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DAFC Official website

DAFC Official website The Clubs Official Web Site (COWS) is found at DAFC.co.uk

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Pars Supporters Trust

Pars Supporters Trust The Pars Supporters Trust is found at http://parssupporterstrust.co.uk/

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Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust

Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust The Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust is found at daht.org.uk

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Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club

Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club The Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club is found at http://dasc.fife.net

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Pars Foundation

 Pars Foundation The Pars Foundation is found at https://parsfoundation.co.uk

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Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC)

Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) The Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) is found at http://dadsc.fife.net/

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Pars TV

Pars TV ParsTV stream video and audio of live matches from East End Park and at away grounds (depending on conditions).
ParsTV is found at https://ParsTV.co.uk

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DAFC online shop

DAFC online shop The DAFC Online Shop is found at https://DAFCshop.uk

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Fans links

Fans links Dunfermline has always had fans willing to provide information on what is happening at EEP. This section is aimed at highlighing and linking that information.

If you have a Blog or something to say then let us know and it can be a feature or added.

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