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 Contalmaison 2019
Topic Originator: Stanza  
Date:   Wed 13 Mar 10:53

For the past few years, the Heritage Trust has represented DAFC on 1 July at Contalmaison in France, when wreaths are laid at the McCrae's Battalion Trust memorial to those who died in the Battle of the Somme, including Davie Izatt and Jimmy Morton of DAFC.

If you would like to represent the Trust and DAFC this year, please email enquiries@daht.org.uk by Wednesday 20 March for more details.


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 Re: Contalmaison 2019
Topic Originator: 1970par  
Date:   Wed 13 Mar 12:08

Superb event, I had the honour to go with the bus from the club in 2016
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