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Brechin 0-1 Queen of Sth
Dundee Utd 0-2 0 Inverness CT
Falkirk 0-0 St Mirren
Morton 1-1 Dumbarton




No timewasting by Alexander as he fires it up to the pars half.

Mullen earns another corner.

Murdoch to take.

Long ball to Ryan, but over his head and out for a Livvy goal kick.

High ball to Ryan, then to Splaine, away to De-Vita, over to Mullen crosses in and Nat clears from 18 yards out. Long ball to Joe but it`s too short and he cant get there.

Away to Mullen, on the left, stopped by JasonT and in turn Byrne fouls Joe. Free kick Pars in their own half.

Long high ball downfield, bounces in front of Clark and on to Alexander. Livvy riled up again and in our box, Morris clears high and it`s out for a Livvy throw in.

Short to Byrne, then to McMillan. Out for a pars throw in for JasonT.

From the right its high in, this time JasonT to Higgy, long pass to Ryan, he mis hits and the ball is away to the visitors who are desperate to get to our half.

An easy save for Murdoch at the left hand post after a shot by Mullen.

Our defence sleeping as Mullen puts it away into the bottom left hand corner from a couple of yards out. He took it out the net very quickly and have fired towards our goal again and have another corner.

From the right it`s a high bal, headed down and into the net by Mullen.


McMillan running his socks off, but his team mates are not living up to his energy. They win a corner however.

David Hopkin being spoken to by ref. Angry words on the byline perhaps.

Morris went absolutely mental at his team mates prior to this after a shut down by Todorov who came close, albeit he was offside when he took his shot.

Livvy throw in, down to Byrne, over to Gallagher. Mullen deals with Nat, lucky man.

Now to Alexander, out wide to Byrne, forward to Splaine, away to Murdoch. Hoofed to Higgy but bounces in front of him. Away to Ryan but unlucky not to get a touch before Pittman. RyanW cant stop a long ball up the right hand wing and a shot from Halkett is over the bar from 20 yards out.

Standing ovation for Super Joe and Fraser Aird.

Lovely ball down the wing to Higgy, stopped by Mullen and it`s up to the centre circle for Nat.

Aird impeded again but nothing this time from the ref, Dallas Jnr.

Ball to Alexander, long to the head of Pittman and deftly given to Pittman on the right hand wing.


Certainly nothing like that crowd size here today but of course season ticket holders are counted too now. Perhaps around 3,500 and 100 Livvy fans.

Crowd is 5,059

De-Vita takes the corner, and Nat keeps a hold of it despite everyone else thinking it had gone over the byline. Down to a running Smithy but a great defence by Mullen sees the ball returned to our half, and another offside flag raised.

He appears to have moved inwards with Byrne on the right.

Good run by Aird on his own. Foul on Aird by Penrice, his hands all over our player. Ref had a word, free kick taken quickly by Aird. Cleared from the Livvy box by Gallagher. Ball away downfield and it`s out side for RyanW to deal with, then Morris, but straight to Mullen.

Cross again this time to Ash, falls to Todorov, a chance for Livvy to make their mark but earn a corner instead.

De-Vita takes, straight to Nat, cleared by Aird. All the way down to Alexander.

In to Nat, from Ash, then to Smithy but he cant pick up the spare from Mullen. ASway to an advancing Todorov, passed in front of the pars goal area but JasonT clears.

Down to Gallagher again.

Nat fouled Mullen, free kick Livvy, 40 yards out.

Penrice had a chance of a good run there but the offside flag went up quickly.

Higgy has to jump twice to avoid the feet of advancing Livvy players. Throw in for the visitors.

Byrne to Lithgow, over to Gallagher. Ball to Nat who falls. I felt the vibration fae here.

Long pass put out of play by Gallagher. NW throw in for RyanW.

Short to Splaine, cant get it back to RyanW who is blocked. Long spare to Murdoch ahead of Ash, you can hear a pin drop on the field today.

Brechin 0-1 QoS

De-Vita takes, right footed cross, over the bar from close range by Todorov. Goal kick Pars.

Murdoch hoofs to the halfway line. Higgy to RyanW, goes backwards towards Morris. Foul by Higgy. Free kick Livvy 40 yards out on the right hand side, at the NE.

Headed away by Splaine and Livvy get their second corner of the match.

Ash defends with his heid, down to Byrne, out wide to Mullen. Back to Byrne, then to Gallagher and an offside flag up for Todorov.

Chips the ball to the head of Gallagher, over to Higgy at the left hand post, cant deal with it properly, back to Splaine.

