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Thanks for reading folks, sorry the scoreline isn\`t what we hoped for but it was still a cracking game.

Man of the Match is Andy Geggan.

See you next week for the home fixture v Morton.

Over n oot Buffy xx

Nat to Hoppy chases the Falkirk defence. A good chance on goal, and saved well at the left hand post, by Geggan.




Craigen to take, from the right hand side. Falkirk fans singing their team`s praises.

Corner taken, short but goes nowhere. Hutton to take free kick.

Higgy heads down to McCabe. Goes to Ash, long ball to a running Hoppy then its McMullan who chases the spare.

On to Thomson for a goal kick.

Throw in Falkirk. McKee cant keep it in. Pars throw in. Taken and another whistle by the (person) in the black. No idea why this time.

Ash cant stop Austin and its out for a Falkirk corner despite a good attempt by Hutton to keep the ball in.

Long ball to Talbot, in to Sibbald ahead of Higgy. Over to Geggan and a throw in for the Pars at the NE.

Long ball down the wing, and another throw in. Geggan to Clark but nowhere near. Clock ticking down.

Nat takes out Austin, but no action from ref.

Mass exodus of Pars fans.

Thomson long ball to Austin, down to Baird, then to McKee. Craigen to Sibbald stopped by Talbot, long ball to McMullan down to Hoppy who dives looking for a free kick and is rightly yellow carded for his action.

Geggan crosses to the box, no one picks up but out for a pars throw in. McCabe to Higgy lionbg ball to Geggan head down to Clark in the box, chips to Hippy tries a shot blocked and its down to Ash. Higgy to McCabe on his own, crosses in and headed away by Leahy. Higgy dives looking for a free kick and ref gives it to Thomson to take.

Clearance by the pink keeper, down to Austin then to Nat. Long ball to Talbot then McMullan. Nice pass from McCabe to Geggan on the left hand wing. His pass to McCabe who came inside is poor and Falkirk get it away. Up to Nat, then on to Hutton. High ball to Geggan heads down, out by McKee for a Pars throw in.

Higgy takes the spare from McKee. Foul on Clark but nothing given by ref. A clear block from where we`re sitting. Anyhoo, play on and its out wide for a pars throw in at the NW.

McCabe to the head of Leahy. Down to Austin in to Nat, out to McCabe then to Geggs long ball to Clark but falls short. Spare goes to Thomson with Clark chasing.

Some Pars fans have already gone.... if this scoreline changes then I suspect more will follow.

A push in the box and ref stops play.

Falkirk sub off is Taiwo on is McKee

Long ball to Talbot ahead of Austin. Higgy loses it to Muirhead, then Nat puts it out off Austin for a Pars throw in. Talbot to Craigen, Hippo gets the ball off of Geggan and a corner for Falkirk.

Talbot to Higgy. Free kick Pars with an offside flag for Falkirk. Down to McMullan but away to McCabe then to Nat ahead of Ash who is fouled. Free kick Pars with Hutton to take and a word from the ref to Ash, no idea why. He was the person who was fouled for goodness sake. Free kick taken.

Long to Clark in the box from McMullan. Goes over his head and Talbot cant keep his feet. Free kick in Falkirk half for the visitors after McMullan fouls.

Hutton to Higgy, heads down after a good jump. Out for a Pars throw in at the NE.

Geggan to McCabe back to Geggs long ball to Thomson only.

Gasparotto heads down the long ball, Talbot gets a touch but runs off him for a Falkirk throw in.

Muirhead to Nat and on to Hutton, clears to Geggan, and he is fouled in the process. Free kick Pars in our own half. Hutton to take.

Ref having a word with Thomson as he wastes time. Goes from one side of the goal to the other to take the goal kick.

Headed down by Talbot ahead of Austin, then to Higgy and a free kick after an offside flag is raised.

Thomson takes, down to Austin and on to Hutton.

From the left its Higgy, cleared and a goal kick to Falkirk.

McCabe to take.

Dundee United 2-0 St Mirren

Taken, blocked and headed out for a Pars corner.

McCabe again, long high all then to McMullan sclaffed shot, down to Hoppy, who is then fouled and a free kick to the pars 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Fromn the left its Higgy and a shot on target by McCabe, blocked, out for a Pars throw in.

