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Thanks for reading folks. See ye next weekend back here for our game against Raith Rovers.

Over n oot Buffy xx

Throw in Hibs.

Ambrose to the box, cleared and Moff is fouled.




McCabe to Higgy but he cant get it back to McCabe who fouls Gray. Shouts of cheat from the NW faithful. Free kick Hibs with Marciano hoofing it to the pars box. Talbot clears out wide.

Hibs sub off goes Cummings replaced by Gray

Moff chases the spare, Hibs fire it forward and its on to Murdoch ahead of Holt.

Hoofed to Geggan then to Moff and out for a pars throw in at the NW.

he wastes no time to hoof it up the park. Pars have it with McMullan over to Geggan then to HIggy.
Higgy sclaffs it and its on to Marciano.

In the name of the wee man.

Halfway line hoof. Returned to Murdoch.

Long to the head of Bartley. Then to Holt. Down to McLean and on to Marciano.

From the left its Keating and a brilliant save by Murdoch.

Nat walks away whilst Higgy and Bartley have a talking to by the ref.

All ok. Huffypuffyness gone.

I make it a minute to go.

McMullan out wide. Bartley goes in for the tackle. Out for a hibs throw in.

Long to Talbot then to mcCabe who puts it out for a hibs corner.

Long ball from Murdoch. Handbags between Bartley and Nat.

Low in cleared by the feet of Morris, down to the halfway line for Bartley. Returned to the head of Keatings, cleared by the pars box by Morris. back in again and out for a goal kick despite a shout for a penalty by the hibs fans after Mclean falls over in the box.

High ball bounces out of play. Hibs throw in. mcLean to higgy who fouls. Free kick Hibs 25 yards out.

Long ball from Murdoch. Down to Herron. Out for a pars throw in. Geggan to Higgy then to Moff but its out for another pars throw in at the NW.

mcCabe to the hibs box, down to Talbot then to Morris then to Higgy but he is deemed offside as the ball reverberates off Keatings.

Free kick Hibs 18 yards out on the right hand side.

Curls past everyone and out for a pars goal kick.

Falkirk 1 - 0 Raith Rovers
QoS 3 - 2 Dundee United
St Mirren 5-1 Ayr

Murdoch halts a save at the other end of the field. down to Keatings. Over to Higgy on the right takes it forward then back to McCabe.

Cross by Geggan, over everyone. Down to McMullan who chases but Bartley clears. Out to Keatings, then to McGeouch. he plays it long to the pars half. Down to Morris clears down the wing. McCabe chases but its on to Marciano.

Bartley takes the spare but a foul on Keatings is missed by ref. Drop ball and McMullan gives the ball to Marciano.

Taken by Higgy down to McMullan and a shot cleared off the line by Ambrose. A huge roar from the pars fans.

McMullan to Moff. Forward by McCabe but on to Marciano. We need Joe to come on.... just saying lol

Talbot takes it down the right wing. Throw in. Talbot to McMullan over to Higgy then to Moff back to McMullan. Fouled and free kick Pars, 35 yards out.

Herron does not look good.

Herron is the injured player. Sub for Pars off Herron being replaced by McCabe.

Hibs sub off Graham on is Holt

Talbot heads down, over to Nat then to Geggan. FOrward to Higgy then to Clark but loses it. Temporarily as the pars head to the hibs jhalf. Clark just loses it and its over the byline.

Pars player down and physio on.

Sub for Hibs on Keatings off is Boyle

Hibs keeping it tight.

Crowd 7,050

Cummings to Graham but stopped by Geggan great ball through to a running Clark slips but keeps a hold of it. Foul on McLean. Free kick Hibs with Marciano to take.

Long to Herron. Away to Ambrose. Spare to Graham. Down to Nat does well over to Geggan. Great play Nat.

Ball away to Hibs head to our half, stopped in the box by Morris. High ball to Moff, lost to McGinn and Hibs in front of our goalie. Cleared by Ash`s head. Down to Morris hits it high, and out for a goal kick.

Bsrtley to take.

