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It finished
RAITH ROVERS 2-1 DUNDEE UNITED (still playing)

Thanks for reading folks. see you next week at Greenock. Over n oot Buffy x

Murdoch plays it short to Talbot, out on the wing, long pass to Paton, blocked in the Ayr box.

Down to RyanW, long ball tfrom Paton, NAt cant get there, Ash cant do anything with it and its back to Murdoch.



Pars fans making their way out. They`ve had enough despite the last few chances.

Long ball headed down by Ash, high ball ignored by everyone in the middle, dowen to Talbot then to MOrris. Over to RyanW on the wing, takes it down the eing, in to Herron. Runs down short to Hoppy but it runs off him. Ayr fans happy.

Paton to RyanW but too short. Away to Murdoch who hoofs it downfield.

Clark heads down, and Rose ignores the ref as he blows his whistle for obstruction. Murdoch to take the free kick.

Long ball to Reilly, out to Paton, crosses in, cleared. RyanW with the pars throw in.

Short to Paton, crosses to Hoppy who has tochase the spare. Ayr throw in.

Other results not helping us either today.

Hibs 2 - 2 Dumbarton
QoS 0-2 St Mirren
Raith Rovers 2-1 Dundee United

Pars throw in deep in our half. Talbot to Nat, back to MOrris, good run and takes it to the ayr half. Moving into position, RyanW cant cross, blocked, clock ticking down to full time.

Lazst chance saloon as Paton plays it to the left hand post and cleared out of play. Goal kick Ayr.

Spare played to Fleming.

Free kick Pars after Paton is fouled on the left hand side.

Paton to take, 35 yards out.

Low in, cleared by Harkins, down to Hoppy and a chance on goal for Hoppy as its played out for a corner.

Ryanw to Clark, turns keeps crosses in and headed high at the near post. No pressure on the ayr defence as they clear out wide.

Pars corner.

Paton crosses to the left hand post, cleared and the ball is fownfield for Ayr, past Talbot but stopped by RyanW - GREAT PLAY RYAN!

Long ball from Fleming to Harkins but away to Murdoch. He plays it long to Paton, down to Clark in the box, crosses in and headed down by Hoppy but cleared out wide. Hpoppy to Talbot and Harkins slips as the ball goes out of play. THrow in Pars.

Talbot to Reilly, high ball and cleared down to the halfway line. Moore chases Ash but Murdoch clears before him.

Paton to Nat, doen to Hopp back to Nat, out wide to Talbot.

Over t oHerron knocks it off Moore, Hoppy can only do so much. Nat out wide to RyanW, crosses in and rebounds out for a pars throw in.

Talbot is fouled by Rose.Free kick Pars on the halfway line. Taken quickly its over to Nat and his pass to Clark is poor and away over the byline. Some Pars fans making their way out.

Crowd 3,276

Clark misses the long ball and the ball is out wide to a waiting Devlin. Now to Ash, stopped by Moore, down to McGuffie but stopped en route to the pars box by Morris. Long ball down to RyanW crosses in to Reilly he is blocked in the box, and its downfield again.

Corner Pars

From the right it`s Paton, cleared downfield. Talbot long pass to Reilly, crosses in by RyanW, down to Hoppy on the right and lsoes it to Harkins. Down to the Pars half but a spare to Murdoch.

Throw in taken, Harkins ahead of Paton. Talbot long to a running Paton but too far. Down to RyanW crosses to the Ayr box, cleared. Down to Herron and on to Murdoch. Hoofed to Nat behind to Paton, but his pass to Herron is poor. Ayr forward but Ash stops it. Long ball to Hoppy shoots and its just past the right hand post with a touch by Fleming.

Sub for Pars off is Joe on is Reilly

DOwn to MOrris, long ball to Paton but it`s over the byline. THrow in Ayr.

Ayr sub off is Forrest on is Gary Harkins

Balatoni has his hands on Hoppy every time the ball is played through but nothing given. Fleming time wasting.

