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 Re: Highlights
Topic Originator: Berkey  
Date:   Tue 30 Oct 19:34

Jackson is a quality left back, he just doesn’t have any options going forward as we’ve no wingers at the club and no Midfeilders running forward to help create space. He attacks its in the air, strong and physical in the challenge and always makes sure in his first challenge he lets the wingers know he’s there. Pretty much the opposite of Ryan.

It’s the same folk defending Williamson on here. Yes he’s capable of having a good game here and there but his default performance is not good defensively. People really underestimate how good Morris was, he got Ryan through last season using his pace to cover and using his reading of the game to marshal him. It also appears he can’t play without higgy helping him out. He needs carried.

Folk defending Ryan after McMillans goal on sat need to have a think about what they expect from a professional footballer and in particular a defender.

Again i’ll say it, a more naive footballer you won’t see.

Just sitting here drenched in my own negativity!

Post Edited (Tue 30 Oct 19:40)
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