Puts a shot on goal and is, well we thought turned round the left hand post by Alexander, but no corner for the Pars.

Splaine fouled, free kick Pars 30 yards out in front of the NW faithful.

Splaine to take.

Short pass from Alexander to Gallagher. Punted long by Mullin, in to Alexander. Ash takes the long ball from their keeper, out wide to De-Vita in our box and a shot on goal is very poor from a few yards out by Danny Mullen who could do nothing more than get his toes to it. Murdoch spotted it easily.

Great goalkeeping from Alexander as he tips a shot from close range, by Clark, over the bar. Corner Pars.

Higgy from the left, right footed cross, rebounded pass to Splaine, back to Higgy crosses in, to Clark, defended to Nat and a foul says ref. Harumph.

Received my usual delightful baked goodie from TheRoyBarryFanClub - handed first to the Tammy who asked for the name of my butler. Heehee.

High ball from Murdoch goes all the way down to Alexander, then to Mullin. Great play past Nat, out wide to Pittman, but a poor finish and JasonT makes sure to Murdoch.

A cracker of a shot on goal from Clark sees it hit off the outside of the right hand post.

Keeper cant clear that well, ball from defender hits off Higgy, AGAIN, and it`s a Livvy throw in deep in their half.

Hoof from Alexander, down to the feet of Mullin, then to Gallagher but his pass to an advancing De-Vita nestled in our box was poor. Played away to JasonT, then to RyanW. Great run down the far left hand wing, past Pittman but stopped at 30 yards out.

We`re playing with a great deal of confidence today, but Im guessing the scoreline is enhancing that. Spare ball through to Murdoch.

High cross, impeding in the box says ref and play stopped. Ball to Alexander. Hoofs it straight to Ash who tumbles from the force of it. In to Nat, away to JasonT, down to Aird, crosses towards Clark but defended well by Mullin. Away by Gallagher, defended in our box by RyanW, fabby run, and the ball is with Higgy deep in the Livvy half.

Over to RyanW, then to MOrris, forwrd to Splaine and his shot on goal is fired high over the bar from 30 yards out.

Morton pull one back against Dumbarton
Still nil nil at the Falkirk Stadium; and Caley still leading against Dundee United.

Corner Pars with a stopped cross by RyanW.

Higgy from the left hand side.

Still don`t know who went off earlier for Livvy.

Alexander with yet another close call at his goal mouth - jeezo - and ball up to the middle. Livvy head in our direction, cross from Mullen is poor and into the left hand side netting.

Long ball to the Pars half, great play by Mullen but assistant ref had his flag up for a foul by JasonT but ref said nope. Ash defends, down to RyanW, and a tight pass to Smithy then to HIggy. He fires it down the right wing, whilst the linesman blows for another Livvy sub.

This time it`s a departure for Longridge - wahey I got it right - poor lad - and on comes De-Vita.

Clark does well with a pass from RyanW, down the wing it goes back to Clark, crosses in and Smithy puts it over the bar from close range after it clips his right heel.

Long ball from Murdoch, down to Clark. Onwards to the high feet of Byrne, and out for a Pars throw in. JasonT towards Smithy but too short. The pass, no Callum. Cross from RyanW falls to AIrd but he slips as he takes his shot and the ball is away to our end.

Good defending again by Ash, down to Aird, away inside to RyanW, great pass to a running Higgy, having his best game so far and Mullen puts in another close call with Alexander who had to come off his line to scoop up the spare ahead of RyanW.

Ash deals with a bouncing ball then impeded and it heads back to Murdoch to deal with. Free kick taken, long to Higgy who goes down holding his head after a knock - god I hope it`s no Longridge (he`s in ma thoughts like) - and the ball is away to Morris to defend with a cuddle with Mullen and slide into the advertising boards behind our goal.

Free kick Dunfermline after a thoughtless challenge from Penrice on Aird.

We think perhaps it`s Longridge who has gone off - after having a bleedin chappit face in the first half. I`ll let you know though.

Livvy fans lapping up the October sunshine - pity oor keeper is also facing into it but he could probably do with a wee tan, oor Sean.

HT Sub for Livvy on is Declan Gallagher - not heard who went off - let`s hope they`ve no` got 12 men....

Kick off and the Pars are flying.

Just told John Potter that Aird`s goal was a Mark Smith moment! He agreed wholeheartedly!




Alexander with a high ball after the long punt from Murdoch via Clark. Out wide to Aird, he slips, ball away to the pars half.