Up to Boyle but away to Clark but too far ahead for our player and on to Marciano.

Throw in sorry.

Im leaning over the pb ledge just trying to see who is taking it.

A hit off the face for Moff but he looks ok. Long ball through to McLean but Morris does well.

Herron to Moff and cleared out wide for a hibs throw in.

Moff to Herron and on to Marciano. out wide to graham, over to Bartley. Long ball to Talbot who keeps it out of trouble and its on to Murdoch.

Hibs TV have taken over the gantry I believe.

I can hear AndyB chittering from here.

Corner Pars.

Herron to Graham. Down to Nat, holds off Bartley. Then to McMullan to Herron through to Clark but he cant get his feet to it as he comes close with Marciano.

Cummings again from the right this time. Left footed cross, curls high and missed by Graham. Returned by McGeouch and on to the safe hands of Murdoch after a scramble earlier.

Cummings from the left, left footed cross, over and out for another.

Talbot with the spare and puts it out of play for a hibs throw in. Bartley to Morris head and out for a hibs corner.

Linesman has had a word with Neil Lennon and he has returned to his seat in the dug out.

Hibs come close to going ahead again with a cracking cross by Cummings but just lose out on a corner. Goal kick Pars.


Great stop by Jason Talbot ahead of Boyle who slipped on the byline demanding a corner. Nope says the linesman who points to Murdoch for the goal kick.

He hoofs it long to the Hibs half. Herron heads it down. Then to Geggan and a foul by McLean who has gone in the huff again and he is yellow carded for his remonstrating and LENNON IS SENT TO THE STAND TOO!!!

Geggan to Nat. Now to Morris loses it to McGinn and he runs to our half. Stopped by Talbot and on to Murdoch. Great stop by Jason. Short to MOrris then to McMullan and spare to Talbot. Down to a running Clark to the hibs 18 yard line but on to Marciano.

Long ball from Marciano upfield to the pars half.

Moff chases the all as it heads backwards to their defenders. Out for a prs throw in. McLean keeps hold of the ball and the ref has a word with him as it`s a Pars throw in. I think McLean is in the huff.

Nat does well, taking the ball from McGinn and its out for a Pars throw in.

Geggan to Moff, short to Higgy through to Clark. The Pars are fired up.

Good save by Marciano after a shot from Moff.

cannae hear the hibees sing nooo noooo

Bartley to Boyle, fouled and a free kick to Hibs inside their half. Taken quickly, the NW are doing the East End Bounce, and out for a Hibs throw in.

Mcginn takes a shot on goal and a cracking shot it was too. Past the left hand post.

Restart and Moff has it. Nat loses it and hibs are up to our half. Away to MOff, then on a good run, blocked by mcGregor but nothing from ref.




Dumbarton 1 - 0 Morton


Hibs down to our half, then to Bartley. Out wide to McLean. Hibs throw in. Short to McGinn, long ball to the pars half but out of play. Goal kick Pars.

hibs throw in

Pars throw in. Talbot to Ash, back to Talbot but he nearly came a cropper before passing to Morris who cleared it out wide to Gegganm. ZFortward to Moff, then to McMullan lost by Hioggy. He plays it forward but its on to Moff again good play. Herron turns out to Higgy crosses in to the box and headed down by Clark but too high and over the hibs bar.

Qos 2-2 Dundee United
St Mirren 5 - 0 Ayr

Pars throw in, Talbot takes then crosses to Clark at the left hand post but he puts it over the bar. Goal kick Hibs.

Pars throw in. Geggan to Moff, over his head and in to the middle for Bartley. Over to McMulan takes it dwoin to Moff out wide to Talbot. Crosses in and its nowhere near everyone as the wind carries it past the left hand post.

Herron loses the pass from Nat and Hibs head to our half. McGeouch to McGinn but hsi cross to Boyle is poor and out of play past the left hand post. Goal kick pArs.

