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 2nd place?
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Sat 3 Apr 17:11

Can do it. Raith have a nasty run in with Dundee Hearts and in form QoS included.
We need to beat Dundee at home .... and it is do-able.

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 Re: 2nd place?
Topic Originator: Pars11  
Date:   Sat 3 Apr 19:11

Ayr away, Dundee home, QoS home, Arbroath home and Alloa away. Competing with the first 3 teams for a top 4 place and chasing Raith who will stutter now. Arbroath and Alloa will be no push over. I would hope for 11 out of 15 of these points its going to be tight. Personally think Dundee will finish second so that would leave 3rd or 4th for us. 5 wins is achievable but doubtful.

Bluebell Polka
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 Re: 2nd place?
Topic Originator: Stanza  
Date:   Sat 3 Apr 21:17

Football managers should only take matches one at a time, and avoid looking too far ahead. As fans, we have the liberty to indulge ourselves.

While Ayr United can`t be totally ruled out, it does look as if the three play-off spots will be contested by five teams: Raith, Dundee, Dunfermline, ICT and QoS. And if Dundee win at Ayr on Tuesday it`s going to be hard to dislodge them and Raith from the play-off spots.

The run-ins for each team are:

RAITH: Arbroath (H), QoS (A), Alloa (A), Dundee (A), Hearts (H)
DUNDEE: Ayr (A), Morton (H), Dunfermline (A) ICT (A), Raith (H), QoS (A)
DUNFERMLINE: Ayr (A), Dundee (H), QoS (H), Arbroath (H), Alloa (A)
ICT: Morton (A), QoS (A), Dundee (H), Hearts (A), Ayr (H)
QOS: ICT (H), Raith (H), Dunfermline (A), Ayr (A), Dundee (H)

The places might be determined by how well QoS do - they have to play all four other contenders, three of them at Dumfries.

On paper Dunfermline have got the easiest run-in. Pity the games are played on grass.


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 Re: 2nd place?
Topic Originator: Indiapar  
Date:   Sun 4 Apr 01:09

I think you can only concentrate on your own performances and the the opposition worry about you. A playoff place no matter what that is would be a successful season. Anything can happen after that.
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