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Geggan throw in. Long to Paton and the full time whistle goes.



Thanks for reading folks - a fabby result!

Enjoy the rest of your easter weekend . Over n oot Buffy xx

Geggs came close but it went wide to Martin at the left hand side.

Nat to Geggan and the spare goes long.

Paton to Nat, lovely play and a cheeky wee smile from Geggs plus a pat on the back for him too LOL

A somersault over the Sons keeper by Higgy sees him walk away from it unscathed.

Ref ignored it. Obvious foul on our player.

He is ok - hard as nails is oor Nat.

Free kick Dumbarton on the halfway line. Harvie to Morris, then to McMullan on the away byline. McCabe to Higgy but lost to Barr, up to Nuttall from Stirling and out for a Sons throw in.

Ball swung in by Barr, away by Geggan down to Harvie only.

Long ball punched out by Murdoch.

higgy on a run. Back to Geggs to Morris. Oyt to McMllan then to paton, short to Higgy and on to Geggs. Pars players getting cheered for every ball. Paton to Geggs then to Nat. Foul on Nat. Terrible tackle.

Nat heads down a high ball. Down to Harvie, then to Buchanan. Over to McCrorie. Nuttall takes a spare,m then to nade but cleared by Morris. Hoppy cant catch the spare.

They like to leave it late eh? Jings

nae wonder ive nae nails left lol

Paton long ball from Murdoch. Paton to Geggan in the box, fights for it. Out for a Sons throw in. Down to Nat, then to Hoppy but out for a goal kick.

Flipping superb!

A mass exodus of Dumbarton fans to my right hand side.



A pile up with slippy feet by Geggs and Higgy.


Long ball to a running Hoppy into the Sons box but Martin comes off his line to save easily. Long ball out wide. Throw in Dumbarton.

Falkirk 2 - 2 St Mirren

Paton wins a good ball on to Geggan. Through to Geggs, then to Jason Talbot into the box but loses it on the 18 yard line.

Nuttall only a few seconds on tried a shot on goal for dumbarton but it went high over the bar .

Foul on Paton by Thomson.Free kick Pars. Murdoch to take.

The Pars fans in their element!

Cracking low ball in from Rhys for a great goal.

So chuffed for him!

Sub for Pars off Moff on is Paton
Sub for Dumbarton off is Carswell on is Nuttall


From the right its Higgy.

Crossed in, cleared off the line, to the midfield and Carswell to Thomson with the delivery to the pars box and headed behind for a corner by Morris.

Inswinging cross, cleared down to Higgy, back to Thomson and a good ball over the box is headed clear by Morris again. Out to Nade, Higgy stops the long pass and down to Geggs. Lng ball to Hoppy ovedr to MNoff. Chips it to Higgyc hests it down crosses it and Rhys scores


Long to the head of Thomson. Out for a Sons throw in.

harvie takes, again from nowhere near where it went out.

Long to the box, Stanton cant get to it. Geggan clears down the wing and a cross is nowhere near any danger. Martin returns it to the pars hlf.

Nade misses a pass and its off to Hoppy crosses in and cleared by Buchanan in the box. Back to Hoppy and out for a pars corner.

Nade headers behind the long ball from Martin. Down to Hoppy and an offside flag up. Free kick Dumbarton with Martin to take,

Hibs 3 - 0 QoS

Stirling shot on goal saved well by a diving Murdoch.

Down to Hoppy and a foul by Buchanan means a free kick for the pars 20 yards out.

Rhys to take.

Two man wall.

Low in past the wall and missed by the pars frontmen. Geggan crosses in a spare, blocked, longball to Higgy but he cant keep his feet and its behind for a goal kick.

Higgy take free kick.

Low in cleared to Buchanan, down to Moff backheels it to keep it in but it creeps over the byline with the still strong wind.

Sub Dumbarton off Vaughan being replaced by Nade

Higgy to Moff, cant get through and a chance for an own goal with McCrorie putting in a loose pass to Martin. Hoofed to the halfway line.

Higgy fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out,

Martin long to Ash, down to Hoppy who goes head over heels. Talbot heads down, Dumbarton forward to Smith then to Stirling out to Geggs and the pars fire forward to the dumbarton half.

Out to Moff, then Hoppy chips it to no one and cleared by the sons front men.

Sub for Pars off is Reilly on is Hoppy

Geggan to McMullan loses it to Harvie but a good stop by Morris. Chips to McMullan but his shot is past the left hand post.

Looking at the other scores, i just want to get back oan the bus!

Long to Higgy, out for a pars throw in. Geggan to Higgy then to Moffat and out for another throw in.

Harvie to take.

