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Joe clears down the nearside wing. Fires it into the pars 30 yard area for Calder to pick up.

Away to Higgy, on a run through the middle. McManus lets it go despite a sliding tackle on Donaldson. Nat makes sure to Murdoch.

Out wide to McManus. Then to Higgy back to McManus but his backheel was nowhere near Shiels. Caley have a free kick on the halfway line.




Talbot long ball down to Joe, cant get there. Spare out of play. Pars throw in deep in our half.

Talbot to Ash, heads backwards. McManus does well past two defenders in to the box for Joe but good Caley defence clears it.

Calder gets into the pars box but quick thinking Murdoch is off his line. Hoofs the ball downfield, but picked up by Chalmers.

His spare goes down the wing to RyanW on to Murdoch.

Short to Shiels. Clark heads down to Talbot but gives it straight to Calder. Throw in Caley.

Murdoch to take free kick. Clock ticking down to full time.

Pars running out of time.
Morton 2-2 St Mirren

Throw in Pars.

Nat to RyanWdown to Higgy, does w3ell into Joe, tackled easily and the ball is to Caley.Stopped by Talbot headed forward by Morris. H=iggy out to Joe, crosses in, headed down by McManus but past the left hand post.

Sub Caley off is Bell, Warren on.

Ridgers to Oakley. Out for a pars throw in. Talbot to Joe. Cant get there. Donaldson to Oakley, Ash to Bell, over to Polworth out wide to CCalder. sjhot on goal is off the right hand post then off the bar by close range by Polworth.

Pars fire off to the other end.

Higgy to McManus, out wide t oRyanW, crosses in and rebounds to Higgy. Nat chips it to Clark, not looking but on to Talbot. Out wide toJoe, crosses in, cleared by Donaldson. Joe tries again but cleared by Calder who is off and running. In to Polworth, past Nat, then to Bell. Morris clears to McManus. Offside flag up for Oakley.

Talbot to McManus, Joe chases the spare.

McManus cant get to Ridgers as he clears.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Clark, down to Joe on a good run, ahead of him is Donaldson and it`s a goal kick says ref.

Ridgers long to Morris, offside flag up. Free kick Pars. Murdoch takes, long to Clark, away to Morris. nat loses it in the middle.

Good ball out wide to Calder, Ash misses the spare but RyanW has to deal with Calder. Shot on goal is punched clear and out for a Caley throw in.

Free kick Caley, long ball from Donaldson, hurled forward by Ash. Down to Nat, then to RyanW.FOr2ard to Higgy, back to RyanW, too short a pass to the Caley box. Cross by Higgy, and out for a pars throw in. Talbot to McManus. good run, Joe is offside.

Physio on the deck with McKay. Not looking good for the former Pars player. Looks like he is sitting up thank goodness. Dont like to see players getting injured however it`s done.

Crowd 2,948

Murdoch to Clark and down to McManus. He heads it backwards but only to Caley who fire to our half.

Too many giveaways today.

Higgy to the head of McKay, who took a sore one off the side of his head with the ball. He looked unconscious at first but we see his feet moving.

Raven to Oakley. Long ball down the wing and Calder cant get there in time. He slides into the advertising boards.

Ash clears down to McManus, long run for our player, good to see him on the field of play.

Throw in Caley. Raven to Oakley ghood pass out wide to Bell, taken off him by Talbot. In to Ash, heads down. Out for a Caley throw in.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Higgy, and a shot on goal for Joe and a good save at the right hand post by Ridgers.

McManus nearly had it there but Donaldson goes back in time.

Sub for Caley off goes Baird on comes Oakley

Talbot with the head on for the long punt. Long pass out wide to RyanW picked up by Caklder, shot on goal is poor and easily picked up by Murdoch.

Ash clears ahead of Vigurs but it goes all the way to Ridgers. No one bothering him.

Hoofs it all the way upfield to Murdoch.

Donaldson heads down.

Sub for Pars off goes Splaine for Shiels

Murdoch long to the centre circle. Nat brings it down.

