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Thanks for reading folks - again apologies for the connection problems. Not sure if Im going to make it to Dundee United on Tuesday but will let you know.

Over n out from a very loud and very happy East End Park.

Over n oot Buffy xx

Thanks for reading folks - again apologies for the connection problems. Not sure if Im going to make it to Dundee United on Tuesday but will let you know.

Over n out from a very loud and very happy East End Park.

Over n oot Buffy xx




A nice long ball to the raith box is cleared by Mvoto, and Ive no idea why I mentioned mchattie earlier as he was subbed...sigh... and a high ball by Mvoto is out of play but a pars throw in after it hits off a black and white strip.

From the right its Higgy. Short pass to Moff and Nat, a big of tug o war and oot for another corner. Im still giggling as Nat does it again and the ref has a word with the advancing and huffy Raith players who dont like what they`re seeing.

Another pars corner. The third in a few mins.

Short to Joe, on to Nat and out for a Raith throw in.

Taken and the ball is downfield whilst Morris is fouled. Free kick Pars in their own half, by McHattie who remonstrates a little too much one thinks.

Sub for the Pars off is McMullan to a standing ovation replaced by JOE CARDLE


Sub Raith off is Skacel on is David McKay.

McMullan is down having his leg stretched by the physio. I need to hae a word and see if I can get involved in that in some way. Im just sayin!

Free kick with Higgy. Long to the box and headed behind for a PArs corner

McHattie takes, off the wall, and he is fouled allegedly by Clark as the ball is returned to him. Another free kick for Raith. Same spot, well thereabouts.

Handling to take this time.

Chipped to the head of Mvoto but blocked at the right hand post. down to Moff nicely played to McMullan he is fouled by McHattie and a free kick to Pars 35 yards out. No booking for the Raith player. No consistency;

Perkins then hoofs it downfield, a chance into the pars box is cleared by Morris, and Nat fouls Handling 25 yards out.

Penska, Ive been calling him Perska aw day.

Moff cant get to a spare, ball to a bright and dazzling Murdoch and he hoofs it down to HIggy who cant seem to keep his feet today. His cross is sclaffed, with no one to uplift it in front of goal and out for a pars throw in after a touch by Barr.

Long ball goes straight to Persken`s haunds.

McMullan crosses in and an easy save at the near post by Perska.

Martin Hardie is the guest of honour today here at EEP - hope he has his bits with him. Nice lad.

Throw in for Pars. Down to Nat from Talbot. On to Perska, long to the head of Morris. Then to Higgy long ball to Moff but Mvoto has it first and puts it out for a pars throw in deep in the Raith half.

Good crowd size although I thought Raith may have brought more fans.

Anyhoo, hello to ParInExile on his 1000000th holiday this week; Larbert Par also abroad .... and 26468 who couldnae mind her password on daftnet to let folk know about the connection problems... part timers ;D

Throw in Raith at the NW. McHattie to McMullan loses it on to Skacel. He is stopped by Moff and he is out wide on the right. In to Nt long high ball to Geggs and into the NW faithful.

Crowd 4,865

Sub for Raith off Jordan Thompson replaced by Bobby Barr.

Murdoch up the other end is halted by Skacel but his close range effort is poor and Murdoch clears the ball with a hoof downfield. Raith throw in with McHattie.

I dinnae normally lose my voice at the fitbaw but sometimes the ref is a right nonce.

Raith in our box, Skacel sclaffs and it`s over the right hand side byline.

Chris Johnston through, hit shot is blocked by Nat whilst Moff is upended and I roared as loud as I could there!

Ref has thankfully booked Craig Barr for his foul on Moff. Free kick Talbot to take, 40 yards out.

Long to Higgy over his head, down to Geggs then to Higgy out wide, short to Geggs back to Higgy skins the defenders in to the box and shot to ark whose shot is blocked then saved by a diving Perska.

Nat lovely chip to Geggs on the wing, crosses in but is blocked. Ball up field to Skacel but his shot is easily saved at the right hand side by Murdoch.

higgy crosses to Clark who hits the post, ball upfield and Nat is fouled despite getting round three Raith midfielders. Free kick Pars in their own half.

Scores elsewhere are
Morton 1 - 1 Hibs
St Mirren 1 - 1 Dumbarton

Moff came close as the ball flew over his head from a Higgy cross. Foul by Jason Thompson on McMullan in the box is ignored whilst another took place on Talbot seconds later. HE is now limping.

Foul on Higgy at the Raith box but no foul despite him rolling around on the deck. He`s up now and I`m seriously considering haunding in the cv to the bbc as Alan Davies (no` that yin!) has just asked me who is playing where....

Headed down by McHattie. Out wide to Talbot long ball to a running McMullan but too far for our wee man.

Sclaff hit by McCabe out wide, Higgy gets a yellow for trying to keep hold of the ball for the Raith throw in. Shocking and silly really considering the terrible foul on Talbot in the first half didnt merit a booking.

Free kick Raith. Headed down by Barr and out to the right hand side for a stretching save by Murdoch who then loups it downfield.

Throw in Raith deep in the pars half. McHattie to take.

Short to Jordan Thompson, on to Skacel in front of goal but a straight shot to a neon yellae clad Murdoch who clears downfield. Throw in Raith.

Short pass to Nat, forward to Moff but he is blocked. High ball into the middle and a foul means a free kick for Raith 30 yards out.

Chris Johnston to take.

Left foot cross, cleared by Ash, down to McCabe and a foul on our player as I type. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Raith trying their hardest to but their final touches are poor, compared to the first half.

Murdoch to Talbot in to Nat and over to Geggs. Stopped on the wing by McHattie. Throw in Pars at the NW.