Over the bar.

Free kick Dumbarton on the halfway line.

Play stopped by ref as the Sons player has blood on his sleeve - he doesnt see a problem but the ref held things up there. Same player taking the blooming free kick. Goes to the pars box, cleared by Ash. Down to Moff, high ball bounces and on to Talbot. Loses it to Vaughan, Reilly deemed to have fouled on the 18 yard line. Free kick Dumbarton.

Rovers 2 - 0 Morton
Falkirk 1 - 2 St Mirren

Martin to his midfield. Moff to McMullan chips to Talbot who slides and its cleared from danger by Barr.

Rhys to Nat, then to Morris on his own. Gives it to Murdoch to make sure. He hoofs it to Higgy but he cant keep it in.

Vaughan back on.

Taken quickly, and Higgys cross is way past the left hand post.

It`s Vaughan down and limps off.
Talbot is fouled, free kick Pars on the halfway line.

McMullan crosses to Moff ahead of him and its behind for another pars corner.

Morris fouls despite being nowhere near Robert Thomson. Free kick Dumbarton, Harvie takes, Murdoch on the deck along with three Dumbarton players. Cleared eventually and a Sons player is down on the far side.

Sorry lost connection there. Nothing to speak of. :-(

Harvie throw in. Long to Thomson and out for another. Harvie to Geggs bounces in front of him, the ref being inconsistent with his throw ins today - Dumbarton taking them from everywhere except the place it went out and Pars being tracked back each time.

Hibs 3 - 0 QoS

Martin clears, down to Morris returns it and off to Moff. Martin comes off his line and saves.

Martin to the centre circle bouncing over Nat. Out to Higgy for a pars throw in. Geggan to Moff back to Geggs now to Morris long ball towards McMullan but too short. Carswlel loses it to McMullan in the box shoots and its behind the goal for a goal kick - lol - we all thought it was in and the Sons fans are cheering because we were wrong!

The sun is trying to come back out but there are dark grey clouds and rain over the hills in the distance.

Geggs throw in. Long to Reilly away to Moff and out wide for Mcmullan and out for a pars throw in. Rhys to take.

Headed bckwards by Morris, and Higgy tries a shot but no where near and over the bar from 20 yards out.

Higgy from the left, into the box for Geggs but heads it over the bar.

Martin to Talbot, Nat to Talbot, now to Rhys but he pings it past the left hand post. Corner Pars.

Murdoch takes out to Geggan. Crosses to the head of Vaughan, Moff cant get the spare but Talbot gets it down to the box and it flies past the left hand post.

McCrorie to Morris, clears down the wing. Out for another Sons throw in this time deeper in the pars half.

Harvie to Smith, on to Murdoch who hoofs it to to the centre circle and straight to the sons midfield. Stirling to Talbot, in to Higgy but away to Carswell who is offside.

I mean Barr not Smith put it past. I lost ma teamsheet - flying oot ma haund!

Sons throw in. McCrorie to Higgy out for another.

martin to Harvie and out for a Sons throw in. Harvie to Morris, behind to Smith, right hand side, crosses to SMith in front of goal and just past the right hand post.

Im hoping to keep ma haunds in ma pockets this half... brrrrr

We kick off with Reilly and Rhys.

Teams back out for the second half.

Pars will have that wind behind them now so lets see if it comes in handy.


HIBS 2 - 0 QOS

From the right. FLag blowing very strongly.

Curls to Nat and the halftime whislte goes.



Cleared from the box, shot taken and past the left hand post. Corner Dumbarton.

From the left its curled in Murdoch got a hand to it then cleared by Nat. DOwn to Higgy through to Ryhs and his shot on goal is poor with Martin coming off his line.
Corner Pars with Higgy to take

Murdoch to Nat`s head. Down to Morris from Vaughan. Out for a Sons throw in after the ball bounces in to the stand.

In to Higgy nice backheel to Nat, on to Moff out wide to Geggs. nice play. Slides as he crosses it in cleared by Smith. Geggan out wide, long ball to Stanton, out to Higgy crosses low in and saved by Martin.

Down to Harvie, Nat fouls and a free kick to Dumbarton 25 yards out.

Smith long ball to the pars half. Offside flag up for Vaughan. Murdoch to take the free kick.

My hands are absolutely freezing.

Reilly comes close with a one on one with Martin but the Sons keeper is there first.

Long ball to Talbot past Ash and on to Murdoch.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed coss, curls in and Morris cant get to it. Tight play away to Stanton and downfield to Murdoch ahead of Vaughan.

