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Centenary Club Night 8/10/02

Author: J Barber Date: Tuesday, 8th Oct 2002

The Centenary Club held their first "meet the management" evening tonight and the good turn out were treated to a fine night out at East End Park.

Jimmy Nicholl and John Yorkston made speeches to those gathered along with first team players Craig Brewster, Andrew Karnebeek and Sean Kilgannon making appearances in the Jock Stein Suite.

Pete Campbell, the Centenary Club chairman introduced the guests, with John Yorkston being the first to speak. He confirmed that no deal had been received from the Old Firm with regards to a new deal being in place, so the 10 so called "rebel" clubs were still looking to break away from the current system.

Jimmy Nicholl thankfully refrained from speaking in Dutch all night in tribute to Jimmy Calderwood! He stressed the need for just a few hundred extra fans to be added to the current support in order for the new facilities to be fully justified. The Dutch influence on Dunfermline was being carried out through the new facilities being built to try and build up a similar situation to that in Holland. Legends Bar, along with the other new facilities, were built to try and take on the Dutch ideals with players mixing with fans on a regular basis. Nicholl confirmed that the players would continue to meet with fans after the matches, win, lose or draw.

The players in attendance, Brewster, Karnebeek & Kilgannon, were happy to exchange stories with the Pars fans and Centenary Club members present. Brewster signed up for the Centenary Club on the night, taking on the job of Scott Thomson who was meant to sign up players a few months ago (!!!) Big Craig also talked up the chances of Stevie Crawford starting for Scotland this Saturday, with rumours of him being included in the starting line up filtering through from the camp....

A good night was had by all, complemented by stadium tours from John Yorkston and Pete Campbell, showing off the fantastic new facilties available at East End Park which are available during the day as well as weekends.

The new suites were very impressive, with local businesses being targetted for conference and meeting facilities on their doorstep.

The next "meet the management" evening is planned for Tuesday 12th November. It is hoped that Jimmy Calderwood will attend.

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