Good tackle on Clark. Lovely pass by Vigurs. Calder to Baird. Backwards to McKay and then to Donaldson all the way back to Ridgers.

Ridgers long to RyanW then to Murdoch.

Nat heads backwards, Morris to RyanW, hounded by Vigurs, Caley have it deep in the pars
Joe chasing Raven. Vigurs to Cahelmers, then to Calder. Takes on Morrisand a shot on goal is blootered over the bar by Polworth .

Throw in for Pars. Talbot takes. Long to the Caley box cleared by Donaldson. RyanW on the far wing crosses in, kicked high by Clark and no chance of being near the Caley goal. Goal kick Caley.

Talbot to Higgy then to Nat turns tives to Morris. Long ball to the head of Donaldson. Pars throw in.

Sub for Caley off is Mulraney on is Calder

Ridgers goal kick.

Long to the head of Baird. Up to Baird, good touch into Bell who lost his footing and on to Murdoch.

Long ball to Clark out wide to Joe, taken down by no foul. Knock of heads with Donaldson.

McManus crosses to Clark, out wide to Bell, ball down to a running Baird but on to Murdoch. Clears ahead of the Caley player.

Free kick 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Bounces in front of goal, and a chance for a second goal for the home side is gone as it bounces away past the left hand post.

Free kick 20 yards out on the right hand side.

Bounces in front of goal, and a chance for a second goal for the home side is gone as it bounces away past the left hand post.

McManus cant get it from Vigurs, ball to Baird and out wide to Donaldfson. Spare ball through to RyanW headed backwards by Higgy and a free kick after Baird goes down from Nat.

High ball for Higgy, Nat touches it but it`s nowhere near Clark which we presumed he was looking for.

Talbot cant keep the ball and a throw in for Caley just inside the pars half.

McManus firs touch, helps the pars to get a throw in deep in the caley half.

Ball lost in the fresh air!

Talbot to Splaine, and cant keep it in. Away to Caley.

Double sub for Pars off is Smith and Aird and on is Cardle and McManus

HIggy booked. Not sure why, just saw the card coming out.

Bell cant keep the ball in at the far side. Throw in Pars.

If you`ve just joined us it`s currently Caley 1-0 Pars

Goes nowhere but over the bar by a mile.

From the right it`s Higgy.

High ball, away to Aird, then to Splaine back to Aird, headed clear by Donaldson. Down to Splaine again.

Bell clears to Smith, then to Moris.

RyanW cant cross in but wins a throw in deep in the Caley half.

Splaine is surrounded, deals with Donald and RyanW crosses in, and a chsnce at the left hand post for Clark goes astray with bodies on the goal line.Corner Pars.

Apologies free kick Caley. Vigurs to take, curls it in, cleared by Clark, down to Talbot and backwards to Murdoch.

Donaldson rebounds the ball off Talbot, but is fouled in the processe. Murdoch with the free kick.

Splaine to take, from 8 yards out on the left hand side.

Headed away, down to Nat, but he puts it in the air instead of to Morris, Caley get in between and off to our half.

Throw in for Caley despite Ash saying he didnt touch it last.

RyanW loses it at the 18 yard line, Morris to Higgy and wins a free kick for the pars after he is fouled by Tremarco.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Aird, Nat intervenes, and a handball by Smith is ignoered by ref. Aird to Splaine, opff to Nat.

Out wide to RyanW, rebounds out for a pars throw in deep in the caley half.

Long ball to Ash`s head. Bounced ball by Donaldson, then to Talbot.

MOrris to Splaine, Nat to Talbot and short to Aird, He givces it away to Donaldson who is then run into by Aird. Free kick Caley in their half.

Talbot takes.

A great save at the left hand post by Ridgers.

Murdoch to take, deep in our half.

Short to Talbot. Long ball headed down by Raven. Out wide to Aird, crosses to Ash who is thumped in the face by Baird who is yellow carded. Free kick Pars just inside the Caley half.

Morris through the middle, stopped by Vigurs, Mulraney takes it out wide, crosses to Baird and a great stop by Murdoch as he comes off his line to chest it away.

Caley have it back after a poor clearance by Ash.

