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 The Groundsman as Star
Topic Originator: Stanza  
Date:   Tue 15 Jun 11:16

This is an excellent long read about the role of the groundsman in elite football. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/15/silicon-valley-of-turf-uk-perfect-football-pitch

Who knew that the UEFA pitch quality specifies that surface traction should be above 30 Newton metres (NM), a unit of torque that measures a player’s interaction with the surface and that surface hardness should be between 70 and 90 gravities – a measurement of how quickly a hammer decelerates on impact! And the UK leads the way in plantcare knowledge and technology.

Groundsman Willie should be sending this article to the DAFC Board with his application for a pay rise, before he's poached by Barcelona!


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 Re: The Groundsman as Star
Topic Originator: sammer  
Date:   Tue 15 Jun 14:20

The Article goes into some detail about how football pitches (and even Wimbledon) are prepared for tournaments but never becomes too technical for the layman like myself. The UK, once notorious for pitches like Derby County’s Baseball Ground, now provides more expert assistants to FIFA than any other country.

It’s often pointed out that the ball is moved around far more quickly in the modern game than previously and one reason is clearly the quality of the playing surfaces. Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger both admitted that the tremendous improvement in pitches allowed them to play a different type of game. The traditional UK game was based on hitting the front men early with balls from defence and that was probably a reaction to gluepot pitches. Passing the ball across the back four would have been a suicide mission in such conditions unless you were Franz Beckenbauer.

Following Spain’s 0-0 draw last night the manager claimed the very dry pitch in Seville had inhibited his team from passing the ball as quickly as they wanted. So expectations have risen greatly from the days of a bumpy Hampden pitch in April.

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