Long ball from Perska, he`s from Slovakia in case ye didnae catch the wee chat I had with the Rovers players sitting ahind me today. They tried to pull the wool oer ma eyes by saying he was a big scoop fae Poland and had played 16 caps. Divvils.

A good chance for a second goal there but an equally good stop by Perska, swiftly followed by a cracking stop by Murdoch after Mvoto put in a long ball.

Free kick Pars after Nicky Clark is fouled 20 yards out on the left hand side.

Pars are 1 up from a penalty taken by Higgy.


The Raith keeper is from Slovakia. I had a wee word with the Raith players behind me. Nice lads. Im just sayin !

Sorry for the connection problems folks - not of my doing obviously but I can imagine it`s a pain from your view.

I`ll keep trying at this end, don`t want to let my readers down.

Off to get a wee cuppa tea. Bx




Blocked, out to Higgy, over the bar but deflected by McMullan. Corner Pars.

I understand ParsTV audio are having problems, behind me, too. The BBC cant get online either. I`ve no idea what the problem is here in the press box today. Usually quite good with the ol mobile connections. Couldnt get on to DAFC Public wifi either.

Anyhoo back to the game, McCabe to Higgy crosses in low, and a shot past the left hand post by Clark is deflected. Corner Pars.

Throw in Pars at the NW.

Oh aye and Skacel came close at the pars goal after a one two with Murdoch but our keeper came out the best man.

Throw in Raith deep in their own end.

In the intermittent losing connection Raith had a corner, cleared by a combination of Ashcroft and Nat. Then there was a free kick taken by Penska after an offside flag up from a good long run by McMullan.

Jason Thompson fires the ball out of play for a pars throw in. I think he slid on the pitch first.

Nat heads down to Clark, wide to Geggan and HIggy is fouled nearside by Mchattie but no free kick given.

Nat to Clark, McMullan long pass to a running Higgy but stopped by a sliding Chris Johnston. Spare to Geggan, down to McCabe, crosses but it flies past the right hand post. Goal kick Raith.

I must be made o sterner stuff --- twa weeks in a row i`ve no been wearing ma jaiket. Wusses aroond me in their big jumpers and padded coats.

I`ve got the summer gear oan.

Raith head to our half stopped by Talbot, down to McMullan. Fires through to MOff then to Clark tries a shot blocked by Mvoto. Off to Nat`s head, down to McCabe but turned over by McHattie. Down the far side wing to Ash and out for a Pars throw in at the nW.

Higgy fouls McHattie, free kick Raith in theier own half. I`ve got the Raith extras sitting ahind me - I better watch ma ps and qs.

Free kick Pars after a foul on McCabe. He takes the free kick, too long for Geggan though on the nearside of the pitch. Out for a throw in for Raith. McHattie to take.

Short to Johnston, and a block by Clark. Throw in Pars. McCabe to take, long ball to Higgy, back to McCabe but he wasnt ready for it and its out of play.

Raith down our end, cleared shot by Morris, played to Jordan Thompson, long ball from McCabe, and the spare to Penska.

Morris heads down the long ball from the turquoise clad raith keeper. Free kick after Geggan is fouled. Geggan to take, from just inside the raith half.
Long to Higgy heads down and it`s over the byline. Goal kick Penska.

Foul by McMullan. Free kick by Penska just outside his box. SHort to Mvoto, stopped by Moff on the byline but just out as he crossed to a running Clark into the raith box.

McMullan through to Moff. Out for a pars throw in at the empty NE.

Talbot to Moff on to Clark, back to McMullan and Geggs is shouting for it but doesnt get the pass. Away to Nat on the halfway line, then to Moff short to Higgy with Geggs running the line. Cleared from danger by Mvoto.

Long spare ball from McHattie on to Murdoch.

Handling to take.

Right footed cross to the pars box from the free kick, cleared by Ashcroft. Up field to the raith half and out for a pars throw in.

Geggan to Higgy, short to Geggan then back to higgy. Cant get through to McCabe, over to McMullan on his own on the right hand side. His cross to a waiting Higgy is poor but comes back to McMullan. Higgy curls a cross but it`s headed away by Handling.

Front of the NW and the away end are bathed in sunshine, while the rest of us are in the wind tunnel that is the main stand and the Norrie.

Free kick Raith, on the halfway line.

Nice head down from Higgy from the pass from Geggan. Played out wide to Raith as they head to our half. Stopped by morris and on to the feet of Handling. Throw in Pars with Talbot to take, at the NW.

Throw in from Talbot, taken off him but on to McMullan on a good run, passes towards Moff but he is blocked by mvoto. An offside flag up for Jordan Thompson as he gets to the pars 18 yard line.

Throw in Raith as the atmosphere turns sour here at East End Park. The Raith fans are singing their hearts out but the boos from the Pars fans are drowning them out.

Throw in taken.

Over to M`Voto, down to Skacel snd he slides as the ball crosses inches in front of him at the pars box.

Talbot up and back on the field. Boos from the home fans for Jason Thompson not receiving a card for the foul which left Talbot knocked out for a few seconds.

Talbot fouled on the far side byline by Jason Thompson- Talbot down needing treatment.

Good run from Higgy, crossed in, blocked, back out again to our number 20 but he sclaffed his final touch. Goal kick Raith.

Higgy up in the raith box, fired a shot across the front of goal not picked up by Moffat.

Raith downfield with Hardie stopped in his tracks by Ashcroft. Brilliant play as Hardie was on his own and heading for a goal.

It`s currently nil nil here at a sunny East End Park.

Rovers have had one chance on goal but the pars have had several attempts.

Having connection problems in the pb today. sorry for the delay

Good afternoon from a very sunny and breezy East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Dunfermline Athletic and Raith Rovers.