Free kick to the Pars (!) after Ash is then fouled by Baird.

Ridiculous - now five pars players booked.

Nat heads to Tremarco.

Mulraney give eit away to Talbot and he was fouled imo but nothing given.

Pars give it away, Caley have Mulraney to Ash and it`s on to Smith who is clearly handled. Nothing from ref. He`s not giving us anything.

Talbot long to Smith, too far and cleared by Tremarco.

Long free kick, all the way to Murdoch.

Vigurs to RyanW and out for a pars throw in.

Higgy chests it down, in to Nat over to Talbot.

Long ball to a ruynning Aird, does well but gives it away to Mulraney who dires to our half. Free kick Invenress after Clark fouls Mulraney. Stupid stupid foul.

Stopped by Talbot but his pass to Morris was poor and Caley nearly had a second goal. Murdoch came off his line to gather then clear downfield.

Throw in Pars. RyanW to Nat, over to Ash. Then to Talbot. Aird goes to ground. Throw in Inverness.

In to Nat, out to RyanW, cant control a double tackle. RyanW fouls. Free kick Caley in their half.

Bell claims to have been fouled by Morris as he goes down in the pars penalty box. No says ref.

Ball played away. Pars throw in for RyanW.

Long to Nat, back to RyanW. Tight play to Clark, hen to Talbot up to Aird. On his own, gives to Aird and a great touch for Ridgers who turns it round the left hand post. Corner Pars.

Higgy to Clark cant get a good touch and Caley fire to our half.

Aird claims he was fouled in the box, but no says ref.

Ridgers clears upfield, all the way to Morris then to Murdoch.

High ball curves out and a throw in for the home side.

Polworth takes, the wind was very strong, but Murdcoch handles it easily.

Throw in Pars deep in the Caley half.

Vigurs to take, level with the 18 yard line.

Left foot cross, ready for Baird who came close but cleared out by Ashcroft. Corner Inverness.

Teams out for the second half.

Pars to kick off, playing from left to right towards the home side fans.

Long ball played backwards to Donaldson. Forward pass to Tremarco. Free kick Caley after a foul by Talbot.

Other Scottish Championship halftime scores

Dumbarton 0-2 Dundee Utd
Livingston 1-1 Brechin
Queen of Sth 2-0 Falkirk
St Mirren 0-0 Morton

Ridgers long ball to Morris. In to the centre circle for Nat, turned over and loses his footing, whilst bumping into Chalmers. Splaine fouls Vigurs, free kick Caley taken quickly and out wide to Talbot.

Good run by Clark out wide to Smith, loses it eventually and the halftime whistle goes.



Poor free kick, straight to Higgy. Over to Splaine, in to Nat then to Higgy.

Out wide t oTalbot and Aird, into Clark cant get past two defenders. Playing on his own there. No one to help.

Long cross from Aird to a running Smith but too easy for Ridgers to pick up.

Long ball to the pars half, Aird is fouled but nothing given. Caley nearly give it away on the halfway line, then do ten seconds later. Talbot had it for 1 min then its out wide to RyanW.

Nat out to RyanW, then to Higgy out wide to Talbot, Aird chips it into the box for Clark but Donaldson defends well. Out for a pars throw in.

Cleared out wide, Splaine to Nat and MOrris fouls Baird. Free kick Caley still in their half.

From the left its Higgy. Right footed cross, heads over the bar from Smith but after the ref sees pushing in the box. Free kick Caley, by Ridgers.

Murdoch, we think is looking like the joker with the purple outfit and the green boots (well it is Halloween ye ken) humps it long. Down to Aird, then to Smith over to Talbot. Long punt to Higgy in the box but out for a pars corner by Donaldson.

He puts the ball out of play. Higgy couldnt keep it in. Bouncing ball to Clark away to Polworth, a great ball to Bell who punches the ground in frustration.

Donaldson takes, long ball to Morris but over his head and on to Murdoch.

Free kick Pars in their own half.

Morris to take.

Long ball to Higgy, turned out by Donaldson. Throw in for RyanW. Short to Splaine, fouled Donaldson. Free kick Caley in their own half.