Long ball to Geggan. Out for a Pars throw in at the NE. Geggan to Higgy but over his head. Hibs forward. Out for a hibs throw in this time, McLean to McGeouch. Cross to the box by Graham stopped and cleared by Ash but down to Bartley. Then to Graham crosses to Cummings but he cant get his toe to it and it`s past the right hand post and out wide. Geggan throw in, impeded further down the wing.

Talbot to Clark then toMcMullan down to Moff. On his own over to Higgy then to McMullan shot on goal is too soft and an easy save at Marciano`s feet.

Cracking stop by Murdoch!

Nat heads down in the centre, away to Cummings on the right hand side. Crosses to the head of Graham and Talbot defends in front of goal. Herron misses the spre and its out wide with Boyle, away to Talbot then to McGInn. Down to Clark and out for a Pars throw in.

He throws it down to the head of Bartley. Out for another throw in this time to Hibs. Stevenson to McGeouch but its off to Murdoch. He hoofs it to Geggan and out of play. Pars throw in. Over to Moff, misses and up to Boyle. He deals with Talbot, then to Bartley. He is fouled and then a clear foul from Talbot on Boyle is ignored whilst a shot comes in from McGinn and an excellent stop by Murdoch at the left hand post.

Cummings kicks off the second half. Long ball out of play deep in the pars end. Throw in Talbot.

Teams back out for the second half.

Pars will be heading - hopefully - to the Norrie this half with Hibs kicking off.

Other journos in the pb today think im hard as nails --- cos im no wearing a jaiket lol

Had a wee natter with Andy Barrowman - doing the Pars TV co commenting today with Jordan. Nice chap.

Our 12th man today is GIRVAN EASTON






Geggan to higgy but he loses it. Over to Bartley. Short to McGregor then to Ambrose. Nice tackle by Morris but the ball is downfield for a hibs throw in.

Herron to Higgy and the spare to Marciano. He hoofs it to the pars half. Herron makes sure to Murdoch.

Out to Geggan short ball to Moff turns gives to Hioggyu then to MOff in the box but his pass to a running Clark is blocked and cleared. Hibs on a run to our half with a great stop by Murdoch ahead of Cummings.

Hibs still have it.

McGinn to Cummings but its over the byline. Pars throw in.

QoS 2 - 1 Dundee United
St Mirren 4 - 0 Ayr

Gentleman pass back to Murdoch after Cummings caught Herron short.

Down to McLean who heads forward. Bartley loses it to Moff but the spare is with Marciano.

Hibs up to our half, playing deep. McGinn to Cummings. McMullan clears then to Higgy`s head. Swy to Herron then to McMullan but he is dealt with by Bartley. Talbot gets back to defend in front of goal and the ball is out for a Hibs throw in.

McMullan is down after a knock now. Jesus they`re taking our players out one by one. He is up but holding his face. Free kick Pars just inside the Hibs half with Talbot to take.

Long ball to the Head of Morris but its straight to Marciano.

If Higgy is needing a hand with the magic sponge I`ll gladly volunteer.....

Mcgeouch is back on.

Geggan takes the free kick. Long ball to Herron, down to a sclaff hit by Stevenson and downfield to Geggan and over to Talbot. In to Nat. On his own he hoofs it to a running Moff but it`s Marciano who has it first.

Ok im needing glesses - it`s Higgy that was injured and he seems ok as he is away doon the tunnel to get treatment.

Marciano to Herron, down to McLean, aay to geggan who has a head knock with Mcgeouch, Both players and physios on the field. Looked a sore one for both!

Free kick taken quickly but ref was still writing the foul in his book so took it back.

Higgy with the free kick, again.

Chips it to Morris and out over the byline for a Hibs goal kick.

McGeouch takes it from Higgy and out for a hibs throw in at the NW.

In to the middle, Geggan to Moff but away to Bartley. Taken off him by McMullan and he goes flying ager a tackle by Bartley. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

Geggan throw in, to Higgy long to Moff but out for another pars throw in. Geggan to Higgy stops on to Moff then to McMullan

St Mirren 3 - 0 Ayr
QoS 1 - 1 Dundee United

No.4 for Hibs, Hanlon is not playing despite being on the teamsheet which is why McLean is on in his place. Perhaps Hanlon was injured in training.