Long ball to Morris.Pars throw in. RyanW to Morris back to RyanW. Over to Murdoch.

I make it ten minutes to go. We`re getting there but the last touch has to count.

Ayr back on the pressure as they head into our half, and a long shot on goal from Forrest is over the bar to the left hand side. No chance.

Herron to take.

Long ball to the Ayr box is cleared down the wing. Talbot takes the throw in.

Off to Talbot crosses in, headed down by Paton and straight into the hands of Fleming.

Rovers 2 - 0 Dundee United

Joe cant catch a spare at the Ayr box, cleared downfield to Forrest, good run and a chance on goal for Forrest is saved easily by Murdoch. Foul on Hoppy. free kick Pars from the halfway line.

Hibs 1 - 2 Dumbarton
QoS 0 - 2 St Mirren

RyanW crosses to the Ayr box but no one picks up.

Joe from Nat, rebounds off to Talbot. Forward to Herron, then to Hoppy but poor communication to Herron and Ayr have it to the pars half. Murdoch clears any danger and the ball is out wide to RyanW. Long to the sliding feet of Devlin, in to Herron then to Nat. He passes to a running Joe but its too far.

Talbot to Hoppy, takes on Balatoni, over to paton misses it but keeps it back. Crosses over to Hoppy but nowhere near.

Ayr sub off is Farid on is Craig Moore

Another pars throw in.

RyanW to Hoppy turns gives to Herron. Over to Nat then to Ash. Back to RyanW. Back to Ash.

In to Nat, chips it down to Joe. Hoppy loses it to Boyle, but Herron stops it going further.

Nat to Joe knocked into and loses it in the air.

Spare goes to Murdoch ahead of Farid.

Ayr have a player walked off after a knock into Joe. Pars throw in. RyanW to Hoppy, and cleared up field. Out for another throw in. Ayr player Craig McGuffie coming on for the injured player (Docherty) who went off moments ago.

Fleming to Morris, headed down, spare to Talbot. Long ball to the head of Rose, up to Crawford. Talbot makes sure to Herron, now to Hoppy, over to Herron down the wing to RyanW who has to chase it. Boyle puts it out for a pars throw in.

Long ball from the minty man to Talbot, down to Joe then to Hoppy. Spare comes back to Murdoch.

In to Nat, long ball to Paton on the wing, shot on goal by Joe goes wide of the right hand post from close range as he holds his head in his hands. A great chance for an equaliser.

Free kick Pars with Morris to take.

45 yards out and an easy save for Fleming.

I`ve got Easter Eggs on the brain!

Hoopopy? Hoppy. Hoopy? Hoppity?

After the subs Pars make a break for the Ayr half with a chance on goal from Hopkirk but his first touch was poor and it went wide of the left hand post.

Spare goes to Murdoch up the other end with Herron clearing from an advancing Farid.

Herron again, down to Joe, cant get the right handle on it. In to Nat, out to Paton, loses it to Meggatt. Ayr deep in the pars half.

Crawford to Morris heads down. Away to the Ayr defence. Up to Herron, out wide to Joe, then to Hoopopy on his own in to the box, plays a short pass but straight to Rose.

Double pars sub off Moff and Higgy on are Hoppy and Paton

Long ball to the head of Rose. Returned by RyanW. Out for a pars throw in at the NW.

RyanW to Higgy, in to Nat in the middle, his pass is poor and it`s stopped backwards by Talbot. Away again to Ayr but their last touch is poor and Murdoch has it.

Down to Joe from Talbot back to Talbot. Herron cant pick up in the middle. Ayr have it away again.

Boyle to Farid, out for another. Boyle to Farid, ahead of Nat, away to Moff, on his own, clearly needing help but no one doing so. Backwards to Murdoch.

Our fans are NOT happy.

