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 A chance.....
Topic Originator: Never10yairds  
Date:   Sun 14 Feb 10:00

I still think we have a chance of winning the league, a slim one but you know what? A decade ago we won something like 11 wins on the bounce after adding a couple of pieces in January and went on to win the league. We don’t have a bad team and maybe a little inconsistent and had some issues scoring but let’s say the new signings hit the ground running, we could still catch hearts if they have a wobble. They will still lose games. A good 2nd would do, give us a fighting chance in the playoffs. I’d fancy us to turn over the likes of Motherwell. Back in the top flight for the fans returning to the stands next season?

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 Re: A chance.....
Topic Originator: Angus_W  
Date:   Sun 14 Feb 10:29

......IMO it comes down to consistency.

If the team that played the Rovers turns up - no problem.

We also have to find a strike force, let’s see what Wighton can bring to the table.
Declan needs a partner or maybe there’s a better combination.

I can’t see us winning the league but a play of spot is not unrealistic.

It’s not going to be easy............

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 Re: A chance.....
Topic Originator: EEP  
Date:   Sun 14 Feb 12:37

Hearts will be 1st but I’m confident we can get 2nd spot.

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 Re: A chance.....
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Sun 14 Feb 21:13

I cant see us finishing below 4th.
Top 4 look set unless ICT win all their GIH

3rd or 4th dont really make much difference apart from 2nd game at home. That could be important if wr are against an astroturf team.
Got to focus on winning and hopefully get at least 2nd.

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