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Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has The Split Hit The Fan ?
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  The History of Dotnet  new OzPar  Sat 2 May 16:14 
  Football is back  new wetherby  Fri 8 May 06:23 
  DADSC - 5 minutes of your time, please  new Stanza  Wed 6 May 21:44 
  Kallum stuck in India  new purekozma  Thu 30 Apr 11:33 
  A Scottish Bail Out.  new Sliema Par  Wed 6 May 11:42 
  Lifeline  new GG Riva  Wed 6 May 09:49 
  VIDEO ON DEMAND. ParsTV Dunfermline vs St Mirren with Ryan Williamson  new brian  Thu 30 Apr 16:30 
  Contracts  new The Toun Clock  Mon 4 May 12:36 
  Quiz: Name the Scorer  new sammer  Mon 4 May 18:19 
  **Auction Iconic Pars Shirt  new 1970par  Sat 2 May 15:00 
  Black & White Noise Returns  new DA-go Par Adonis  Fri 1 May 13:17 
  Championship team of the year  new Connor560  Sun 3 May 14:52 
  Yellow cards for spitting now?  new eric par  Tue 28 Apr 08:48 
  My opinion on every current Pars player (video)  new bencrawfordd  Sun 3 May 20:32 
  DASC. Player of the year  new skbb  Sat 2 May 19:09 
  Tommy Wright  new Connor560  Sat 2 May 11:13 
  PST Hamper raffle now live  new 1970par  Fri 10 Apr 13:56 
  Today’s auction item  new 1970par  Sat 2 May 10:15 
  New club shop website  new brian  Thu 30 Apr 12:32 
  Bundesliga getting ready to return  new OzPar  Tue 28 Apr 02:20 
  Departures  new Mon-pa  Mon 27 Apr 14:47 
  Potential New Champions League System  new londonparsfan  Thu 30 Apr 09:54 
  The most brutal game in history  new GG Riva  Tue 28 Apr 18:17 
  Challenge match v FK Dukla Praha  new DRreturns  Tue 28 Apr 13:04 
  Cap in Hand  new sammer  Mon 27 Apr 17:40 
  Championship player who impressed most  new Connor560  Fri 24 Apr 18:40 
  52 years ago  new AbuBarrie  Mon 27 Apr 13:46 
  ***Auction** Match sponsor lot  new 1970par  Sat 25 Apr 15:00 
  ** Auction Matchday Whisky/Shirt lot  new 1970par  Sat 25 Apr 15:01 
  Another Pars fan gone ~ Bob Lawson  new buffy  Thu 23 Apr 20:23 
  CANCELLED ParsTV 3pm Saturday 25th April with Ryan Williamson  new brian  Fri 24 Apr 18:40 
  The eScottish Cup  new saltonsgonagetu  Wed 18 Mar 19:02 
  Sportcene Classics  new Playup_Pompey  Mon 27 Apr 11:57 
  Seven Hero’s of Moeuvres Strip  new sjapar  Tue 21 Apr 07:16 
  Match of the Day Top 10  new wetherby  Sat 25 Apr 22:50 
  Every Kevin Nisbet goal this season (video)  new bencrawfordd  Sun 26 Apr 15:02 
  20/21 strip mock up  new saltonsgonagetu  Tue 7 Apr 20:46 
  Bonus Ball draw Paul Town Art  new 1970par  Wed 15 Apr 12:20 
  Coronavirus AFC Fylde  new ianbd6  Sat 25 Apr 21:30 
  QUIZ Name the grounds  new sammer  Fri 24 Apr 18:26 
  Clubs to vote on proposal  new Grant  Wed 8 Apr 13:20 
  Quiz Old English Stadiums  new wetherby  Fri 24 Apr 08:06 
  QUIZ Name the Goalie  new sammer  Thu 23 Apr 20:47 
  fans eye view  new Ben,D.A  Thu 23 Apr 16:49 
  A surprisingly good judge of character...  new londonparsfan  Fri 24 Apr 15:01 
  Pound a par  new Parnear  Thu 23 Apr 17:18 
  Auchinleck Talbot  new buffy  Wed 22 Apr 17:01 
  QUIZ: Did these kids make it?  new sammer  Tue 21 Apr 21:26 
  Stand By Me  new sammer  Mon 20 Apr 15:42 
  *auction This/Last year signed shirts  new 1970par  Sat 18 Apr 15:00 
  Football return  new moviescot  Mon 20 Apr 15:29 
  *Auction * 60’s heroes shirt  new 1970par  Sat 18 Apr 15:02 
  Video on Demand. ParsTV review of season 2019/2020  new brian  Sat 18 Apr 12:00 
  Follow Follow  new Pars Kebab  Wed 15 Apr 18:24 
  Contracts  new Connor560  Wed 15 Apr 18:57 
  Serie A in the 80s  new The One Who Knocks  Sun 19 Apr 16:26 
  Norman Hunter (D)  new GG Riva  Fri 17 Apr 19:35 
  Iconic strips  new partime  Thu 16 Apr 19:38 
  Pars TV  new Parsfangaz  Sat 18 Apr 15:04 
  Off the Ball  new Kaiser Chief  Sat 18 Apr 12:59 
  Fundraising for Support The Pars  new bencrawfordd  Thu 16 Apr 20:34 
  50/50 Draw  new BigJPar  Fri 17 Apr 17:33 
  New income stream  new saltonsgonagetu  Wed 15 Apr 16:56 
  Peter Bonettii  new Ronaldo  Mon 13 Apr 14:34 
  Season 2019/20 Over  new buffy  Wed 15 Apr 18:28 
  Lifeline benefits  new parsfan97  Tue 14 Apr 12:19 
  £40,000+ raised  new Connor560  Tue 14 Apr 18:16 
  **Fundraising research**  new 1970par  Wed 15 Apr 09:39 
  Too Many Lefties?  new sammer  Mon 13 Apr 17:43 
  Kelty Hearts, Champions  new Alf  Mon 13 Apr 17:36 
  Reserve Cup Final v Quality St. Kids  new GG Riva  Mon 13 Apr 10:31 
  First game back  new BigJPar  Mon 13 Apr 20:08 
  ***Auction Matchday whisky  new 1970par  Sat 11 Apr 15:00 
  **Auction Prosecco/Ball lot  new 1970par  Sat 11 Apr 15:04 
  Chairmans Statement  new Connor560  Thu 9 Apr 19:02 
  Sky etc  new kozmasrightfoot  Mon 13 Apr 17:18 
  Alan Forrest  new M-PAR  Fri 10 Apr 17:34 
  Activities for the Norrie concourse  new bencrawfordd  Fri 10 Apr 18:06 
  BBC Scotland  new LochgellyAlbert  Sun 12 Apr 19:48 
  5 players who made you fall in love with football  new Connor560  Thu 9 Apr 14:00 
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11Allan MacLeod
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