Livvy 1-1 Brechin

Long ball from Ridgers. All the way through to Murdoch.

Humps it downfield. Smith picks iup on the wing, Aird dives on the right hand side but ref doesnt book him. He needs to cut that out. Not going to
us anywhere.

McKay made a huge mistake in defence and allowed Callum Smith through and he only had the keeper to beat and put it wide past the right hand post.

Poor discipline so far Pars. Keep the heid.

Caley forward to our half, a poor shot on goal by Polworth and an easy save for Murdoch. It`s all Caley this half too.

Free kick Caley 10 yards out on the right hand side.

Cleared from the goal area, down to Tremarco, then Clark to Higgy,in to Aird but he is moved out the way by Chalmers. Free kick for Caley aftre a foul by Clark.

Throw in Caley in their half. Tremarco to a running Baird, RyanW just ahead of him. Throw in Caley. Tremarco to Vigurs, down to Mckay returned to the pars half.

High balls galore in this half so far.

In to Splaine, then Nat away to Morris and Ash. Eventually Cal gives it to Murdoch.

RyanW takes, tuyrns and chips it to a running Smith, short to HIggy crosses in and headed clear by Vigurs. Nat couldnt stop him and a terrible foul by Morris on Bell. Yellow card for our captain. Deserved by the looks of it.

Murdoch hoofs it to RyanW, down to Aird high ball to SMith but chested down by McKay. higgy gets it away toAird, long ball to Clark bounces down good control but then gives it away to Vigurs.

Caley head to our half and a shout for a penalty as Murdoch takes down Chalmers. No says ref.

Long ball out wide from Murdoch.

Ridgers long to Morris who heads down, Higgy picks up the spare, in to Nat, pushes over two players and gets the ball back to Murdoch.

Chalmers heads it to Polworth who puts in a cracking shot on goal from 25 yards out but it reverberates off the left hand post and out for a goal kick.

Should have been a free kick for the home side there as Splaine took out Vigurs who went down holding his ankle.

HIggy takes the spare, long bal ldown the wint to RyanW crosses in but cant control it and out for a goal kick.

A good chance for the Pars to equalise with Smith but a good defending by Donaldson saw the ball go straight to Ridgers.

Clark takes the straight pass from Ridgers and passes to a running Smith but Ridgers there first.

Re-start and it`s a spare up to Ridgers.

It`s a must win game for the home side, to get them away from the drop zone this early in the season. A slow start saw them languishing at bottom but they`ve won the last two games.

Dumbarton 0-2 Dundee United
QoS 2-0 Falkirk

Touch by Morris was dreadful and it is given to Connor Bell who slid in at the left hand corner.

Murdoch long to Aird, good run on his own out wide to SMith. Chased by Tremarco. Smith gets in between, short to Aird, away to Vigurs and Caley run to our half. Good play in the centre circle. Lots of room for the home side.

Throw in Caley on the far left hand side.

Raven to Baird, good shot on goal turned in to the net and into the goal for Inverness.

Inverness 1-0 Pars

Right footed cross, and out for another corner.

Cleared out of play by Vigurs. Goal kick Pars.

From the left it`s Polworth.

Rightfooted crossheaded down by Morris, shot on goal rebounded out by Donaldson.Second corner for Caley.

High ball from the kermit green outfitted keeper. Halfway line stuff.

Vigurs to Baird, grat play shot on goal is just behind for a Caley corner.

Played out wide for McKay, forward to Baird. Higgy takes it off him, Nat to Talbot and hciops it to Aird. Bounce ball towards Smith but the wind blows it up to Ridgers.

Tremarco takes the throw in, Vigurs clears across field. Forward to Baird, then to Chalmers. Nat takes it off him, and on to Murdoch. He clears ahead of Baird. Down to Higgy, Clark cant get to Donaldson and it`s off to Ridgers. He punts the ball to the centre circle and Nat fouls Bell. Free kick taken quickly.

Goal kick Pars.

Murdoch hoofs it to Higgy clearly held but no foul. Splaine tripped also, no foul there either. Throw in Caley deep in their half.