Up to Reilly, then to Geggan croses to Moff just ahead of him is Harvie and out for a pars corner.

higgy takes and a cracking shot by McMullan on the 18 yard line is saved well by Martin.

Rhys long to Harvie. Down to Talbot tipped to Higgy on to McMullan does well on to Nat then to Talbot who wins a pars corner.

geggs to Higgy touches to Moff, turns gives to Nat. Up to McMullan but a lack of concentration sees the ball travel down to Morris at the centre circle. Up to Moff back heel to Higgy and McMullan tries a chance at the left hand post and rebounds out for a Pars throw in. Rhys to take.

Ok it`s a wee bit farther back say 22 yards lol.

Higgy to take.

Curls it high but wind catches it, Morris headers but its down to McCabe, Geggan rattles it off of McCrorie and out for a pars throw in at the dug outs.

Geggan to Buchanan. In to Nat over to Talbot on his own.

Up to McMullan past a hapless Smith. Over to Geggan on the far wing.

Martin to Morris, down to McMullan then to Higgy who is fouled by Buchanan. Free kick Pars 18 yards out.

Brought back by the ref for some reason. Murdoch to Ash, then to Talbot who slides as he passes it inside. Geggs to Moff but he`s nowhere near and Dumbarton fire to our end. No idea why Morris was yellow carded. Throw in Sons. Deep to the pars box. Talbot up the wing, Reilly takes it from him and on to Rhys who fires it past the right hand post.

Another windy clearance by Murdoch. Back to his safe hands via Ash.

Out wide this time to Talbot, Moff cant pick up the spre, and a free kick after McCabe is fouled.Taken far too quickly and goes nowhere.

Free kick Dumbarton in heir hald. Ball off the post after a Buchanan came close then fell to the feet of Vaughan who couldnt get it past a diving Murdoch at the left hand post.

Poor clearance by our keeper in to the wind, sees Vaughan try again. This time it`s wide of the right hand post.

Raith Rovers 1 - 0 Morton
Falkirk 1 - 1 St Mirren

McCrorie to Geggan and a shot by Smith is wide of the left hand post.

High ball down to Higgy, Ash at the post, blocked in the box, down to Morris but he cant get it forward. Out wide for a Sons throw in.

Martin to the head of Barr. Talbot wins a throw in despite it coming off a Sons player. Nae wonder their fans arent happy.

Pars corner after Geggan pinged it off of McCrorie.

Higgy from the left, cleared at the near post.

A throw in sorry.

Rhys with the long throws - to the box headed down by Reilly. Cleared downfield to Morris does well and clears down the wing. McMullan gets it to Moff then to Geggs on the wing. Great play.

In to Higgy then MOff to the box and its a smidgeon past the right hand post. Another cracking shot.

Higgy to take.

High ball in over to Ash, keeps it in and wins a pars corner.

Martin takes, down to David SMith. McMullan wins it back then cleared up the wing by Talbot but out of play.

Throw in for the Sons.

Smith to Vaughan then to Reilly now to Higgy and out wide to Geggs. Great play. HIggy is fouled. Free kick Pars, 35 yards out.

Talbot to the head of Smith. In to Dumbarton no22 whose shot is saved at the feet of Murdoch.

L:ong to Moff, hand ball and a free kick to Dumbarton in their own half.

Reilly to Carswell. In to Vuaghan and out wide. Touched to Buchanan then to McCrorie but his pass back to Vaughan is poor and out for a pars throw in.

Left hand side again, Higgy, swung in to Morris, out to McMullan keeps it in, crosses in and bounces on to Martin. He clears it long and its wasted with the wind behind it and on to Murdoch.

Higgy again from the left. Right footed cross, low in, goes in very low by Morris and out for another pars corner. Ive lost count lol

The pars fans in good voice today.

From the left Higgy right footed cross headed in by Morris and just tipped over the bar by Martin. Corner Pars.

From the left its Higgy, headed dwn to Morris, back by Buchanan and out for another pars corner.

Murdoch to Reilly a great run down the wing. corner pars.

from the left its higgy cleared at the near post by Carswell. MCCabe brings it back in, out by Lee crosses in and wins another corner for the pars.

Goal kick by Martin. Long ball to the head of Ash, down to Vaughan. THrow in Dumbarton. Cardwell to Vaughan past Rhys and a shot on goal by Stanton just curls past the right hand post. A screamer of a shot.

Rhys long ball to Moff, ahead of him is McCrorie, away to Reilly and Nat brings it down on the deck.

Talbot to Reily, crosses in and over the bar by Rhys from 20 yards out. Cracking shot.

Smith to Vaughan, away to Nat then to Reilly back to Nat and long ball to higgy wide to Geggs. Across to Rhys, up to Higgy and a pars throw in deep in the sons half.

