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Fans Player of the Year 2004-2005

Date: Thursday, 16th Jun 2005

DAFC.net are asking fans to pick an Internet Player of the Year and Internet Young Player of the Year. .Final Call - ensure you vote now. Closes 25th June

What a roller-coaster year this has been for the Pars ! Mainly downwards but survival in recent weeks has been the name of the game with the new management team in place.

Who could have forseen the disasters in front of us after our superb Scottish Cup Final last season. The European trip to Iceland was almost a disaster, on the travelling front as well as the footballing field, but the return leg at McDairmid Park turned out to be a disaster and ended our hopes of winning the UEFA Cup for yet another year.

Progress in this years Scottish Cup was halted by one of this years finalists Celtic, which was a bit unfortunate as we could have gone further. Things seem to go downhill rapidly after that game and confidence seem to trickle away with each game until finally in the split the Pars got thumped 2-0 by Livingston. Suprisingle the management team lasted until the Monday morning such was the mood of the fans. Jim Leishman to the rescue and all is now history.

Craig Brewster and Aaron Labonte deserved winners in lasy years poll by the fans. This year few people would have realised the impact of Stevie Crawford and Craig Brewster would have on matters on the field, but that really marked the downfall of the new management team right at at the beginning, due to this loss over the season and the number of injuries it just seemed impossible to get things going. The last three games the players did what had to be done, the final game at Kilmarncok being just one too far. The players were gutted themselves and its a relief to at least finish in 11th place.

Next season will be a new start.

However, there will still be quite a few choices for the Player of the Year and Young Player of the year for 2004-2005. Andy Tod, highest scorer, Barry Nicholson for his consistant performances, Scott Wilson for his great defensive performances, Scott Thomson who also recovered from injury and his recent performances, as well as some of the younger players including Greg Ross, Iain Campbell and Craig Wilson. This season has seen the team decimated of injuries, in particular Greg Shields who we hope we will see a lot of next year, as well as many other players who have been out over the season at crucial points, Aaron Labonte and Andy Tod.

Now that the fuss over the last couple of weeks has died down we want to know who was your best player in 2004-2005 ?

Each player will receive a trophy. So all you Pars fans can choose which player you thought performed best in the season 2004-2005.

Here is your chance to name your Internet Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year for Dunfermline Athletic 2004 - 2005. We will present each winner with a trophy inscribed "Internet Fans Player of the Year 2004-2005".
To enter select your choice of Player and Young player from the list below. The winner will be the one with the most votes.

Brewster has another shot at goal with this header. Hafnarfjord, Iceland 12 Aug 2004

For the members of the Aberdeen Mailing list: Don`t bother wasting your time if your not submitting a valid entry, our blocker automatically discards them, so save yourself some time and play somewhere else.

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