Murdoch long to the head of Higgy, onwards to Moff but he cant get there., Up to Forrest on his own. Back towards Moff but looked like a mix up in conversation with him and Clark as they both let it go.

Higgy cant do anything with the spare. Ayr throw in at the NW.

Ayr keeping up the pressure.

Gilmour from the left, cleared by MOrris at the near post. Down to Meggatt who slips in the box on top of RyanW. Goal kick Pars.

From the left it`s Gilmour.

Right footed cross, Morris heads at the near post, down to Crawford up to Gilmour who flies it past the goal mouth and cleared by Ash and Morris. Corner Ayr.

From the right it`s Gilmour.

Punched clear by Murdoch, down to Docherty, over to Crawford, not cleaed and down to Forrest with a body clearance by Murdoch. Another corner for Ayr.

Low ball in and touched over the bar by Murdoch.

Corner Ayr.

Free kick Ayr after an alleged foul by Higgy (I think), cant see for the pillar. Free kick 25 yards out.

Low ball in a

Higgy to Nat, away to Moff but he cant get there.

Why oh why doesn`t Moff take a chance in front of goal???

Long ball from Fleming, on to Talbot, returned to the ayr half. In to the middle for Crawford on his own, stopped by Talbot at the pars line, spare to Moffat in the ayr vbox, ovedr to Higgy cant get there and is tackled with no problem whatsoever. Ball away to the pars half up to Ash then on to Murdoch.

From the left its Higgy, right footed cross, saved at the near post. Again far too quickly taken.

Long ball to the pars half. Down to the head of Moff, out wide to Devlin, Morris slips but the ball is foward t oMoff on his own, and wins a corner.

Higgy takes, far too quickly and an easy save for Fleming.

Boos from the home fans for Bobby Madden`s ignorance of the foul in front of him.

Fleming to the halfway line. Moffat backwards hit, out wide to Joe, a sliding tackle on RyanW, again ignored, and a foul on Nat is then awarded a free kick. Pars 40 yards out.

Talbot to Clark who gives it to Moff but he is challenged and the ball is out for a pars corner.

From the right its Higgy, right footed coross, high ball headed clear, back to the feet of Meggatt, again downfield, turned to RyanW who is caught and nothing given by ref.

Pars start off quickly after the re-start but FLeming made an easy save from a shot by Higgy.

Ayr on the run again to our half, their merry band of fans are in good voice. Talbot stops Devlin, in to Nat, rebounds off the player in front of him,and its away to Herron.

Downfield and out for a pars throw in.

A poor defensive mistake by the pars and Murdoch had no chance of getting it with the amount of bodies in front of him.

From the right it`s Devlin, I think. Right footed cross, headewd down and into the bottom right hand corner.


PARS 0 - 1 AYR

First time Ayr have made a challenge to our box.

Ball long to FLeming, returned to the pars half, brought down by Rose. Corner Ayr.

Higgy from the right, right footed cross, headed clear and back to Higgy. Comes back in but cleared again. Stopped by Forrest but Ayr forward to the pars half. Joe gets the spare, awat downfield to a running Clark and he has to fight with Balatoni as he makes good on his defensive play.

Clark is fouled, just outside the Ayr box, but ref thinks he just slipped on the pitch.

Free kick Ayr after Devlin is fouled.

Gilmour to take, from 25 yards out. headed down to Murdoch for a diving save.

Clark short to Nat who sends it long, ball to Moff who puts the ball over the bar from close range and it touches off the hands of FLeming. Corner PArs.

Teams back out for this exciting - optimistically hoping - and thrilling second half.

Pars to kick off this half facing the Norrie stand.


I look like Nanouk of the North with the fleecy hood up on the jaiket.

Kinda wished I`d put more layers on today - brrrr - the breeze has picked up and it`s the usual wind tunnel here in the main stand. Oocha!