Hutton with the free kick.

Down to Higgy, takes it to the Main Stand corner and wins a pars throw in.

McCabe to take, blocked in the box and out for a pars corner.

He punts it high, down to Craigen, a losse pass to Nat and an offside flag up for Austin as he tries to get past our big lad.

Out wide for Hippo. Up the wing he goes, and a good save at the near post by Hutton.

A cracking shot. We thought it was in as it landed on top of the net.

McCabe long to the Falkirk box and headed just a smidgeon over the bar from Geggan.

Nathan Austin puts the second goal for Falkirk into the net from close range.

Free kick Pars down the other end. McCabe to take from 30 yards out.

Muirhead through to Hippo in the box, a clear handball from us here, but nothing given by the ref. There`s no many fans liking him and another goal for Falkirk.


A good healthy crowd today - 5,076

Falkirk player back up.

Long ball forward by Morris down to a running Clark but just ahead of Leahy who heads it to Thomson.

An interesting game for a neutral or greeting like me in the PB!

Falkirk player on the deck, and ref stops play.

Falkirk sub off Miller replaced by Nathan Austin

Throw in taken, way down the byline and Pars fans enraged by the ref not taking the decision to take it back. Inconsistency considering what he did to our players in the first half.

A couple of Pars fans were ejected earlier by stewards after the penalty decision. No one was over the wall when the handbags moment took place but clearly were involved.

Hutton saves an easy chance from Baird as it flies past our defence.

TBF he wasn`t looking for one either.

Falkirk on fire as they head to our half. Sibbald to Muirhead, blocked by McMullan. Long ball to Clark who is deemed offside. Free kick Falkirk in their own half.

Long to Baird, heads down, into the middle for McCabe he cant quite get there but its out wide for McMullan and a Pars throw in deep in the Falkirk half. Geggan is fouled. Free kick Pars with McCabe to take.

Ref having a word with Sibbald - as well as the Pars fans - as he looks too close to the free kick. Free kick taken, its down to McMullan over to Geggan in the middle gets past Sibbald fown to Clark then Higgy and Hoppy in the box and tumbles over but no penalty.

Hutton with the free kick.

Long to the head of Muirhead, on to Ash then to Hutton.

The Falkirk fans in loud singing voice. Pars fans need to up their game and push on our players who are clearly deflated after the sending off. Free kick for an offside flag, taken by Hutton.

Long ball upfield. Talbot returns it. Clark picks it up and a dive by Muirhead sees another Falkirk free kick. They`re falling like flies and taking advantage at every opportunity. Free kick taken, and a push on our player means a halt to Falkirk`s fire.

Free kick Falkirk, 20 yards out, taken by Hippo and a chance for a second goal as Hutton punches the ball clear but it goes out for a Falkirk corner.

Taken, goes short, headed down in the box by Gasparotto and cleared down to the halfway line. Hoppy chases the spare but it`s on to Thomson.




Free kick Falkirk, taken from just inside their half. Linesman gives throw in to Falkirk despite it coming off Baird last, throw in taken and an easy save for Hutton.

FTR Murdoch was yellow carded for the alleged foul leading to the penalty.



Pars fans are absolutely livid - and boos continue since the penalty decision.

HANDBAGS on the NW BYLINE - fans as well as players involved

Morris also off replaced by Lewis Martin

A blatant dive by Baird with no touch by Murdoch whatsoever.

MURDOCH is being subbed - on comes DAVID HUTTON

Home fans are on their feet booing and to us it was a blatant dive by Muirhead.

GOAL for Falkirk



Throw in Falkirk deep in the Pars half.

Muirhead to Grant in the box, Hippi just misses but a PENALTY TO FALKIRK

Throw in taken. Falkirk press forward. Craigen to Taiwo crosses in to the pars box but a good save for Murdoch as he comes off his line.

Throw in Falkirk at the NW. Long spare to a running Hoppy but Thomson just ahead of him to clear. Out wide for a pars throw in at the NW.

Falkirk sub off Kerr on Hippolyte

Muirhead takes, push in the Pars box and the ref stops play. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Thomson hoofs it to the halfway line and comes back to him. This time its headed down by Talbot, Nat fouls Baird and a free kick for Falkirk on the HW line.

