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 Co-op seat plates
Topic Originator: 1970par  
Date:   Thu 18 Jun 13:40

We have again agreed to provide these plates to the club free of charge
There are now around 750 of these in the stadium, if you have one the expectation is that you pay your £5 per year renewal which will if we all did would bring in an extra £3500

If you don’t already have a seat plate then this is a fantastic way to show your support to the club when purchasing a new season ticket, for £15 it shows that even if we are unable to attend games our name will be on the seats showing our backing to the players who can see them glinting in the sunlight when the seats are in the upright position

If we could purchase another 150 new plates when buying our season tickets then this would bring in another £2250 and if we added this to the possible £3500 as mentioned for renewals above then that’s an extra £5750 in the clubs coffers taking the total investment from this to well over £30,000 since we started this initiative

Not a bad return for the club for zero cost
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