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Author: Brian Duncan Date: Monday, 7th Oct 2002

We started slowly but the quality of Crawford finished them off in the end.

Jimmy Calderwood: We started slowly, in fact I don`t think we started until quarter past four. Thistle made it very very difficult for us and I think John [Lambie] will be disappointed. It was a hard hard game for us, we didn`t let them in the game as they were in it again.

If somebody said we would win by 3 clear goals I would have saidthey were crazy. Even when Thistle were down to 10 men they battled away and still caused us problems. And the quality of Crawford finished them off in the end.
I`m pleased with the qualtiy of the goals, I`m not pleased with quality of the play, the result I`m very happy with.

Demspey has sore one, its a shame for him, it looks like he`ll be out for 2-6 weeks, it was a late challenge, it was a bad one.

Stevie Crawford didn`t do his chances any harm for next week, we were looking for something inspirational. He`s now scored 8 goals, and he only scored 9 all of last season so I hope he would beat that.

Stevie Crawford: we were disappointed last week and we also knew it was going to be hard this week, Partick have been playing really well this season and they have made it hard for teams to beat them and they have not been losing a lot of goals.

Its good to get into the national setup but the club takes care of itself and whatever comes after that is a bonus. The game today was the big thing, and it was nice to get onto the score sheet and gives you a bit of confidence.

Goal scoring wise it is definately the best form I`ve had in my career. Craig wasn`t playing today but his influence has help me and the team a lot this season so far. He`s made me a bit sharper, so a lot of credit must go to him.

The board had a lot of belief in the management as last year we had 7 defeats and others may have taken other decisions. But this season we have got ourselves into third posistion, and we`d want to stay there, as long as we keep improving and if we show the other teams in the leagues the respect they are due and maybe improve on our away form there`s no reason why we cant aim to be up there.

Lee Bullen: It was good to play up beside Stevie today, he`s on fire, absolutely on fire. He`s not scored int he last couple of weeks, butthe amount of chances he creates, and his confidence has grown.

Last year he would have tried pass back, but now he`s shooting at goal. He deserves to be starting with Scotland, with that form anyway. As a forward you need a bit of arrogance and he has that and it give syou confidence, he`s making it look easy now.

The manager has kept faith in him, and he`s now reaping the benefits. He`s getting a lot of benefit playing alongside Brewster with a regular strike partner. I`d be disappointed if he didn`t start on Satrurday, but who I am to choose the team :o). He`s the man on form and you should be playing people that are getting first team football.

Partick had their best spell of the game, after the sending off, but then we were able to get the ball about and were patient. The goals then came as we took advantage of the extra man.

Its a platform to aim for higher than last year, but all we want to do is improve from last year, whether that is Europe or 5th place then fine. We have to wait until the laast 3 games of the season before thinking about that.

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