Great stop by Ash on Penrice, at the left hand corner of the pars box, and it`s down to RyanW. Then away to Clark who chases Mullin. Penrice to Halkett and out wide to Byrne. Long ball to the pars half and another offside flag up. Free kick Pars.

Clark fouled, free kick Pars 45 yards out. Splaine takes but to take again as the ref wisnae looking.

Splaine again, then to RyanW, in to Higgy then to Smithy who is clearly being held by Longridge, the amount of contact there was ridiculous. No free kick however. Ball away to Murdoch. JasonT block pass wth an advancing Mullin but a cracking play out wide to RyanW from Nat. Ball away to Halkett then to Penrice, good build up here from the visitors.

Cross to the pars box and headed in to the goal area, defended by the head of Morris who was pushed in the back, down to Clark then to Higgy who puts it wide to Aird. Great pass and well held by Aird.

Short to Clark, but backwards to JasonT, Nat to Clark and Ash to Higgy. There`s just aw wanting a shot to be honest.

Offside flag up for a cheeky run by Penrice on the right hand side.

Still all level nil nil at the Falkirk stadium.
Morton one behind against Dumbarton and Dundee United getting slapped two nil by Inverness Caley Thistle.


He battered it into the bottom left hand corner from 20 yards out. Another belter and a double for oor Higgs.



Long to the head of Mullen, down to Morris, clears to the head of Lithgow. Splaine returns, bounces back to Clark who chases Byrne.

Spare goes top Longridge who thumps the ground after his chance on goal is mair likely to end up on Peter`s lap after it swerves like a jeely piece on the warm October breeze.

Missplaced cross by Halkett sees it picked up by RyanW on the right hand side. Throw in Livvy. Down to Clark, out to Aird, great run. Build up happening. Nat to Murdoch after a close down by Mullen.

In to Clark, away to Byrne and over to Longridge.

Away out wide to Mullen, long ball to Morris who heads down in front of goal to RyanW, punts it to a running Smithy, chases but cant catch Lithgow who gives it to Alexander.

Mullin to Mullen. Aye.

Morris swishes past Longridge, keeping awa fae his face, but its Livvy who fire back to the pars half.

JasonT stops it going further at the NW byline.

This time it rebounds out for a Pars throw in. JasonT to Splaine, awya to Lithgow, he`s a big strong strapping laddie isn`t he? Ahem anyhoo back to the game.

Re-start and RyanW puts in a great cross to the Livvy box but it`s defended well and the ball is in the pars half.

Long ball from Ash goes astray and out for a Livvy throw in at the NE. Mullen to take.

We genuinely thought he was crossing to Clark who ran up to the middle of the goal area just in front of Alexander but instead it curled into the top left hand corner. Phew what an absolute belter ---- wait til ye see it on the highlights! WOW!

On to Alexander, humps it to JasonT, stray heads back to the livvy keeper.

This time Morris gets it clear, but it`s Ashcroft who has to make sure to Murdoch.

Good ball out wide to Aird, great run, and puts what we thought was a cross to a waiting Clark but it`s in the net instead from 25 yards!!!



Instead it`s Morris to take.

Long ball straight to the head of Longridge - he`s no having a guid day, like.

3/4 of the first half has been played, and the scoreline remains Pars 1 - 0 Livvy.

Morris defends with an overhead kick, Livvy cant get to Clark so upend him instead. Poor play by Penrice. Free kick Pars just inside the Livvy half. Williamson to take.

Danny Mullen gets round our defence like a hot knife through butter, still not cleared, over the face of goal cross, away by JAsonT and downfield to a running Clark but ends with a hoof by Alexander.

Murdoch hoofs the spare to Higgy, seen being impeded again. No foul says ref. Ball out for a Pars throw in. RyanW takes, long ball from Nat but way too far for anyone to get. Throw in Livvy. Lithgow takes, up to RyanW`s head. Back to Lithgow, then to Mullen. On to Murdoch, long to absolutely no one and a throw in for Livvy with Mullen.

Up to Ashcroft, rebounded high ball from Nat and out to Higgy ,Crosss to Smithy in the Livvy box and out for a Pars throw in after impeded by Mullin.

RyanW takes.

Short to Splaine, back to RyanW and Lithgow defends. Another Pars throw in. Smithy cant to the end of it in the Livvy box and the ball has travelled down to the defending half.

Higgy out wide to RyanW in the box, crosses to a waiting Clark in front of the goal but over his head and Livvy are deep in our half.

Alexander to take, long ball to the head of Morris, then to Wedders, over to Clark who chases it in the middle but it`s gone to Lithgow. An easy save from Murdoch after the long ball from Lithgow.

