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 Paul Lambert
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Sat 27 Oct 09:24

He has been appointed manager of Ipswich Town. His previous connections with Norwich City may make his appointment unpopular with some Ipswich fans.
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 Paul Lambert  new
wee eck Sat 27 Oct 09:24 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
WORST Sat 27 Oct 09:28 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
General Zod Sat 27 Oct 09:32 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
mach1 Sat 27 Oct 10:16 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
eastendalloapar Sat 27 Oct 10:22 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
mach1 Sat 27 Oct 10:26 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
kelty_par Sat 27 Oct 10:26 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
Hummingbird Harry Sat 27 Oct 10:30 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
mach1 Sat 27 Oct 10:41 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
petrie_pants Sat 27 Oct 10:43 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
FRED1981 Sat 27 Oct 13:24 
 Re: Paul Lambert  new
evo! Sat 27 Oct 20:00 

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