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 Ticket Site
Topic Originator: MattF  
Date:   Sun 28 Jun 15:20

Sorry for the long post, this has just went on COWS. Fixes were put in place on Friday around 5 pm for the issues on the site and so far we've not had anyone report password errors.

DAFC have worked hard with our ticket system provider Interstadia to resolve the issues customers are having using the online ticket platform.

Improvements have been made to the site to resolve the errors in the registration process, with more improvements to be made over the coming days.

Registration Process

The password error problem has now been resolved and has passed internal and external tests since the fix was implemented on Friday (27th June) early evening.

We would like to remind season ticket that to successfully register for the first time to the site you must use the details currently held for you by the club ticketing database. If you have changed address or email address in recent times and haven’t made the club aware please email matthew@dafc.co.uk to change your details before trying to register.

Password Reset Emails

A complete overhaul of the email server used on the system has taken place and more customers are receiving the emails from the system. We are however aware that some email domains are still not receiving the emails. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can fix ourselves and are awaiting confirmation from these email domains to resolve this. Please check your Spam folders for these emails.

In the meantime, all password resets are also being sent to a member of club staff who will forward these on to supporters when they are received. Please be patient especially out of hours, the emails are being monitored but there may be a delay.

Seating Plan

The seating plan requires Flash Player. Please ensure you have enabled flash player on your browser.

Help Guides

We have produced a number of different help guides should you need them. These can be found https://dafc.co.uk/news.php?c=Tickets&sc=Online%20Ticket%20Help

Other Issues

Should you find any additional issues or require your customer account to be updated please email matthew@dafc.co.uk who will assist you.
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 Re: Ticket Site
Topic Originator: Superpars68  
Date:   Sun 28 Jun 17:24

Thanks Matt, season ticket renewed no probs. 👍
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 Re: Ticket Site
Topic Originator: Alf  
Date:   Sun 28 Jun 18:45

I am maybe not reading this or I'm missing something
If I buy a ticket from the family prices, it states the adult price and then concession price, it then goes onto the price for first child under 18 and second child under 18

Who does the concession cover?
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 Re: Ticket Site
Topic Originator: MattF  
Date:   Sun 28 Jun 19:15

A family concession should an adult who is a student, disabled or could even be a grandad
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 Re: Ticket Site
Topic Originator: oapar  
Date:   Mon 29 Jun 14:13

Or a Granny, Matt.
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 Re: Ticket Site
Topic Originator: DulochConvert  
Date:   Fri 3 Jul 00:02

Plan to head in to the shop tomorrow, will my son moving from U12 to U18 need a new card?
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