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 Tommy Smith (d)
Topic Originator: sammer  
Date:   Fri 12 Apr 19:59

The Anfield Iron has died aged 74.
A player in the John Greig, Roy Barry mould who never ducked a challenge. Smith was part of two great Liverpool teams under both Shankly and Paisley. Emlyn Hughes was probably more a Shankly man so took over the captaincy, but Tommy Smith was pure Scouser Koppite.
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 Re: Tommy Smith (d)
Topic Originator: eastendalloapar  
Date:   Sat 13 Apr 12:07

I remember him being on BBS's the big time preparing a part time player into someone who was able to play in a Liverpool testimonial. He seemed a be a nice guy, RIP Tommy.

matt forsyth
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