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 Neil Doncaster Bonus
Topic Originator: parsmad68  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 13:15

I know the Daily Mail is not the most reliable of newspapers but it is reporting that Doncaster has received a £90k performance related pay bonus increasing his salary to £388,000.
I find this difficult to understand that whilst he won a new contract that the separation between struggling clubs and the top tier is polarised by this one event.
£388,000 would be the annual turnover of many clubs in the bottom 3 tiers of Scottish football and one of the reasons that over the years my interest has dropped in all things related to professional football.
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 Re: Neil Doncaster Bonus
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 13:20

I could handle it if the game in Scotland was improving or if even just from a finance perspective he was bringing in revenue from deals that were above average for a country of our market size but from what I can see he hasn't.

The benchmarks just seem to be exceeding revenue from our previous poor deals and keeping the league ticking over. Not bad cash if you can get it.
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 Re: Neil Doncaster Bonus
Topic Originator: veteraneastender  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 13:29

I wonder how much the top earners at Celtic and Rangers are on ?
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 Re: Neil Doncaster Bonus
Topic Originator: neils  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 19:15

Is there any agreement for a bonus of this % of salary, and if so what are the criteria.

If he massively increased revenues etc. Then fine- but he just seems to have met the minimum.

Scottish football has limited value re broadcast income, but for this contract we got lucky BT need to fill up space.

Football players are pretty much paid exactly what they are worth- a Celtic player who can score 20/25 goals can command x amount, and it's worth it to the club. If he is mince, or not good enough- he can command only what any other (if any) clubs are prepared to pay
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