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 Match thread for today ?
Topic Originator: Swisspar  
Date:   Sat 9 Mar 15:14

Alloa updates.

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 Re: Match thread for today ?
Topic Originator: kelty_par  
Date:   Sat 9 Mar 17:58

Busy thread!

Although to be fair there was nothing much to say in the first half and it was far too cold to keep digging the phone out the pocket. The second half was a little bit more exciting - Alloa were unfortunate when a corner wasn't cleared and they looked like they'd scored but a Pars head (Devine maybe? I couldn't see from the gazebo) got it away right on the line - and Anderson took his goal well. We should haveaybe put it to bed with some openings on the break but too often the impetus of the move fizzled out and the chance was gone. The best chance after the ball fell to Loius Longridge but the keeper made a decent save. Not a classic though and a lot of that was to do with the narrow pitch and the howling wind. The surface itself played well though, for all the stuff thrown at artificial pitches.
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 Re: Match thread for today ?
Topic Originator: kozmanorrie  
Date:   Sat 9 Mar 18:11

It was L Longridge with goal line clearance
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