Fleming punts to the halfway line, down to the head of Ash, out for a pars throw in. Talbot to Moff, heads back to Joe, over to Clark but the Ayr defence clear. Down to Farid, then to Rose. Devlin long ball but stopped by Talbot. in to Nat over his head, but out wide to RyanW. Great run down the near wing, crosses in, rebounds out and its an Ayr throw in despite RyanW thinking otherwise.

From the left its Higgy, right footed cross, headed down by Farid comes back in and over the byline for an Ayr goal kick.

And a fourth....

RyanW to Higgy then to RyanW held but gets the ball back. Wins a corner for his troubles.

Back up for Boyle. RyanW takes the throw in, and another. Out for a third.

RyanW to take.

Long to Clark, back to RyanW deals with Farid, down to Devlin and out for a par throw in. RyanW to Nat. In to Ash, then to Talbot back to Ash and he plays it too tight for Nat. Down to MOrris, now to Higgy, and his blocked pass hits a sore one off Boyle who is down on the deck. Heard it from here.

Clock ticking down to halftime. I`d say Pars have had more possession, and certainly getting forward to the Ayr box.

Higgy to Morris, good run and long ball to the chest of Clark. Docherty intervenes but its down to Murdoch. Devlin to Rose. Played long and out for a pars throw in.

Fleming goal kick.

Long ball to Farid held by Ash who heads down. Out for a pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to a running Clark but on to Fleming.

Higgy to take.

Out to the right for Morris and just short of the right hand post.

Fleming punts to the halfway line and out for a pars throw in. RyanW to Higgy heads backwards to Clark then to Moff. Nice pass to Higgy, Docherty slips in front of him and the ball is Away t oMoff., shoots, blocked on the 18 yard line, long high ball headed down to Talbot from Ash. Now to Nat, good run through to Joe via Herron, but his pass to Higgy is poor and too tight. Back to Higgy, now to Nat, on to Clark who is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

Nice build up every time. Need the goal though.

From the left it`s Higgy, right footed cross, headed down by Morris and past the left hand post.

Talbot to Clark then to Moff and a high ball to RyanW. Gives to Higgy short to RyanW good run now to Joe and he wins another pars corner.

Im just thinking McMullan is probably away with the Scotland U20s after his call up.

Spare to Fleming who puts the ball out of play. Pars throw in at the NE.

Spare to Clark who was fouled on the nearside byline but nothing given despite a dirty look towards the linesman.

Higgy through to Moff, down to Herron, but RyanW tries to get a short pass back to him but he misses it. Nat held back by Crawford but is determined to have caused the foul. Free kick Ayr with Boyle taking.

Long to Morris clearing over to Herron and on to Murdoch. Long ball to Moffat, through to Joe long ball to Higgy, looks ok now, and he punts a long ball to Clark who just heads past the left hand post.

Getting his shoulders massaged by the physio - I could do that! - and he is up, just. Being walked off and holding his neck and right shoulder.

Gentleman pass back to Fleming.

RyanW has had a short back and side since we last saw him, Higgy is thumped on the back of the head and is currently down needing treatment. Play is stopped to allow this.

RyanW long pass to a blocked and held Moffat. Away to Nat but he is being hounded by Farid, and Ash gets it to Murdoch.

Down towards Higgy but out for a pars throw in.

RyanW takes. SHort to Higgy, chips to Moffat`s head, down to Clark then to RyanW and out for a pars throw in.

Herron mis hits and the spare goes to Crawford waiting nearby. Closed down by Ash, it`s out wide for Higgy. Free kick after he fouls Boyle. Free kick taken quickly and it`s backwards to the Ayr defence.

Forward to Farid, held by Nat, down to Docherty and a running Boyle cant catch the fast ball as it heads to a waiting Murdoch.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, high ball into the box and Fleming outjumps everyone to make a good save.

Fleming plays it short to his defence. Long pass to Nat heads down. In to Higgy, forward to RyanW in to the box and another pars corner is won.

