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Comments from Nicholson and Bullen

Author: Brian Duncan Date: Sunday, 22nd Sep 2002

Another hard earned result against Motherwell at home on Saturday. The players were also delighted with the 3 points.

Match winner Lee Bullen started the match as a right-sided wing-back.

We spoke to Barry Nicholson and Lee Bullen after the game. Both players realised that it was going to be a hard game and were delighted to get the three points. I think the players were concerned that after getting 6 points away from home that there would be a lot of pressure on them. They realised that Motherwell would be difficult.

The fans were great yesterday as there was no pressure or agitation from them to upset the players. In the second half I think that helped the players to concentrate - and sure enough up jumps Bully !

Barry Nicholson says, "Motherwell came here to battle and try and catch us on the break. We were willing to battle as well and we`re delighted with the 3 points. It looked like that whoever scored first would win the game. We scored early in the last two games, but the manager said that we should we patient, just wait for the goal, it may take until the last part of the game. My delivery`s have been a bit poor this year and the boys have been slagging me a bit, but its nice to put a good ball in and Lee deserves his goal, every time he plays he puts in 100%."

"Its a big loss for Craig [Brewster], the manager said Lee can play in a number of positions and so we pushed him uop front when Craig went off. We have a difficult trip to Aberdeen next week so we`re all delighted to have the 9 points."

Lee Bullen said, "I`m still delighted to be part of the starting line up. I`m glad to play where I can. I had one or two other chances, although they were only half chances. I was praying that I`d hit the target, I`ve missed those ones before so it was good to see it hit the net."

"With Craig going off we lost that physical presence, so the manager put me up there to try and give a bit of height, I`ve not the same type of touch and vision as Craig, but I`ll chase things down. If Stevie`s playing to the high standard that he is I`m only their to help take the pressue off him. Ok, I scored the winning goal, but the defence were magnificant today."

"It wasn`t a great spectacle overall for the fans, but it was a massive 3 points for us as we were under a lot of pressure after the 2 wins away from home. Motherwell made it a hell of a battle for us. Everybody was expecting things today which made it harder for us but we went out and battled."

"It`s my first goal of the season, so maybe I should play Motherwell every week as I scored a couple of goals against them last season. "

"With Cowdenbeath it will be a really difficult game, we have to go with the right attitude, it`ll be a big game for them."

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