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Rangers deep in the pars half and another goal for the home side.


Ohhhhhh a long ball from McManus was nearly in the box, from around 40 yards out. Goalie was off his line but managed to keep the ball over the line. Acht weel.

Corner was taken by Lochhead, crossed to the head of a leaping Nat Wedderburn but he was blocked in his attempt on goal and the ball was played downfield.

Cross to the pars box, over the head of Morris and out wide for a Pars throw in. RyanW to take.

Lochead earns us a corner for his troubles.

From the left its Kochehad, headed out by Dorelos, over to the head of McManus but cleared again. Back to RyanW, and another corner for the pars.

Dorrans to Cardoza. Back to Dorrans. Forward to Morris, clears to Paton. Then back to MOrris now to Nat, gets past two rangers players, guid lad, and the ball is played long to the rangers half.

I don`t think their keeper has had any saves to make.

Ball out wide, Morelos leaps over RyanW, and the ball is off to Murdoch ahead of Candeias.

Wedderburn saves our blushes by clearing a ball off the line. High cross in for Morelos but way over the bar from close range.

Joe shoved in the back, nothing from ref.

Rangers sub 2 mins ago - off Miller on nae idea.

Sub for Pars off Higgy on Shiels

We are needing wan of they big screens --- and just as I say that it`s the fifth goal for Rangers from the free kick.


Higgy outjumped and is deemed to have fouled a player on the way down. Free kick taken quickly, across to the centre circle, then to Morelos. Turns low pass to Miller, short to Candeias, cant get forward quicker.

Miller waiting in the box, Morelos through, trupped up by Wedderburn. Free kick Rangers on the pars 18 yard line.

Sub for Rangers off Alves on is Danny Wilson.

Candeias is fouled by Higgy, free kick Rangers 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Windass takes, but Miller gets it to the side netting only. Goal kick Pars.

Rangers off to our half., stopped by Wedderburn.

Down to Higgy, across field to Joe, chased by Miller, out to RyanW in to Higgy bnice back heel to RyanW and his pass to a waiting McManus was poor and Rangers are off to our half.

Cardoza keeping it tight across the back. Forward to Morris and on to Wedderburn. Paton to MOrris, out wide to RyanW. Looks up gives to Higgy, turns and chips it to RyanW crosses in and Joe cant get it despite a good run to the box.

Joe fouls Windass. Free kick Rangers on the halfway line.

Back to the Rangers defence, out wide, up to tyhe byuline and Martin clears long. All the way to McManus, just misses out on a corner.

No team sheet but Im working from a list on my iphone.

Ball to the pars half, but too far for the advancing Miller. Goal kick Pars.

Defended at the left hand post, ball cleared down to the halfway line.

Forward again, deep play, Ashcroft clears and back down to the Rangers half for their backline.

Defended at the left hand post, ball cleared down to the halfway line.

Forward again, deep play, Ashcroft clears and back down to the Rangers half for their backline.

Second half. Pars kick off.

Rangers have it in the defending half. Out wide, cross in and behind for a corner.

Apologies for not getting online earlier folks - seriously bad mobile signal. However I kept trying - hopefully it won`t be as bad in the second half but if I go missing in action you`ll know why.

Two Rangers fans have already been ejected from the right hand side of the pars fans. Delightful here so it is ....




Joe fouls Dorrans. Free kick Rangers on the advancing left hand side.

Taken, over to the right hand side. Back to the home defence. Tav to Morelos, back to their back line.

We have had a couple of corners - Higgy with his right foot. Second one cleared at the near post, then Joe was fouled. Free kick came to nothing.

Very poor signal folks - my first time in tonight!

It`s 4 nil to Rangers - four cracking goals. No other way to describe them. We are getting forward but they use the same channel every time they punish us.