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 How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: Ianparfan  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 18:49

I rarely post and whilst I understand the passion of being a Pars fan, it pains me to see the internal fighting that is happening on here. I have a season ticket, but rarely attend due to work but often catch the game on Pars TV. (great service BTW guys).

Just sat here thinking of my pars life in my early days (im only 45 lol)

John Watson, Norrie, Mark Smith, Leishman, Ross Jack, Paul Smith, Mark Harrow, Ivo, Istvan Kozma (Yip I was there at the Hatrick), Beedie, Joe Nelson, Mo Hutton, Iain Munro, Doug Rougvie, Davie Moyes, Ian Westwater, Andy Rhodes, Gary Riddell, Craig Robertson (THE goal v Clydebank - I was there), Hamish French,Bert Paton, Jackie McNamara, Ian McCall, Ray Sharp........ I dunno where to stop and I know I have missed soooooo many.

As fans, we are very very unhappy where we are. Obviously. But we must keep our integrity and if the rumours are true of vehicle damage and more - this is completely unacceptable.

I run a business that turns over several millions per year but when things are tough and not going well, I don`t have the amount of scrutiny that Ross et al are facing.

We must stick together through thick and thin. We can voice our concerns in a measured approach.

I dunno what`s around the corner, but lets do it with integrity. COYP

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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: DunfyDave  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 19:03

I am with you LPF - In am embarrassed by some of the aggressive, immature posts pertaining to our current plight.

This is the time to dig deep and make mature positive comments and/or suggestions on our current situation.

Self imploding into civil war on a forum helps no one and especially not our club.

This is the time for steady heads.

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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: dover par  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 19:25

The club and team has become stagnant over the last few Years.I hope some positivity comes from all this turmoil, We need change to progress as a club.

"Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the hell you're doing."
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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 19:33

Apart from losing someone who put a shed load of time, effort and cash into the club nothing else is changing.

The rest of the board are still responsible for making decisions (it was never one man despite the carry on by fuds on here) our investors can effectively over rule them on everything they're not exactly likely too.
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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: EEP  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 20:09

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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: KnebworthPar  
Date:   Tue 12 Oct 23:03

Ian, I’m like you. Aged 49 I grew up on Norrie, Watson et al. What’s happening now and some of the comments on here are frankly disgusting and shame us all.

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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: Townsvillepar  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 00:11

I have been a life long Pars supporter. I was the Cup Finals in 1965 and 1968 and at the Town Hall when the Pars brought home the cup in 1961. I was at the Valencia game and went to West Brom. Life changing memories. Living in Australia now, I don`t get to many games, but love it when I am back home to go to East End Park. It is deeply sad for me to read what is going on at the moment. Whether Peter Grant is the right man to lead the Pars is immaterial and the fans should be getting behind the team. What has happened to Ross Mcarthur is disgusting. I have met Ross a couple of times on my returns home, and he is a fine man, and a Dunfermline supporter.
I am the same as you Ianparfan.

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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: Indiapar  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 21:10

I recall those days very well. No matter how we played we got behind the team. They always gave 100%. We never had any expectations only dreams in those days of playing in the top flight. Part of the issue is managing the expectations of the supporters. PGs enthusiasm perhaps got the better of him over the remarks he made about winning the league. It has been tempered by the BoD to a top 4 finish and playoff spot. We have some improvement to make to achieve that but strange things happen in football.
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 Re: How Many Like Me?
Topic Originator: neils  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 21:45

Aye I`m with you on that, I`ve been living and working in Malta for the last 15 months, and fly back tomorrow for the first time for my first holiday, and I have to be honest im really looking forward to going to EEP Regardless.

I`ve been watching for over 45 years now, and I went all the way through the real guff.

I get people are not pleased, but I have stepped back on commenting, it`s just too toxic, goes way out of order, and has no reality. Step back and think for a bit... real damage gets caused

I have the highest regard for the chairman, he has put in the foundations, has worked himself to the bone, treats everyone (deserving) with respect, and has been the first board to bust a gut to make us sustainable- pretty much every board we had drove us financially to the wall, the perils of being our size.

Possibly this manager appointment was not the greatest.. (we will find out soon) but so what? No one comes with a written guarantee.

I hope you clean this up a bit, or the raspers have a good look at themselves, way too toxic. It`s not passionate, just something badly missing in people`s lives.

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