Geggan with the free kick just inside our half.

Long ball through to Higgy then to Clark but he miss hits and the ball is away out the right hand side of the hibs goal and out for a goal kick.

Long ball from Murdoch over Higgy and out of play for a Hibs throw in.

Ref having a word with geggan and Graham after a few words between the two and the yellow card is shown to Graham for a foul on geggan.

Stevenson to McGinn in the box and headed just past the left hand post.

Graham to Stevenson on the near side. A nice cross sees Graham jumping the ad boards at the pars goal and it`s away to McGInn. Ash deals with Boyle who goes down with the softest of touches, the assistant linesman had his flag up but the ref played on.

Out for a hibs corner on the left hand side.

Stevenson to Graham and out for another hibs throw in, this time on the halfway line.

Goes nowhere but out for a pars one. Geggan with the first and a second.

Higgy heads backwards to Moff but out for another pars throw in by McGeouch. Geggan to Higgy tries a fancy touch and loses it. McMullan tripped up in front of ref but ignored. HIbs out wide.

From the right its Higgy. Right footed cross, headed away and out wide by Stevenson. Pars throw in. Geggan to the head of Stevenson and out for a hibs throw in.

Higgy to take.

Right footed curling scross, Morris up for the header and it`s handled over the bar by Marciano. Corner for the Pars.

We`re giving Hibs so much possession - it`s like the first half two weeks ago at Easter Road.

Pars throw in.

Geggan to Moff headed back to Clark deos well and is fouled by McGeouch. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

Free kick 25 yards out.

McGinn to take, curls round to the left hand side of the pars box, whilst mcMullan is deemed to have fouled McGinn. Free kick Hibs 30 yards.

Cummings to take.

Low in and past the left hand post. Pars goal kick.

Foul by Higgy on McGregor. Free kick Hibs in their own half.

Lennon remonstrating on the byline. Ooft he`s an angry wee man ;D

Headed down by Graham , great stop on the pars byline by McGinn and his cross to the pars box is over everyone. NAt struggles with McGeouch and a free kick by Nat on the hibs player and it`s a free kick as our players surround the pars player and the hibs player too. Shocking soft foul and a yellow card for Nat.

Nat cant keep hold of it and Hibs are deep in the pars half. Mcgeouch to Cummings who gets it to Marciano. Short to McGregor long ball to Talbot headed down and on to Nat. High ball to Stevenson bouncing ahed of Clark. Moff back on. Phew.

Out wide for Graham and over to the near side for McLean. Then to Geggan away to Morris and on to Murdoch.

Free kick goes nowhere, and the ball is in the pars half. Good save by Murdoch at the left hand post. Clearance to Clark, ahead of Boyle. Down to McLean, long ball to Talbot.

Higgy to take.


Over to Talbot. Then in to Nat, away to Herron and he is fouled by McGinn. Free kick Pars 40 yards out.


Long ball through to Murdoch hoofed to McMullan and out for a pars throw in.

Moff ok but Clark has received a knock too and is waiting to come back on.

McMullan was caught with a chance to equalise with Marciano but Marciano did well to get back to save.


Apologies it`s Moff who went down, holding his mouth. He`s being walked off. Looks ok.

High ball brought down by Morris. Talbot to Nat, and Herron is down in the the centre circle after a knock. Physio on.

The purple clad Marciano hoofs it up to Herron. Out for a PArs throw in. Talbot to take at the NW.

Down to Moff over his head then to McGinn. Long spare ball to no one but Marciano.

Higgy to take.

St Mirren 1 - 0 Ayr

Low ball down to Herron then to CLark but cleared by the plethora of Hibs players in the box. Out wide for mcGeoch, and he manages to keep it on the byline at the pars end. Cleared by Ash downfield to Moff, does well on to Nat.

Looks up chips to McMullan . He cant get through the hibs back players and its away to Marciano.

Geggan to Nat over to Talbot on a run to the Hibs half but nowhere near and over the byline for a goal kick. Marciano long ball to Talbot, down to Clark out to Higgy then to Moff. Back to Higgy crosses in but its too low and played out wide by the hibs defence.

