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 Scotsman Article re Falkirk
Topic Originator: CrossPar  
Date:   Sun 25 Apr 10:23


Interesting article in the Scotsman re the reasons for Falkirk parting with their management team. Apart from the slant that they are up against a lot of part time club's, couldn't help noticing quite a few similarities in some of the other aspects regarding team selection, formations, performances, not getting the best out of players, giving opposition too much respect and fans disgruntlement. Ultimately, it suggests that the eventual outcome is the manager goes.

While I don't want to rain on our parade after yesterday clinching a playoff place, we must bear in mind that a lot of the above also applies to us and we must not paper over the cracks. Think the performances in the playoffs will be crucial in our decision.

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 Re: Scotsman Article re Falkirk
Topic Originator: rossmcno1  
Date:   Sun 25 Apr 11:43

The first point of the article is spot on, and is absolutely transferrable for us. But as I’ve said consistently now, if Crawford leads us to promotion then he deserves a chance. Otherwise, see below.

“ Even when results were good, they were poor

Prior to picking up one victory in their last five, Falkirk sat atop the League One table with a comfortable lead and a record of played 13, won 8, drawn 3 and lost 2. However, fans weren`t exactly c*ck-a-hoop with what they were seeing from their side. A lot of matches seemed to be an unnecessary struggle for a team who, with Partick Thistle previously toiling, looked default champions of the third tier. Instead of post-match dissections praising the star players, supporters often lamented the overall performance and "oh well, at least it`s another three points" was about as positive as it got.

We often see this in football and fans are typically derided for being too demanding. But teams who consistently perform well beneath the collective sum of their parts always come crashing down to earth sooner rather than later. A prime example was Celtic supporters vociferously stating their concerns with what they were seeing under Neil Lennon earlier this term. They were widely ignored by both the media and the club`s board, but they were proved right in the end. The same goes for Falkirk.”

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