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 Quick Free Kicks
Topic Originator: GG Riva  
Date:   Mon 25 Nov 07:30

We don't tend to see a lot of quickly taken free kicks in the modern game and consequently not a lot of goals as a result, but exceptionally, there were two in the EPL at the week-end; one for Southampton and another for Wolves.

There are two reasons these quick free kicks are no longer commonplace:-

1. Over fussy refs who tell the attacking team to wait until they blow the whistle.
2. Defending players standing over the ball, or grabbing it to prevent a quick free kick.

Given that quick free kicks are allowed to give the attacking team the advantage their opponents have sought to deny it, referees should be instructed not to insist on blowing their whistle to re-start a game. If players who obstruct/delay the taking of a quick free kick automatically incurred a yellow card, that might cure that particular 'tactic' overnight.

Why should defending teams who commit tactical fouls be allowed the luxury of organising themselves with walls etc?

Not your average Sunday League player.
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 Re: Quick Free Kicks
Topic Originator: Playup_Pompey  
Date:   Mon 25 Nov 10:32

The law change to allow offical to delay the caution until the next break in play if a team wishes to take a quick free kick to restart game should prevent point 1.

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 Re: Quick Free Kicks
Topic Originator: auldpar  
Date:   Mon 25 Nov 10:32

Completely agree. Same with guys who pick up the ball and walk away with it to delay the opposition. This applies to throw-ins as well.
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