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 Playing conditions
Topic Originator: OzPar  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 02:54

As we watch games being played on perfect pitches and complain bitterly when a pitch has a divot or two or is slightly uneven, it is worth remembering that it was not always so.

Most kids in the 60s and 70s learned to play the game on cinder pitches, not graduating to grass until they were in their mid-teens.

But even for the professionals, the condition of the pitches varied enormously. They were generally excellent in August, but they were often an utter disaster by December and January.

These days, games are cancelled mainly as a precautionary measure to avoid injuries, but back in the 60s and 70s, games would be played in quite atrocious conditions that might leave fans today quite aghast.

Just look at the pitch conditions in this top league match between Man City and West Ham. It was by no means unique at the time. If there were a blade of grass left on that pitch full-time, it would indeed have been a miracle...


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 Re: Playing conditions
Topic Originator: sammer  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 03:46

Conditions like that usually favoured attackers as they could wrong foot defenders more easily and of course the ball skidded off the wet surface when they shot. It’s surprising how well weighted most of the passes are on a pitch were the ball is not running easily. Good players learn to play on all surfaces but maybe in their different styles: look at how immaculate Bobby Moore’s and Jimmy Greaves’ strips are even after his second goal, whereas Geoff Hurst is caked in mud even before his diving header.

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 Re: Playing conditions
Topic Originator: par-ticular  
Date:   Wed 13 Oct 18:14

Remember it well, still have the cinder tracks in knees and elbows. Playing on frozen pitches. I was at a Third Lanark cup tie with St Mirren (0-8) never saw a goal barely saw players as fog/smog was so thick. “Great days “
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