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 (Video) What do we need in this window?
Topic Originator: bencrawfordd  
Date:   Fri 8 Jan 19:42

Apologies for a similar thread to others, but I needed to advertise this as much as possible.

No transfer business coming in the way at East End Park as of yet 😬

However, here’s what, and who, I think we need to bring in this month ⬇️

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 Re: (Video) What do we need in this window?
Topic Originator: AlterPar  
Date:   Fri 8 Jan 22:33

Brilliant mate. Good on you running a show like this. Cammy smith is a player I’ve always fancied as well, he’s no a striker mind you ;)

Crawford will be hoping O’Hara starts to kick on a bit, especially after gifting him a 3 year deal. Let’s see what this window brings!
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 Re: (Video) What do we need in this window?
Topic Originator: tappies par  
Date:   Sat 9 Jan 02:04

We were linked with this player before. He comes with a bit of baggage and I’m no sure how that would go down with the fans. We signed O Hara who caused a bit of a divided opinion. So here goes how’s about us signing striker David Goodwille seems to be scoring a few for Clyde. He’s a proven striker at a lot higher level. I think if he was to sign and bang in the goals. Then the majority of fans would be willing to give him a chance. I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened with the alleged charges which brought an end to his career down south. He could potentially fill the gap left by Nesbit.

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