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Fans petition for a non-old firm scottish league

Date: Friday, 17th Jan 2003

FANS of clubs allover Scotland are signing on online petition aimed at removing the Old Firm from the Scottish Football League

Many believe that, in the light of the ongoing SPL crisis, the 10 non-old firm clubs should stick to their intention to quit at the end of next season and form a league minus the two Glasgow Giants.

Dunfermline Athletic fan Cameron Wilson, 27, organiser of the Petition said: "I don`t think there is any real future for Scottish Football as long as the Old Firm remain part of it. "

"It is clear they would leave us given the opportunity and our petition gives fans who would like to see them go now the chance to make their voices heard."

"Over the past ten years football and changed a lot and a financial chasm has opened up between the old firm and the rest of the leauge. It is now practially impossible for any team outwith the old firm to win the SPL. I think a more competative league would encourage more fans to support their local teams if they thought they had a chance of winning something."

"I don`t understand why the 10 chairmen of the other SPL clubs are even bothering to negoitate a settlement with the old firm. All they are negoitating for is the right to compete for third place. What kind of ambition is that?"

"We also have the small matter of bigotry and the dubious national identity of Rangers and Celtic. I see few saltires at Ibrox or Parkhead and a lack of concern for the national team. Therefore why play in the Scottish Premier League? They don`t care about the rest of Scottish Football whatsoever."

"I think the SPL is football`s equivalent of Formula One. Competition is limited to a couple of extremely wealthy teams fighting for the title and it all adds up to a rather dull and unappealling spectacle."

"A lot of fans might say `oh it`ll never work` but we intend to present a hard copy of this petition to Dunfermline Chairman John Yorkston, who has been very proactive in the SPL debate so far and a stern critic of the Old Firm."

"You can`t really complain too much about the state of scottish football if you aren`t willing to do anything about it. This is what this petition is all about - making the the voices of the fans count."

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