Boos from the home fans convinced Murdoch got a hand to it. Out wide for David Smith. THrow in Dumbarton deep in the pars half.

Talbot to McMullan. High ball caught by the wind over to Geggs and on to Murdoch. Short to Ash, then to Stanton. over to Vaughan crosses and over the bar and on to the top of the net. Sean Murdoch looks a bit knocked out but just a blow from the top of the net it looks.

Falkirk 0-1 St Mirren
Hibs 1-0 QoS

Smith with the throw in.

Over Talbot and on to Vaughan whose shot is a smidgeon over the bar.

Off to Murdoch to clear.

Rhys down after a head knock with Thomson. Looks ok and is back on his feet. Ref doing a drop ball and Thomson gives it to Murdoch.

Long to Talbot. Rebounded out for a Dumbarton throw in.

Murdoch high ball but not going far. Ash to Nat headed down by McMullan. David SMith through but his cross is away by the wind and the pars have it upfield. Out to Higgy but tracked back to Morris. Foiled by Barr, down on the deck to Stirling then forward to Vaughan who cant quite keep it in.

Murdoch to Higgy on the wing. Ash gets it back to Murdoch. Long to the feet of Carswell. Down to Rhys, up to McMulan and Nat then Rhys. Everyone getting a shot at heading the ball. Shot on goal by Stanton sees it past the right hand post.

Sam Stanton takes and it curls wide of the right hand post.

From the right side this time, curled low, cleared by Moff, down to Rhys and he clears it long. Back to Talbot but out for a Dumbarton throw in.

Smith to Nat but a foul by Rhys. Free kick Dumbarton 30 yards out.

Martin, again.

Long ball to the head of Ash and a nice touch by Stirling sees a corner, taken quickly by Dumbarton, crossed again headed by Morris and out for another home side corner.

Bedecked in neon yellow Martin clears to the head of Ash who puts it behind to Murdoch. Long to a running MOff but too far.

Lee brings it down, rebounds off Carswell, though to Stanton. Down to Moff, heads to Higgy out wide to GEggan. In to Moff, out to Huggy back to Geggan crosses in and a good save at the near post by Martin.

Long spare ball throuhg to the Dumbarton defence, forward to Talbot and cleared inside to Moff. Away to Rhys, out to Higgy on the wing and missed and on to Buchanan. Rhys again this time thrtough to Mcmullan chips to the head of MCCrorie and downfield it goes.

Talbot to Moff, on to Reilly and out for another pars throw in.

Talbot to Reilly but just too short. Over to Nat on to Carswell and Vaughan. Back to Barr and on to Martin.

Put wide to McCrorie and Higgy does well to get the spare to Murdoch.

Murdoch hoofs it to the head of Moff, down to Ash and upwards to Higgy. Rhys through to Nat and its out for a pars throw in. Talbot to Moff, missed and into the feet of Carswell. Nat stops it but straight to Vaughan. Down the wing to a clearance by Murdoch, short to Vaughan but Rhys gets in between. Throw in Pars.

Vaughan to take.

Helped by the wind it soars over the bar.

Long ball from Martin on to Murdoch. He returns it but the wind is being a pain. Stopping it short. Down to Geggan and a free kick for Dumbarton in the attacking half. Vaughan is fouled. Free kick 35 yards out.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, short to McMullan and crossed to the box and a good diving save at the left hand post by Martin.

Higgy to take.

Wind is in the pars players faces. Goes high and off the wall. Played long behind to Talbot and on to Murdoch.

High ball headed down in the centre cirlce by McRorie forward by nat and tapped to McMullan back to Nat and the pars have their first corner.

Played inside to Carswell and long to Talbot. Headed down to Moffat and taken down. Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

Both teams enter the field of play. Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks.
Dumbarton in an all white ensemble.

Pars playing from right to left, having lost the toss. Dumbarton kick off this half.


And just as I start to get comfy in comes Martin Hardie!

Just to reiterate Clark is not playing, he is not on the team sheet, he is injured. He is in attendance at the match however.

I hope everyone clocked that photae of Joe with his wee girl on Facebook - an absolute cracker! Unicorn mad. LOL!

No sign of Nicky Clark today - we heard he hadn`t tidied his room and fell oot wi his dad


We came through a lot of warm sunshine, on the bus, and even joked about having a wee paddle in the Clyde when we arrived. By eck it`s no` the same climate here in the stadium though - yikes! I wish I had ma vest oan!

Good afternoon from a very cold and blustery West Ayrshire for today`s SPFL fixture between Dumbarton and Dunfermline Athletic.