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Topic Originator: par-t-on  
Date:   Sat 13 Apr 18:15

It was a great atmosphere at EEP this afternoon (until they scored) We dominated the game but ultimately couldn't beat a poor Falkirk team sitting bottom of the league.

Despite what happened this afternoon I still think Crawford should be given a chance to build a team of his own for next season. He has inherited AJ's mess so it is unfair to judge him on that.

I look at teams like Ayr and what they have achieved this season and think that should be us but the simple fact is we haven't been good enough to be challenging for a play off position.

To end on a positive note the young lad Matthew Todd looks like a decent prospect for the future. It's time to start thinking about rebuilding a team that is gonna make a challenge for a top 3 finish next season.
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