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 Season over
Topic Originator: tappies par  
Date:   Wed 10 Apr 00:06

Is that pretty much our season over with? Not likely to go up or down. I suppose until mathematically possible we need try and win every game. We need to secure 5th for financial gain to make sure we get the most money from finishing as high as possible. I think Crawford is under orders to try and bread some youth to try and bring a bit of money into the club hence couple of youngsters getting first team opportunities. Do we now test out some of the youngsters or establish who we would like to keep and start preparing for next season now. There are only really a few players I would like to keep who are good enough to be in a promotional winning team.
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 Re: Season over
Topic Originator: GJS93  
Date:   Wed 10 Apr 00:35

1. it isn't over which you answer yourself, the money for league position.
2. under orders to play youngsters? not a chance.
3. play more of them? no, see point 1.
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