the right hand post by Murdoch.

Run out wide for Kal great stop, crosses in, Moff chests down, Mallan stops it and its out wide for a pars throw in. Talbot to Nat, takes it to McMullan, tight but keeps hold of it, great shot on goal from 25 yards out and punched over the bar by OBrien. COrner Pars.

St Mirren forward again. Mallan is stopped by Talbot but Finnie deems it a free kick despite it coming off Mallan. Free kick St Mirren 18 yards out on the left hand side.

MOrgan takes, high ball headed down to Morris, clreared to Kal downfield. Does well, but loses it to Mallan, then to Nat clrears to Mallan whose shot on goal is parried to the left had side. Corner.

Taken short, cleared on the goal line by a shot by McGinn, downfield by Morris, to Clark but no pressing this end of the field as it heads to OBrien. Moff chases up a spare but OBrien has it easily.

Dumbarton 3-0 Raith Rovers

Morgan from the left, right footed cross, Ecklersley clears, Herron clears and its over t oNat then to Moff great touch but lost at the last minute to Mallan.

Out wide for a pars throw in.

St MIrren sub off Todd on is Rory Loy

Murdoch to Mackenzie, Talbot clears the danger, down to Eckersely. He`s getting that spare ball every time.

Throw in St Mirren deep in the pars half.

Sutton to Todd, over to Irvine then to Eckerlsye. Back to Irvine past McMullan to Smith and out for a corner.

OBrien to Talbot, high ball from Ash and a bounce to McMullan. Talbot cant keep the ball in. St Mirren throw in. Irvine to take.

Goes nowhere.

Free kick St Mirren 30 yards out.

Morgan to take, off the wall, down to Ecersely then to Smith and he does well to keep hold of the ball but his last touch is a shot saved at the near post by Murdoch.

Throw in St Mirren. Out for another further down the wing into the pars half.

Headed forward by McGinn, Herron chases the spare, and tumbles on the byline. Throw in St MIrren.

Irvine to Todd, away to Ecklersely and his shot on goal is past the left hand post and yet is brought back as Finnie deems Morris has fouled Eckersley before he kicked the ball.

Long ball to Geggs headed down, on to Moff, shouts of handball by Morgan. Kal crosss to the st mirren box, headed away by Davis and its downfield to Murdoch. Moff cant jump high enough for the return ball. Out wide to Talbot, long ball headed down by Herron good run out wide of st mirren box but stopped by Irvine.

Cracking run and a belter of a shot towards goal. That`s fired up our fans.

OBrien to Sutton who fouls Nat. Free kick Pars on the halfway line.

Talbot to take.

Both teams out for second half with St Mirren kicking off from right to left.

P;ayed out wide to Nat, taken into the centre for Smith and played away from danger by Morris. Great play on to Moff and a shot on goal is a smidgeon over the bar.

Kudos to Stanza for going to get me a wee pie and broon sauce for my halftime piece!


Dumbarton 2 - 0 Raith Rovers
Ayr 0 - 1 Falkirk
Morton v QoS 5.15pm KO

Clock counting down to half time.

Kal to Moff, good play stops turns and then out to McMullan. Takes it inside, short to Herron at the right handf post, takes it out wide, crosses to Clark but it too far and down to Geggs, GOod play gets it to Morris then over to Ash. Up to Kal then Nat then to McMullan and a shot on goal is a mile over the bar.




Free kick taken, long ball, Geggs heads it down and clears to the halfway line. Higgy punts it long to the st mirren box for an advancing Moff but OBrien gets there first.

Out to Moff, then to Nat, short to McMullan then to Moff. Good stop by McGinn and St Mirren head to our half.

On the wing for Irvine, and over the byline, Pars throw in

Throw in St Mirren. Irvine to Nat, away to Eckersley all the way back to his own half.

Free kick to St MIrren after a push by McMullan on Irvine.

Long punt stopped by Todd, Geggs with the throw in. Long throw headed down by Todd. CLark away stopped by McGinn and Geggs slips on the halfway line. Higgy cant stopp the spare but Talbot can. On the far wing, Kal keeps hold of the ball with his feet whilst on the ground and the ref probably liked that one as much as we did. A wee brazillian touch by the looks of it!

Morris daydreaming after a ball came from the middle of the pitch. Talbot picked it up thankfully, and shouts of handball from the pars fans.

Out wide for Todd, nice cross but over the head of an advancing McGinn to the pars box. Out for a pars goal kick.

Good play by Geggs to keep the ball in, right in front of us, and it went to Kal right after but Finnie said it was out by the feet of Geggs.