Crawford to Meggatt then to Clark, Higgy clears long and in to Morris then to Joe whose shot on goal is saved well by Fleming. Lovely chance there for Joe.

Long ball headed backwards by Moffat, down to Joe, misses it, but it;s on to Rose. Out t oCrawford, played safe by Higgy to Murdoch but to Ayr in the middle. Out wide for a running Balatoni short to Ash who puts it out of play for an Ayr throw in.

Higgy goes long to Clark running to the Ayr box and another chance goes a begging after Balatoni and Fleming miss hit the ball. A shot on goal from RyanW is just a tad past the right hand post.

Both Higgy and Nat land on their backsides after slipping on the wet pitch.

Murdoch has the last touch and clears to Moffat outjumped by Balatoni. Ball runs down to Joe, cant get the pass to Herron who runs through the middle. Ball played back to Talbot on to Murdoch. Long ball to the halfway line. Nat out wide to RyanW. Short to Clark and he is blocked.

Ball to Meggatt away past RyanW then to Farid, over to Docherty and playing into the middle.

Ball from Boyle goes long and out of play.

A 27th minute applause in memory of a pars fan. Lovely touch folks and well respected around the stadium.

Forrest to Joe, lost to Clark and away to Fleming. This wind is cutting here in the main stand so it`s time for the mittens to come out.

Ball runs off Farid but the spare lands at Crawford who punts it high over the pars bar.

It`s nil nil in all other championship fixtures so far.

Devlin takes, short ball to the feet of Ash, away to Docherty and then into the middle for Crawford. Spare goes out of play. Goal kick Pars.

RyanW takes. SHort to Higgy, covered, back to RyanW. Back to Higgy but again he fails to get there as Boyle clears it. Over to Herron, then to Ash back to Herron. Long ball to Clark but too short for him with Devlin clearing from the Ayr box.

Down to Herron, runs off him and out wide for an Ayr throw in.

Fleming long to the head of Ash, now to Rose, offside flag up for Crawford. Free kick Pars on their 18 yard line. Murdoch to take.

Punts it down to Moffat but he cant get his head to it. Docherty plays it inside to Rose, Clark chases as does MOffat. Long ball to Farid away to Higgy and out for a pars throw in.

Murdoch hoofs towards Clark but it bounces behind him. Lost by Higgy to Devlin, away to Docherty and now to Joe on the wing. Long play to Moffat, tripped on the byline but it`s a pars throw in instead. Talbot to RysnW on his in own in the box and cleared just in time by Balatoni. Down to the halfway line, too fast a play for Higgy who slides on the pitch but it`s back to Joe on the right.

Takes it inside but he tripped and the ball cant get to Clark.

Apologies that was RyanW.

Long ball over to the left hand side for Devlin, up to Wedderburn who clears from the pars 18 yard line. Ball back to the box for a clearing header by Morris, down to Wedderburn but away to Crawford. SHort play to Rose, past Farid and the ball is played just wide of the pars left hand post.

Joe takes, down to Talbot, then to Ash. He keeps Farid at bay, but Ayr have it back deep in the pars half.

Down to the halfway line for Devlin, up to the pars byline and out for a goal kick as Morris has to jump the ad boards.

Fleming to Ash, down to Farid and Morris does well to get the ball off him. Goes out wide but it`s Ayr who pick it up on the left hand side. Stopped by Joe, away to Talbot and out for a pars throw in at the NW.

Joe cant get there and it`s on to Fleming.

Long punt to the pars half, down to the head of Rose, on to Farid but he cant get there. Murdoch to Clark, out wide to Higgy and a pars throw in. Higgy to Moffat and he cant keep the ball in at the byline with coverage by Crawford.

Goes nowhere and out for an Ayr throw in. Boyle to take.

Long to the head of Higgy, shouts of handball as Clark is fouled. Nothing given by Bobby Madden, our ref today.

Another Ayr throw in.

Boyle to Farid, over to Talbot long ball to a running Joe, who looks like he has had a wee stint on a sunbed.

