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Author: Brian Duncan Date: Friday, 4th Nov 2005

Since the loss of the Synthetic pitch during the summer the Dunfermline Athletic fans are right behind their club.

The Pars Pitch Fund was setup in August this year, the purpose to help raise money for DAFC due to the loss of funds associated with the lack of the Synthetic pitch. The fans decided to come up with ideas and it was suggested that sponsoring a square of the pitch would possibly help raise funds.

Within two weeks the idea had come to fruition for the first game of the season. Due to the lack of funds the Pars Supporters Trust offered to put up the first prize of £1,000 to kick off the new venture and the Centenary Club paid for the promotional lefalets etc.
A broad band of supporters helped set up and run the Pitch fund, which became known as "Sammys Golden Squares".

The DAFC board were so enthusiastic with Sammys Squares that several helpers were invited along to the DAFC board meeting on Monday 31st October, primarily we believe that they wanted it to run again next year !

At the board meeting the Board members were "bowled over by the positivity, enthusiasm and professionalism of all four presentees", (their words, not ours ! we just wanted to show the board that the Pars Fans want to work with the board and that we are in it to help DAFC and the Board) and all doubts about tying up with the Dunfermline fans groups have been cast aside. However, the board see a link going forward that could be a positive link between the Board and the fans, they did wish that all fans groups would become involved in this new Dunfermline Fans forum as only members of the Pitch Fund attended the meeting. (perhaps we can get a better name for it rather than Dunfermline Fans Forum, any suggestions?). It is hoped to have all the DAFC groups together on this evening to promote this new and exciting initiative and that the pitch fund will become defunct.

It was decided to get the ball rolling and so A Fans Forum will be held in the Kingdom Suite on Monday 28th November 7pm.

As we all know the Club still have to continue to raise revenue this year (due mainly to the costs of the synthetic pitch) and have suggested that there are other areas of income that can be pursued:

- Trackside Boards. this is a good advertising revenue considering the number of people who come to the games throughout a season.
- Youth Team Sponsorships. We have a range of teams from Under 11 to 19, they are not currently sponsored so packages could be tailored.
- DAFC Xmas Parties. Do you know anyone / companies who haven`t booked a
Xmas / New Year lunch / evening. Dates from 25th November to 31st Dec.
Prices from £15.95 but we can, of course, discount large volumes - exclusive
company nights can be booked on certain dates.
- Pars Prize Lottery.
- Centenary Club.

So, if you have any ideas about how these can be pursued then please contact the club with your suggestions. As fans any help we can give the club is good, particularly at this time.

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