Im going to lose my voice today.

Goes to OBrien for a goal kick.

I`m being watched carefully by a wee tot to the right of me, wonder if this is a junior in the making. Wee soul.

Murdoch high ball.St Mirren first to every ball. Free kick Pars after Herron is upended in our half. Murdoch to take.

Long to the head of Kal, then to Moff, headed forward by Todd, away to albot on the right but stopped by Irvine. Good play by Talbot to get it back.

Throw in PArs.

Spotted by OBrien, the ball is out for a st mirren throw in deep in the pars half. It`s great hearing the st mirren kids all packed in in the one stand. Continually singing and shouting the whole game.

Geggs to Higgy but it`s too short. St Mirren forcing their handf, Ecklersley to McGinn, back to Ecks and a dive by Todd is ignored thankfully by Finnie.

Free kick 30 yards out on the right hand side.

Kal to take.

Low ball in headed at the near post, and a returned ball from Clark is way past the left hand pot.

Murdoch long to the head of Mackenzie.SPare is chased by Davis to the st mirren half and out wide for the pars with a throw in. Talbot to Nat back t Talbot then to MOff but he is fouled. Free kick for the pars. No yellow card for his perpetrator. Dearie dear.

A shout out for the persistent running by McMullan whose shot ended in the net but the offside flag was up.

Throw in St Mirren at the dug outs.

Another one.

McGinn to Sutton. Morris does well, then to Talbot. Herron cant stop it and Talbot is out wide, crosses into the box and a shot on goal by McGinn is wide of the pars right hand post.

Free kick has gone to the pars. Finnie has moved it back two yards. Idiot.

Kal to take, from the halfway line. GoeHerron gets iut to Moff, on a runs long, cleared from any danger, and Moff heads it forward. Out wide for St Mirren and a throw in for the home side.

MOff keeps his feet out wide to Herron and a shout for a penalty in the box for the pars after McMullan is upended. Terrible refereeing.

Murdoch long to Clark, he was held but nothing given. St Mirren players in a bust up on the byline. Geggs holding McGinn back. Tellow card for Davis nd another word from Finnie for him. Ref having a word with Herron and booked him, but not the St Mirren player who was equally at fault. We`re not going to have any players left at this rate.

Mallan to take from the right. Right footed cross, curls around and out past the left hand post.

Mallan to take.

Right footed ball off the wall and out for a corner.

Long ball from OBrien, and all the way back to him from his defenders.

Another long ball headed down by Todd to the pars 18 yard line. Out for a pars throw in. Talbot to the head of Irvine. Nat stops the ball then its on to Talbot. Finnie stops play for Kal who nicked the heels of McGinn. Free kick St MIrren 30 yards out.

Good fast corner from Kal on the left hand side but headed past the left hand post by Nicky Clark.

Long ball from the green bean stripped OBrien. Finnie sees a push on Herron. Well I never. Free kick Pars on the half way line.

Talbot takes, long to Kal, headed down in the box, and out wide for pa rs throwin. Geggs takes snf headed out by Kal impeded by Todd.

Geggs again this time to MOff he turns but its away to Morris then to Herron. Up to Ash being chased by Sutton.

Corner Pars after Herron`s attempt is blocked.

Talbot to MOff again. Clark to Herron stopped by McGinn and rebounds off Herron for a St Mirren goal kick.

Talbot throw in deep in St Mirren half. Down to Moff, out wide and runs off him for sa throw in at the corner. Talbot to take.

Short to MOff back to Talbot low in and cleared at the near post. Out for another pars throw in.

Kal takes, long ball headed down by MOrris, long spare to Talbot and on to Murdoch, Good play.

Talbot to Kal, takes on two defenders, gets past them, great play, high ball crossed brought down by Geggs,m but Todd gets it away and St Mirren run to our half. Ecklersley takes on Morris and Morris wins the ball. Brilliant play!

Finnie ignoring Moff being pushed in the back, out wie to Kal, Moff impeded again and away by Clark. Now Talbot picks up the side ball. Free kick after Talbot was taken down.

Long ball to the head of McGinn. Todd takes it off him and out wide for a St Mirren throw in deep in the pars half. The sun is trying to creep out from behind the grey clouds.

Todd to Eckersley, back to Todd crosses to Morgan in the box and he puts it behind for a goal kick.

Geggs with the throw in. Kal returned it to him he curled a shot up the wing and another free kick for the home side in their half. St Mirren falling like flies.

