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 The UEFA CONMEBOL Nations League
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Sat 18 Dec 11:15


What`s folks opinions on the proposal to include South American teams into the Nations League.

Not quite sure how I feel about this as I quite like the format of the tournament as it is and the driving factor is obviously money.

That being said it would be quite cool to see some teams we don`t get to see as much of in Europe playing competitive games.

That being said again I`m not sure how it would impact qualifying for other tournaments and would it make it harder for nations like Scotland and even if they structure it so no tournament places are taken by the South American sides it would likely make it harder for the smaller European nations to progress through the leagues.
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 Re: The UEFA CONMEBOL Nations League
Topic Originator: GG Riva  
Date:   Sat 18 Dec 19:37

So we have FIFA desperate to hold a World Cup every two years, for no other reason than to double their income and to hell with devaluing the tournament.

On the other hand, we have UEFA and CONMEBOL hatching a counter plan to get into bed for an expanded Nations League, with the express intention of..... you`ve guessed it, making more money from TV and sponsorship.

One thing`s for sure, they can`t all get what they want. FIFA is the overall world football authority, of course, but they can`t hold a WC every other year if the European and S. American nations dig their heels in. Would a combined NL not require FIFA`s permission to go ahead?

I can see an impasse, in which none of the associations get their way and we retain the status quo.

Not your average Sunday League player.
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 Re: The UEFA CONMEBOL Nations League
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Sun 19 Dec 11:30

I wouldn`t be surprised if that was the case mate.

I think UEFA and CONMEBOL both hope that the revised Nations League would put a dunt in the World Cup every two years plan as well as well as generating more money for the tournament.
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