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Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has The Split Hit The Fan ?
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  This must be the first year...  new rossmcno1  Sat 23 Nov 17:09 
  Pochettino sacked  new londonparsfan  Tue 19 Nov 19:38 
  Scottish cup on Parstv  new fergie  Sat 23 Nov 05:18 
  Stranraer v Dunfermline  new Grant  Sat 23 Nov 14:09 
  Dundee Home - Friday Night  new Connor560  Fri 22 Nov 14:29 
  What is your favourite football stadium?  new OzPar  Tue 12 Nov 12:44 
  Stranraer Cup Game Admission Prices  new jammypar  Fri 22 Nov 13:49 
  C'mon the Rose  new MDCCCLXXXV  Fri 22 Nov 19:06 
  Inverness game at EEP in Feb  new elvis_lives  Thu 21 Nov 22:41 
  Clubs managed quiz  new MDCCCLXXXV  Thu 21 Nov 13:15 
  pars tv v Stranraer  new parsmad123  Thu 21 Nov 18:46 
  Fan Ownership on wireless  new buffy  Thu 21 Nov 11:22 
  Dick Campbell - Opengoal Interview  new TAFKA_Super_Petrie  Mon 18 Nov 18:41 
  dave mackay  new Andy Walter  Tue 19 Nov 22:18 
  Mourinho ~ Spurs  new buffy  Wed 20 Nov 07:08 
  Lottery Winner scoops biggest share at Plastic Whistle  new buffy  Wed 20 Nov 21:50 
  Spaces on supporters bus for Ayr  new bencrawfordd  Wed 20 Nov 16:18 
  Scotland v Kazakhstan  new wee eck  Tue 19 Nov 18:47 
  John Potter  new obiwanyouknowme  Tue 19 Nov 17:28 
  Fife cup  new FRED1981  Tue 19 Nov 15:20 
  X Marks the Spot  new GG Riva  Tue 19 Nov 07:06 
  Ray McKinnon  new StevenPar77  Sat 16 Nov 20:45 
  Lewis McCann  new wetherby  Tue 19 Nov 12:30 
  Ryan Blair  new preston par  Fri 15 Nov 12:15 
  Preston North End  new Mario  Tue 19 Nov 09:56 
  New Hibs Manager  new steaua  Mon 18 Nov 12:58 
  Wee Team  new DulochConvert  Fri 15 Nov 21:18 
  Away fans  new saltonsgonagetu  Sat 16 Nov 20:11 
  Cyprus vs Scotland wtf  new Sacha  Sat 16 Nov 08:45 
  Fickle fans  new MDCCCLXXXV  Sat 16 Nov 01:50 
  Finland  new General Zod  Fri 15 Nov 20:10 
  Hibs sack Hecky  new Connor560  Mon 4 Nov 15:33 
  Nisbet is on the radar of Sevco  new red-star-par  Thu 7 Nov 09:44 
  Queen's Park going professional  new Stanza  Thu 14 Nov 23:55 
  Steven Pressley  new wee eck  Wed 13 Nov 13:45 
  World Champions  new Livingston Par  Thu 14 Nov 21:14 
  Neil Warnock  new Par  Wed 13 Nov 23:50 
  Charity Draw  new Stanza  Thu 14 Nov 14:15 
  Sheffield Wednesday  new wetherby  Thu 14 Nov 17:23 
  Anthony McDonald  new parsloyal98  Tue 12 Nov 19:29 
  Dundee v Dundee United  new GG Riva  Fri 8 Nov 19:24 
  Neil Doncaster Bonus  new parsmad68  Wed 13 Nov 13:15 
  Scoring goals is easy!  new istvan kozma  Wed 13 Nov 16:51 
  Kilmarnock Res v Pars Res  new wetherby  Mon 11 Nov 13:53 
  THAT Ashcroft goal  new RMGpar  Wed 13 Nov 13:22 
  Liverpool v Man City  new The One Who Knocks  Sun 10 Nov 12:26 
  Let's go out and buy a goalkeeper.....  new GG Riva  Mon 11 Nov 07:23 
  Josh Falkingham  new wee eck  Fri 8 Nov 23:10 
  Ayr Utd game moved.  new AdamAntsParsStripe  Thu 7 Nov 17:20 
  It’s gonna happen...  new EEP  Sat 9 Nov 21:08 
  Alloa Highlights up now  new brian  Sun 10 Nov 11:48 
  Spot the Ball  new Buspasspar  Mon 11 Nov 19:21 
  Flannigan  new KilsythPar  Sat 9 Nov 22:43 
  Graeme Robertson  new red-star-par  Sat 9 Nov 19:05 
  Alloa and Dundee utd  new FRED1981  Sat 9 Nov 16:50 
  Match thread - Alloa v Pars  new OzPar  Sat 9 Nov 14:24 
  No Live Updates today - FT Rovers 3-1 Stranraer  new buffy  Sat 9 Nov 13:44 
  Michael O'Neill  new wee eck  Fri 8 Nov 12:55 
  + GD  new PARrot  Fri 8 Nov 22:06 
  Albania Women v Scotland Women  new wee eck  Fri 8 Nov 16:40 
  European games  new MDCCCLXXXV  Thu 7 Nov 19:54 
  Hib's Supporter Director resigns  new GG741  Fri 8 Nov 01:31 
  Kyle Turner or Joe Thomson  new tappies par  Wed 6 Nov 01:00 
  FAO: EEP Volunteers  new bencrawfordd  Mon 4 Nov 11:33 
  Alloa away  new KevB89  Tue 5 Nov 00:43 
  Saturdays 50/50 half time draw  new DRreturns  Tue 5 Nov 10:10 
  The Rangers bleeds money  new OzPar  Sat 2 Nov 10:26 
  Andre Gomes  new RossF  Sun 3 Nov 21:14 
  CL Tonight - Part 2  new GG Riva  Tue 5 Nov 17:13 
  Jimmy C..just getting on with it  new Mario  Sat 2 Nov 09:26 
  Reserves v Dundee United today  new wee eck  Tue 5 Nov 13:43 
  AJ returns to EEP  new GG Riva  Sat 2 Nov 10:08 
  MOM v QOS  new Sliema Par  Sat 2 Nov 20:57 
  League Cup semi final  new the saline hill puma  Sat 2 Nov 17:32 
  Are we on the verge of something good?  new wee eck  Sun 3 Nov 12:14 
  Highlights QoS  new brian  Sun 3 Nov 13:14 
  Well feck you, Alf Ramsay!  new OzPar  Fri 1 Nov 10:36 
  Matchday video - Pars v QOTS  new bencrawfordd  Sat 2 Nov 19:59 
  Pars V QOTS  new parak obama  Sat 2 Nov 14:07 
  Miller Fenton signs  new buffy  Fri 1 Nov 16:45 
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