Second half kicks off. Falkirk put it wide, throw in taken as I tuck into my treat.

Craigen plays it long and Falkirk have a throw in at the NW.

Leahy to Sibbald. Fouled and a free kick for the visitors. Their fans are singing them on as the free kick is taken. It reverberates off the wall, and its down to McMullan long ball to Clark out to Hoppy takes it out wide, crosses to Clark but he is blocked at the left hand post. Comes back in, then to McCabe short to Talbot in to Higgy and his shot is far of the left hand post.

Both teams heading out for the second half.

Pars facing the Norrie this half and Falkirk to kick off.

Ty to Donald Adamson for another tasty half time treat - handed to Spencey then to Tam then to me. LOL

That`s the 80s coming back to me right there.... bliss. Becky will love this too!

Coming back to JUMP by Van Halen on the tannoy - MAGIC!




45 mins come and gone by my clock. Higgy crosses to the Falkirk box, cleared by Muirhead, a long ball by Sibbald and on to Murdoch.

Talbot returns the long ball, all the way back to Murdoch who hoofs it to the middle.

Sibbald tries a shot from 30 yards out, but it`s straight at Murdoch.

Long ball to Hoppy, clearly held but no foul given. Up to Ash, out wide for a Falkirk throw in as the clock ticks down to half time.

McCabe to Baird , out wide to Geggan blocked pass to McMullan in the Falkirk box. McCabe heads down a spare and out for a Pars throw in.

Long ball to the head of Craigen. He is having none of it but it`s a free kick for the Pars in front of the NW. Murdoch to take. Ref having a word with Craigen for his blethering. Ref decides on a drop ball and Talbot gives it to Thomson.

Morris heads down the long ball and fouled in the process. I can see Geggan being replaced at half time.

Free kick taken by Geggan. Ref having a mare with that whistle and calling players back to the right position. I lknow where I`d like to put his whistle.

Chance for McMullan but he skies the ball over the bar.

He is up thankfully but looks more winded than anything else. Physio keeping an eye on him.

Free kick Pars, with Higgy to take, from 45 yards out.

Geggan still not looking good.

Long ball to Morris who blocks Grant at the left hand post. Goal kick Falkirk.

Disgraceful foul on Geggan has him curled in a ball on the pitch. Ref having a word with both Kerr and Baird and it`s a yellow for Baird. Geggan looks in pain as the physio is on field.

Long ball to the halfwayu line. Touched by the toes of Morris. In to Geggan then McCabe and a nice long pass to McMullan, he plays it short to Higgy who puts it over the bar from the 18 yard line.

Long ball down the right hand wing. Pars throw in. Talbot to Higgy, over to Geggan egde of 18 yard box, In to McMullan but he is blocked and the ball is away past the left hand post. Goal kick Falkirk.

The NW faithful are dancing their tootsies off.

Re-start and a pars throw in. Geggan to Clark, Grant cant keep it and its down to Hoppy who is blocked at the Falkirk 18 yard line. No foul says ref as the ball is played away. Down to Hoppy again in the middle this time, then to Nat, now to McCabe and a lovely pass to Hoppy but an offside flag up nearside. Free kick Falkirk by Thomson.

Atmosphere picks up again - electric so it is!

Fantastic goal into the bottom right hand corner.

Falkirk fans behind the goal .... no happy.



Geggan puts in a poor pass to Higgy as the pars look deflated.

Throw in Falkirk with Baird. Headed down by Geggan, over to Hoppy on to Higgy and then to CLAKR WHO SCORES FROM INSIDE THE BOX


Geggs to the head of Ash, blocked, out wide to Mcmullan loses it again to Taiwo and over to a running Clark but he cant get there in time before Muirhead punts it long to the pars half.

McCabe picks up the spare, now to Clark, on the wing in to Hoppy but loses it to Falkirk defence. Down to Morris foward to McMullan in to Clark but again he loses it.

Geggan to Clark back to Geggs who was fouled by the high feet of Sibbald. Free kick Pars in their own half. No card for Sibbald. Disgraceful.

Higgy bothering Sibbald a few times now.

Grant to take free kick.

Long curling ball to the left hand side. Out for a Pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to Hoppy, short to Mcmullan but missed. Up to Ash headed down but out wide to Kerr. He loses the ball to Nat, then to Ash then to Talbot who clears downfield. Returned by Kerr who goes down holding his ankle but no foul says ref.