Smithy into the penalty box and a slide - he wasnt looking for a penalty and neither were our fans - and the ball travels backwards to the Pars half.

High ball to Smith, taken on by Mullin, ball out for a JasonT throw in at the NE.

Short to Clark, returned to JasonT, away to Morris.

Higgy to Morris, in to Aird, hood pass to a running Smith but the offside flag is up as he enters the Livvy box.

Down to Aird, great run through the middle and his chance on goal from 25 yards out is high over the bar.

A big oooooooooh rings out as the ball goes to Neil Alexander with Calum Smith close by. Alas the bright blue outfitted keeper punts it away and Livvy are deep in our half.

A dive from Pittman sees the ball land at Morris who blooming miss kicks it and it looked like another goal from a bounced player was on the cards. Thankfully our keeper was more on the ball than the yin at the ither end.

Throw in Livvy at the dug outs. I can see what sunshine there is today from the shiny bald heid of Magic Johnston.

Smith chases Halkett after the throw in, down to the pars half for Morris, over to Aird on the right and a good run down the wing from Smith.

Over to the left for RyanW, then to HIggy, tackled easily by Penrice, but stopped by JasonT at the NW. A poor throw in by Byrne sees it in the hands of Murdoch after it trundled.

Our 12th man today is Pars fan George McCluskey.

Morris nearly comes a cropper with a misplaced pass to our keeper, but our green fingered goalie gets it ok. Ball in the middle, long ball from Longridge goes astray and out for a Pars goal kick.

Williamson takes a good run, and ball out for a pars throw in. Longridge back on and receives a warm clap from the visiting fans - all 20 of them.

A chance for a second goal comes and goes for the Pars but instead have to have a throw in instead at the NE.

Down the wing it goes - but in the wrong direction - and Morris heads back to RyanW and then to Murdoch.

Wiliamson heads down, in to Aird, gives the ball away to Penrice, Morris returns it, then a bounced ball from Mullin goes long. It`s like Wimbledon!

Longridge up holding his face, the physio and the ref not happy with him and may be subbed. Drop ball and ball to Murdoch. Long punt to the middle, Wedderburn picks up but puts it wide over the byline for a Livvy throw.

Second throw in taken, reverberates off Halkett and down to Alexander. He returns it to the Pars half. Free kick Livvy after a foul on Longridge who needs the assistance of their physio.

A roar from the pars fans as Joe Cardle warms up on the byline. Great to see him back.

Splaine to Talbot, nearly tripped up by Mullen, keeps his feet and passes it into Wedderburn.

Wide ball for Livvy throw in.

Lithgow to take.

Headed over the line further down the wing by Splaine.

Higgy to take.

Long ball to the head of Clark but he fouls and it goes wide and out for Alexander. He punts it long.

Higgy impeded by Byrne, and a free kick for the Pars with Morris to take, just inside the defending half.

It goes long and out of play at the NE.

Long ball from Livingston, sees an upended player on the deck, but no foul says referee Andy Dallas.

Livvy return it to the pars half, down to JasonT, into Higgy in the middle but he wasnt looking.

Out wide of the Pars box is Penrice does well, Williamson clears it and on to Higgy with a great run down the middle. He is fouled by Carrick. Free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Corner came in low from the left hand side, defended and cleared by Jason Talbot and ends back over the byline after a poor pass by Pittman.

Jeezo there`s a start for the match, Alan Lithgow completely missed the pass from Neil Alexander, it went straight to Higgy and it bounced off him and into the net. Absolutely bizarre but we`ll take it!

Re-start and Livvy have had two attempts on our goal, both defended in front of it, and now another chance for the banana coloured team who have earned a corner after a cracking save from Murdoch at the left hand post.




Livvy force their way in to the pars box from kick off but the pars fight back with a good run from Higgy to the 25 yard mark, only stopped by Halkett.

Ball travels out wide in the defending half, a good run by Longridge and halted in our half by Williamson.

He turfs the ball long to the Livvy box, via Splaine, but it`s an easy ball for Alexander.

Pars in the black and white and Livingston are in their away all yellow strips.

Livvy to kick off this half and away we go!

Come on ye Pars!

It`s a hard life ye ken..... getting a tweet from the TMan this morning after he took his seat here in the PB.

I think my mum is right when she says I lead a double life at the weekend ;D

He`s got his hat on so he has, magic Tam McManus!

Great signing news yesterday with wee Callum Smith extending his contract until 2020.

Good afternoon from me Buffy at East Park Park for todays SPFL Championship match between Dunfermline Athletic and Livingston FC