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 X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: GG Riva  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 07:06

At any given game at EEP, Pars fans can be seen sitting in approximately 3/4 of the stadium. Most of them occupy the same seat at every match.

When I first started watching the Pars, my school pal and I used to get in early and take up our place behind the goal at the Cowdenbeath end, as that was the one the team generally chose to play towards in the first half. If we had to play the other way, we'd quickly make our way round to the town end, via the covered North terracing. At half time we always changed ends, unless we were playing one of the OF, when the stadium would be too crowded to make the effort.

When my pal and I went our separate ways, I became a fixture in the North enclosure, just to west of where the TV gantry is now situated, with a different pal for company. When he stopped following the Pars due to failing health, I moved to a seat in the main stand. On the odd occasion, I've also sat in the Norrie, and both the NW and NE. There's no doubt that watching from the South Stand is less atmospheric, but you get a far better view of the game. I no longer enjoy watching games from behind a goal, although in some away games we have no choice.

Where do you prefer to sit at EEP and why?

Not your average Sunday League player.
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: da_no_1  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 07:30

I have a seat behind the goal in the Norrie. Its roughly above where we stood before the stands were built. There are far better views in the ground but it's just where me and dad have always went. No explanation other than that I'm afraid.

"Some days will stay a 1000 years, some pass like the flash of a spark"
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: ReturningParsFan  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 07:36

When I started going in the early 70s, I stood with my mates in what was called the 'Stand Enclosure', beneath the main stand. I think home fans occupied the Cowdenbeath side and then moved to the other side and then back again. It gave a great view and a brilliant atmosphere when there was a decent crowd.

When that area was no longer available, we moved to stand in what is now the NW, again a great atmosphere and a good view. I also occasionally stood behind the goal, though I didn't like not beeing able to judge an offside.

I missed out on the all-seater developments, and by the time I returned regularly, I took up a seat in the main centre stand. I actually remember my old man taking me to a game against Atletico Bilbao in the 60s and the view of the green pitch when you climbed the steps was breathtaking. We won 1-0 too !!

I don't have a season ticket, but I always take the same seat, bang on the half-way line and about 10 rows from the back. Fantastic view apart from the corner flag at the Norrie end. Yes, the atmosphere isn't as good as in the old days (though it was bouncing when we beat Ayr).

On another thread (about favourite grounds), a lot of people have said how great EEP is, and for viewing, it has to be right up there.
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: Connor560  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 09:09

Season ticket in the Norrie for 14 or 15 years - in line with the 18 yard box nearest to the main stand side.

Again, always just sat there and a decent view of the pitch. Always prefer to sit behind the goals where possible

C'mon Ye Pars!
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: Socks  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 09:35

My Dad and I used to stand on the terrace behind the goal, slightly to the side where the turnstiles were. When the terrace was destroyed (boo) we tried a number of different spots in the new stand but never really settled on any of them so for a change we went in the NW one day and we both quite liked it. We've moved around in there a bit but have had a spot standing at the back, about halfway along, for quite a few years now.

It suits us well. We can stand without bothering anyone which is an important thing with his back pain, as is being able to walk about at half time. It's also quite forgiving of my rants at referees, though these have become much less frequent in the last few seasons. The view from the main stand is better, but both of us much prefer the feeling of being close to the pitch in the NW, and I'm pretty sure we'll be there for as long as we're able to go and it's still open.
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: Andrew283  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 10:05

Had the same seat in pretty much dead centre of the Norrie since I started following the Pars back around 2006/7. Always liked you tend to get to know the regulars who sit around you
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: MDCCCLXXXV  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 11:42

Started going regularly in mid to late 80s, myself and 2 brother in laws got seats on Cross Guns supporters bus and went home and away for next 10 years, we used to stand behind the goals what is now the Norrie, 3 or 4 steps down from the pie stand. We knew most of the guys that stood around us and still talk to them on matchday. Stopped going for a few years until the Calderwood era.

Now I sit in the Norrie, below the picture of the great man himself, been there since Davie Hay took over(I thought about chucking it again after that season) Instead I renewed my ST and have been there ever since. The guys round about are all good craic and I couldn't imagine sitting any where else

East End Park is a symbol of all that is DAFC.
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: DunfyDave  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 12:03

Enjoy sitting in the middle rows of the Main Stand perfectly aligned with the half-day line. Best views of both goals

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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: Bigfoot  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 13:14


Me and a couple of pals always liked to sunbathe on the platfrom that house teh roller in the Cowdenbeath end!

My favourite memory from that seat was a Johnny Salton rocket from not far off the halfway line going inches over the Forfar keeper's (Stewart Kennedy) bar.

The keeper had the temerity to wave at the ball as it sailed past him.

Jesus saves, but Kirk nets rebound
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: Mario  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 13:56

Stood just about everywhere in the old ground, depending on weather sometimes, and it was nice to enjoy the sun early/late season.
Never sat in the old stand, and my debut in the new one coincided (I'm fairly sure) with the Rangers debut of "Gorgeous" George Mclean for Rangers.
He was the focus of much attention, but I was sitting looking right down on Jim Baxter's patch and my eyes were drawn very much to him. A masterclass in doing the simple things ie find space, receive ball, pass to teammate, so well. He made it look simple anyway.
My regular seat now is pretty much in the same row as that one
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 Re: X Marks the Spot
Topic Originator: buffy  
Date:   Tue 19 Nov 17:15

I originally stood on the NE terracing near the cage before moving along to the NW corner.

But I miss my seat in the Norrie - second last row from the back up behind the goals - and the folk who sat nearby. The climb up into the heavens. I liked looking down the full length of the pitch although at times I couldn’t see the action at the away end!

Being in the Main Stand (front row of the Pb) brings with it some challenges - pillars being one, for free kicks; not being able to see the near side corners another; and it feels colder than any other part of the stadium! Heated seats would be braw. 

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