Out wide for a pars throw in.

Long ball to the feet of Clark, held by Grant. Foul on Sibbald again. Free kick Falkirk on the halfway line.

Grant to take.

Ref having a word with AJ remonstrating at the dug out. Free kick taken, long to the left hand side, comes in to Kerr and an offside flag. Free kick Pars by Murdoch.

From the left it`s Higgy, high ball curled in to the box, cleared by Kerr, down to the halfway line, and on to McCabe. He returns it long to the falkirk half, headed down by Higgy falls ahead of McMullan again not looking and out wide to Muirhead. Sibbald is fouled by McCabe. Free kick Falkirk in their own half.

The wind has picked up a bit as I see the corner flag blowing about. The ref sees a push in the box and the corner is to be taken again.

Craigen to take, from the right.

Low ball in cleared at the near post by Morris, comes back in and is cleared in front of goal by Ash and now to McMullan. Easily stopped by Sibbald, but then Morris has another try. HEclears it to McMullan in the Falkirk box, his mind not on the matter in hand and it`s out for a Pars corner.

Nat to Talbot then to McCabe over to Geggan. His pass is straigh to Muirhead, out for a Falkirk throw in.

Leahy to Morris heads down. Higgy fouled but no action from ref.

First corner of the match to Falkirk.

Baird to the pars box and a five from Kerr sees nothing from the ref, Falkirk pressing but big Nat has it to Hoppy, takes it inside and picked up by Clark. Out wide to Higgy then to Hoppy in the Falkirk box. Now to Higgy crosses in and cleared by Sibbald. Geggan has a shot on goal but blocked on the 18 yard line, Goes all the way back to Murdoch.

Murdoch long to the half2way line. Morris clears from the pars box at the left hand corner. Falkirk throw in.

Long ball from Baird, cleared out again for another TI.

Geggan yellow carded for fouling Baird near the byline at the NW. Free kick Falkirk, 20 yards out.

Long ball headed down and past the right hand post by Miller.

Doon to the halfway line, nice pass to Hoppy and a chance for Clark from close range, reverberates off of Baird then to McMullan but it`s gone downfield. What a chance to open the scoring!

Murdoch to Talbot. Long ball to a running Clark but it bends out of play. Falkirk throw in in their own half.

Baird to Wedderburn, bounces in front of Sibbald and Geggan picks it up. Throw in Falkirk.

Leahy to Sibbald heads it backwards but only to Murdoch.

Taiwo to Muirhead. Crosses in to the pars box, cleared by Morris. Down to Muirhead and back to Morris then to McCabe. Cross to the box by Kerr and in to the hands of Murdoch.

Throw in Falkirk at the NE.

Down to Talbot, headed on to Baird, in to Grant then to Higgy but he is tackled well, Geggs gets it away to Clark but McMullan couldn`t keep hold of it after the short pass.

Taiwo punts it long to Geggan, tthen Higgy to Clark but he cant get near it.

Back to Murdoch for a goal kick.

Long ball brought down by Higgy. In to McMullan short to Hoppy by Nat but it`s lost and Falkirk run to our half.

Craigen through to Kerr, blocked by Morris and down to Higgy. Great run on the left wing, takes it in side to Hoppy to the falkirk box but his shot on goal is soft and easily saved.

Nice play. Higgy to Hoppy but his pass to McMullan was too short and Falkirk have it forward to our half.

Leahy crosses to the pars box, cleared by the head of Ash and down to the halfway line for Muirhead.

A spare on to Murdoch who hoofs it to the head of Gasparotto (is that no a Spanish soup?)

Higgy fouled by Grant. Free kick Pars in our own half.

Geggan to take.

Long ball towards Clark, blocked but back to Geggs. Returned by Muirhead. Down to Higgy, over to Ash on the halfway line and out wide to Tlabot.

Returned to the pars half to Morris and on to Murdoch.

Dundee United 1 - 0 St Mirren

Long pass from Grant to Kerr running up the far wing. In to the middle for Taiwo, out to Muirhead and a long ball stopped by Morris. Pass to McMullan, crosses to Clark who`s headed shot is saved by a diving Thomson at the right hand post.