Long punt from their keeper to El Alagui. Well played to Rose, then to Crawford, into the pars box past Morris and on to Murdoch. Ball long to MOffat on his own, short to Higgy on the left hand side and the flag is up for offside. Throw in however for hte pars.

Ayr throw in.

Rose to Forrest, spare to Moffat and into Higgy and pases out wide to RyanW. Good run to the box, away to Fleming with the aid of Crawford.

Fleming re spots the ball in the bare goal mouth and punts it upfield into the wind. Down to the head of Herron, in to Meggatt and over to Balatoni. Good ball in the middle for Rose, long to Morris and he punts it out of play in to the NW.

Good to see RyanW back.

Short to Wedderburn and he is fouled in the process. Free kick taken by Morris in the pars half. Long ball to Higgy`s head, down to Joe, cant keep hold of it whilst Nicky punts it over the bar from 20 yards out.

Long punt upfield by Fleming goes all the way through to Murdoch, in neon yellow today. He gathers a short back pass by Talbot then punts it out of play deep in the Ayr half.

We all waited with baited breath as the shot came off the post and another close call there for Fleming at the right hand side as Herron came close.

Offside flag up for Joe on the far right hand side.

Balatoni cleared the ball earlier, and it`s a free kick for Ayr with Fleming taking it. Long to the head of Herron, down to Clark and now to Higgy. Good run and a pass out wide to RyanW, great forward crosses in and off the post by Moffat. What a cracker!

Goal kick Fleming who is resplendent in minty green.

He sends it long to the halfway line, comes back in gfor it and Joe has a chance as another miss kick from the man in green goes astray. Moffat ran ahead of him also but it was Joe with the first touch. It was cleared from danger but a poor start for Ayr United in these few minutes.

Higgy, from the left hand side, right footed cross low in blocked to Clark, back to Higgy who sclaffed it and over the bar it goes by a mile.

Meggatt heads down the ball to put it out of play for a pars throw in. Herron takes, away out for another pars throw in further down into the Ayr half.

Williamson to Higgy does well turns and crosses over blocked and out for the pars first corner.

Wedderburn to MOrris over to Herron and a short pass to MOffat from Talbot., He goes to Clark and a fresh air kick by Fleming who nearly let the ball into his own net but manages to clear.

Wrong number on the team sheet for Nicky Clark, queried by Spency - aye it should be 37 no 39.

Played short backwards to the Ayr defence before heading to Morris. He plays it long to Clark run to the 18 yard box and is stopped momentarily and the ball is cleared to the middle.

Forward again from Wedderburn to Higgy who slips next to Balantoni and the ball is away to Fleming.

Murdoch is captain today.

The visitors win the toss and will kick off this half facing the Norrie stand.


Both teams heading out for today`s match.

Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks.

Ayr United in red tops, red shorts and red socks.

Other fixtures in the championship today :

Hibernian v Dumbarton
Queen of Sth v St Mirren
Raith Rovers v Dundee Utd
Falkirk v Morton (5.15pm KO)

The pars fans are streaming into the Norrie, the NW and the Main Stand to my left.

I think the hospitality was a sell out today too so will expect the right hand side to be stappit foo.

There`s a handful of Ayr supporters in the cowden end today, and while I`m looking in that direction I see the new gym is coming on a treat in the corner of the main stand and the cowden end. Looks rather good I may say!

A couple of changes to the Pars line up today - in comes Ryan Williamson, out goes Andy Geggan, in comes Joe Cardle out goes Paul McMullan, neither of the outgoing players on the bench.

We have a 12th man today - Colin Johnston - who will lead the team out. Good man Colin!

Good afternoon from me Buffy live at East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between DAFC and visitors Ayr United

It is windy, mild and I have a huge pleasure of having the one and only Jim Spence next to me today. It`s been a while. A braw big hug was the order of the day. My wee sunflower.