Kal takes thge long ball crosses into the st mirren box, cleared by Todd, headed forward by Nat, Moff cant get there and the ball is played away and out for a pars throw in whilst the ball boy is playing on his phone....

Throw in St Mirren deep in the pars half.

Eckersley takes, over to Morgan nice pass through and a shot on goal is saved well by Murdoch.

I`m going to get Cal to take oot Finnie never mind anyone else....

Murdoch long to the head of Mackenzie ahead of Moff. Good pass to McGinn up field to a waiting Sutton and the pars have it back. Oh well they did for 10 seconds. long ball to a running Kal chased and we thought he had earned a corner but Finnie says nope.

Now to Nat to Morris,

McMullan to Nat and a high ball mis hit by Talbot. Morris remonstrating at his team mate. Big moothed monster.

A sclaff by Mallan sees the ball way over the bar.

Right footed cross by Morgan low in cleared by the head of Herron and downfield for Talbot back to Murdoch and a hoof down to the st mirren end.

Returned and out of play into the st mirren crowd.

Kal does the gentlemanly thing and gives the ball to OBrien.

Long ball to the pars half and out for a home side throw in/ Todd to McGinn. Cross cleared by Geggan and a great save by leaping Murdoch at the left hand post. Corner St Mirren. Eckersley with the shot.

Being walked off, looks ok.

Take oot the opposition Cal, no yer ain players!

Morris manages to take out Talbot after they clashed with each other. Jason looks like he twisted himself as he fell there. Physio on for him.

I think I need to empty this keyboard - keys are sticking awfy. Probably too many pies.

Ball back to OBrien, out wide for a punt, down to Morris, and a great stop by Ash and Murdoch with a close call from Todd in the 18 yard box.

Finnie won`t let the game flow - it`s going to be like this all game I think.

Higgy downfield out wide to McMullan and a sho on goal is blocked by Kal with a good stop by Billy O`Brien.

Murdoch in neon yellow today. Mis kicks his punt and out of play. Throw in St Mirren. Ye should see the state of Kal`s strip already.

Cross to the pars box from Smith, blocked by Ash then cleared by Murdoch.

Downfield to Todd, on to the middel and a free kcik for St Mirren after a foul by Herron on Mallan.

Throw in Pars. Taken by Talbot, St Mirren have a shot on goal from McGinn which goes wide of the right hand post.

From the left hand side it`s Davis.

Short played down to Morgan and his shot is parried over the bar by Murdoch.

Second corner.

From the right it`s Smith, blocked by Talbot at the goal mouth. out wide for Talbot again headed away and Kal slips with Irvine on the byline.

Morgan to take, right footed cross high ball Geggs heads down. Picked up by Davis cross to the pars box and out for the first corner to St Miren.

Kal never even touched that player for their free kick, he was yellow carded for it too.

Throw in taken, headed down by Irvine, away to Nat but he cant get there. Steaming down goes Davis and another free kick for the home side, this time on the halfway line.

Mallan to take, curls high and headed down by Morris. Cleared out wide for a St Mirren throw in. Irvine comes to take it.

Into the pars box, Smith on the end tries a shot, blocked and away up field. Pars throw in.

Ball out wide to Talbot, upfield for a pass to Moffat. Out for a pars throw in, goes long and on to O`Brien.

Punts to the halfway line and out for a pars throw in.

High ball brought down by McMullan. Out to Smith stopped by Kal and a foul on Morgan means a free kick to St Mirren deep in the pars half.

Long punt upfield from Murdoch. Foul on Smith, and a free kick in their half for St Mirren.

Mackenzie to take.

Low ball headed forward to the pars box by Davis but an easy save for our keeper.

Morris makes it a safe on as the ball is played backwards and on to Murdoch.

Both teams out for the first half of this important game. Pars in their red tops, white shorts and red socks.St Mirren in white tops, black shorts and white socks.

The Pars win the toss and will kicking off this half.


I think the club have not realised the size of the travelling pars supporters as we are hemmed into a small section of the west stand whilst the adjacent areas are cordoned off. They`ve got the home fans in the far right section of this stand and also the other three stands. Pars fans are still pouring in and no idea where they`re going to be sitting.

It`s braw sunny weather here in Paisley today, with the pitch slightly wet from overnight showers.

We heard the Lizzie bus broke down on the motorway today - hope they`ve all made it here in one piece.

Have ye spotted our new signing yet?


on the official teamsheet.... I thought Id just leave it in. Cannae wait to type "look at that filled roll running the wing, crossing over and getting a hot pie of a goal!"

Good afternoon from a sunny Paisley for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between St Mirren and DAFC.