Long ball to Higgy heads down, on to Muirhead then to Thomson in goal.

Long ball to Morris but over his head to Murdoch. There`s a slight breeze but not enough to make the corner flags move.

Higgy heads down Murdoch`s ball. McCabe to Clark then out for a pars throw in. Geggan to Clark, blocked, headed away by Leahy and apologies for saying Reilly earlier as I see he is on the bench lol.

Ash clears from the near post, punted long to a running Hoppy but on to Thomson. He returns the ball to Talbot who keeps it til it`s over the byline at the NW. Talbot to Ash, offside flag up for Taiwo, free kick Pars. Murdoch to take.

Long high ball to Higgy who slides and it`s a Falkirk throw in in in their own half.

Muirhead to Taiwo and on to Leahy. Talbot defends on the 18 yard line, and out for a throw in to the Bairns.

Long to the pars box, headed down at the near post by Morris and cleared down to Hoppy. He is blocked, it returns to the pars box, and headed into the hands of Murdoch by Grant. Free kick Pars after Higgy is fouled. Murdoch to take.

I`ve got the BBC dream team next to me - Jim Spence and Tam McManus.

Sibbald takes the ball off of McMullan but Geggan headers the ball to the safe hands of Murdoch.

A long spare ball goes all the way to the Falkirk box and out for a Pars throw in.

Geggan to Higgy, in to Reilly who goes over in the box, down to Wederburn and up to Morris who gives it to Murdoch.

Free kick Falkirk after a foul by McCabe on Kerr, 35 yards out.

Kerr takes, low in and punted out by Higgy. Throw in Falkirk.

Out for a Pars throw in at the NW. Talbot to Hoppy heads backwards but comes to Morris who heads it clear. Falkirk pressing in a dangerous area.

A spare goes past the right hand post.

Throw to the Falkirk defensive line. High ball to a neon pink decked out Robbie Thomson who punts it long.

Reilly got into a good position close from the keeper too.

Thomson hoofs it to the halfway line, played back then returned to the pars half. Morris defends 20 yards out, and a throw in for Falkirk.

Leahy to Baird, Kerr takes over nad out for another throw in.

Short from Geggs to McCabe then to Higgy and Geggan attempts to go through the Falkirk defence but blocked right from the start. Out for a throw in to Pars on the far side at the NW.

Tlabot to Geggan, has to chase to keep it in. Long cross to the head of Reilly but it`s a good save for Robbie Thomson.

Leahy takes, short to Giggy who clears it to McCabe then on to Wedderburn via Baird, and it`s long to Hoppy. Dealt with Kerr and on to Muirhead. Long to the feet of Ash, down to the halfway line and a free kick Pars. Wedderburn takes, out wide to Geggan and the pars have a throw in.

Morris heads it out for another.

Leahy takes, long to Morris head and out for yet another throw in.

The sun is shining here at East End Park - it`s a beautiful day.

Away we go!

Wedderburn heads down to Talbot, long to Kerr, and played out by McCabe. Throw in Falkirk.

There`s a baldy heided Falkirk player - I was convinced it was Stevie Crawford!

Pars win the toss, and play to the Cowden end this half.

Pars in red tops, black shorts and black socks. Falkirk in all white ensembles.

There`s a HUGE crowd of Bairns fans housed in the Cowden end and making a lot of noise with it.

Pars fans outgrowing them by the minute --- the NW, the Norrie and the Main Stand all full!

Smashing atmosphere as the teams enter the field of play.

It`s going to be a belter of a game. Enjoy!


I`m bedecked in purple today --- a year since Prince left us :-(

I`ll be here tomorrow again ---- my second hame ---- for the Pars Supporters Trust Spring Fayre.

I`ll be selling Buffy`s Buns and Mither`s Jam!

It`s taking place in the Purvis Suite, between 1-3. Come along !

A special presentation is taking place pitchside to DAFC doctor, Sir Bobby Robertson who is making his last appearance for the Pars.

A nicer man you couldn`t meet.

Just heard about some Falkirk supporters who have travelled here by boat! Gaun themselves!

First off, congratulations to Aberdeen for getting through to the Final of the Scottish Cup, after beating Hibernian 3-2.

Good afternoon from me Buffy live at East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Dunfermline Athletic and Falkirk.