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 Auction DAFC Signed football Circa1998 - for DASC
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Sun 10 Mar 17:22

We have a DAFC signed football in a woden plynth and glass case. We think this is circa 1998 with the following signatures either identified or suggested.

David Hay, Craig Martin, Gregg Loudon, Ian Westwater (??), Brian (?) Reid, ??, Steven Boyle, Colin Miller or Colin Nish, Zoran Lemajic, John Fraser, Jimmy Bone, Craig Robertson, plus more.

signatures discussed previously here:

link to auction:

e-contact: email me
File Share: https://share2.co.uk
ParsTV: https://ParsTV.co.uk
Form Table: https://DAFC.co.uk/league
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