Tremarco takes. Down to Vigurs away to Morris chips it out over the head of RyanW.

From the left its Raven. Short play in top the box and a shot on goal curls around the left hand post by Baird.

Tremarco takes, short to Vigurs, then to Bell good run gives to the head of Talbot who puts it behind for a Caley corner.

Donaldson to McKay, his pass towards Baird was poor and Talbot takes it. Nat then heads it down, now to Aird on his own, tripped up but no foul despite it in front of ref.

Ball played to the pars half with a throw in level with the 18 yard line.

Higgy from the left.

Right footed cross this time over to MOrris heads down to Baird, away by Donaldson but all the way up to RyanW who can do nothing but put it out of play.

Higgy to take.

Right footed shot low in and Aird takes control, back to Higgy, past Baird, and rebounds out for a pars corner.

RyanW to Higgy headed behind to Vigurs and out for another pars throw in. RyanW to Splaine, over to Nat goes behind him but out to Talbot then to Aird who plays it long back to Murdoch.

He hoofs it to Smith, played inwards by Donaldson but out to Higgy on a run to the CaLey half. Up to Smith, taken out on the 18 yard line. Free kickc Pars.

Murdoch to Donaldson, high ball down to HIggy then to Clark. Away to Smith but Ridgers is there first. He plays it short to McKay.

Long ball to Ash, then to Splaine, but away to Baird with a great run down the nearside byline. He cant control it and it`s out for a pars throw in.

Ridgers to the head of Baird, foul by Clark. Free kick Caley. Long ball but way past the right hand post. Goal kick Pars.

Bouncing ball to Clark, out to RyanW ahead of Higgy. Short to Splaine, then to Higgy. Takes it inside, chipped to Clark then to Ryan crosses in and a shot on goal is over the bar by Aird who tries to tell the ref he was impeded. No corner.

RyanW to Splaine, turned around by Bell, long ball to Jason Talbot who was knocked for six by Polworth. Talbot still on the deck. He is up walking thank goodness but took a good knock there. Free kick Pars by Murdoch, long to HIggy, slips and it`s away to Vigurs. Out wide to Tremarco, past Morris but stopped by Splaine.. RyanW clears but its away to Baird, over to Mulraney, and a good shot on goal from 20 yards out but a good save too from Murdoch.

RyanW cant get past Vigurs as he clears from the Caley box.

Ball to the halfway line, back out wide for RyanW. Taken off him by Connor Bell. In to Donaldson and cleared to the halfway line for a pars throw in.

Low in from the left, cleared to the 18 yard line, down to HIggy with a bouncing ball, out wide to RyanW but it runs away from him. Inverness throw in. Vigurs takes, it goes astray and out for another. Tremarco takes. SHort to Baird then to Chalmers, over to Tremarco, pushed over by the looks of it by Talbot. No appeals for a penalty. Play on as the ball comes back in and it`s played out wide for Higgy, up to Clark and a pars throw in beckons.

Murdoch in princely purple today. Hoofs the ball all the way through to Ridgers in the Caley goals. It`s very windy and this is going to cause bother.

Ridgers long ball to the pars half, down to VBaird crosses in and cleared at the left hand post by Morris whilst Vigurs returns it with a cracking shot and a punch over the bar by Murdoch for a home side corner.

Donaldson long pass towards Baird. Played forward to HIggy, then forward to Smith but he is outrun by their keeper Ridgers who punts the ball ot the halfway line.

Ball played short to Mackay and out for a Pars throw in. Talbot to Higginbotham but misses and out this nearside byline for an Inverness throw in, given to Pars instead says the ref.

RyanW up to Higgy, fresh air kick. on to a running COl Donaldson.

It`s been eight years since the Pars have been at the Caledonian Stadium.

I`ve managed to wangle a comfy seat inside the PB here at the Caley Stadium, courtesy of a good pal who works for the club.

Teams out for the start of this first half. Inverness to kick off playing from right to left towards the 400 pars fans in the away end.

Good afternoon from me Buffy live at the Caledonian Stadium for Inverness CT v DAFC