Down to Nat at the halfway line and on to Ash. Nat gets it back, away to Clark and Herron is fouled in the centre. Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

John McGinn opens the scoring for Hibs. He fired it into the net from close range but there was no Pars defender near him. An easy goal and their supporters are singing.

Throw in Pars.

From the right it`s Brian McLean who is numbered 15 on the teamsheet - but on the subs line up.

Goal for Hibs

Pars 0 - 1 Hibs

Long ball through to the pars box, cleared by Morris. Out wide for McGeouch, gets it past Nat to Geggan but out wide to the right for the head of Ash to put it out for a hibs corner.

He`s got the gumption after last weekend is oor Nat. Gaun yersel!

CLark heads down to Moff but Hibs defence kick in and it`s off to Marciano.

Murdoch to take.

Long ball to the head of Stevenson. Spare goes near Moff but it`s on to Marciano. Short to Nat awayt and a shot on goal from Nat just goes past the left hand post.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross low in nice backheel by Clark but no one picked it up and it`s away downfield. Ash does well to defend and puts the ball upfield. OFfside flag up and a free kick in our own half.

Moff stops the long ball, returns it to Moff then to McMullan, good to see him back but he cant get into the hibs box. Defended well and the ball is upfield at the pars end.

McGeouch to McGregor. Long to Ash`s head, down to McMullan but the spare to Marciano.

Out wide to Stevenson but his long ball is only to Murdoch.

Boot to Moff in the hibs box and the first corner of the match to the Pars.

Ball goes out of play. Pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to the head of Clark, down to the middle for McGinn. Good play but away to Higgy but he is stopped at the hibs half.

On to Murdoch for a hoof up the park. Great singing by the Hibs fans sitting in the sunshine.

Long ball to Clark, down to Nat then to Talbot.

Long ball through to Moffat but on to Marciano.

Good throw in, ball over towards the NW and out for another.

Hope yer reading Kirsty ;D

Slow connection today folks - possibly a lot of folk online, not sure. Be patient with me. Thanks.

Ball down the far left wing, Talbot to Nat. In to Moffat then to Clark back to Nat. He loses it to McGinn forward to the pars 18 yard line, past Talbot and over to the feet of Stevenson, crossed over the box and cleared by Ashcroft. Down to the halfway line for a Hibs throw in.

ANother free kick for Hibs, sees the ball eventually cleared from the pars box and ends up with Clark at the far end of the field but out over the byline for a hibs goal kick.

Murdoch in midnight blue today. Hoofs it upfield, down to the chest of CLark. a battering off McGinn by nat and the ball is back to Clark`s chest but out wide for Hibs.

Clark kicks off and its down to the Pars end altready with a free kick for Hibs after a foul from Herron.

free kick by McGinn. along the ground and goes nowhere. goal kick Pars

The Pars win the toss and will be kicking off this half towards the Cowden end.


Pars in their black and whites tops, black shorts and black socks. Hibs in neon green tops, black shorts and neon green socks.

Nae Jim Spence today ... sniff sniff...instead we have Brian McLaughlin and anither chap (with a face for the radio ;D)

Teams head out to the field of play.

I bumped into some family members from the dark side of the water earlier ---- fae Penicuik no less. The Hibees had arrived complete with my uncle Andrew (who in his youth in nineteen canteen played for Steelend Juniors. He was under the manager of a well known Pars man, Joe Nelson. My uncle had a fiery temper on field --- but arguing with his own players only saw him sent to the stand five meens after he was on the pitch!)

I`m nothing like that crew... honest.... ;D

It`s a beautiful sunny day here at East End Park. There`s a strong breeze too but it`s nice.

A fantastic bumper crowd today with the Hibs fans in the Cowden end and the NE. The Pars fans are also here in their thousands. It`s going to be a cracking atmosphere.

Good afternoon from me Buffy live at East End Park for today;s SPFL Championship between the mighty Pars and visitors from Leith. Hibs