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 Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Mon 9 May 14:28

From the Guardian:-

A body representing football writers in Scotland has apologised after a speaker’s sexist and misogynistic jokes prompted attendees to walk out of its annual awards dinner. The backlash to remarks at Sunday’s Scottish Football Writers’ Association event, which also saw Sir Alex Ferguson receive a lifetime achievement award, has seen the body pledge to review its format.

Gabriella Bennett, the co-chair of Women In Journalism Scotland, told BBC Radio Scotland: “I really enjoy it as an event, but there are always off-colour jokes made by the speakers … sexist or misogynistic. But last night’s speech was really next-level. I walked out after about five minutes of maybe a 20-minute speech. My table stood up to leave, and I saw Eilidh Barbour and people on her table start to leave. But there were loads of people laughing at these jokes. We were two tables in an enormous room and lots of people found it really funny, so there’s lots of work that we still need to do in really changing people’s minds about what’s acceptable.

“I’m no longer shocked or surprised by these kind of offensive remarks masquerading as banter … but I am sickened – by normalising this kind of thing, by minimising these kind of remarks … it’s incredibly insidious. It’s really damaging for women trying to be respected. It allows men to speak to women in a certain way in a professional situation.”

Broadcaster Barbour, who has helmed coverage of various sports for the BBC, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime Video, tweeted: “Never felt so unwelcome in the industry I work in than sitting at the Scottish Football Writers Awards. A huge reminder there is still so much to do in making our game an equal place #callitout #equalgame.”

In a statement, the Scottish Football Writers’ Association said it “apologises to anyone offended or upset by material from one of our after-dinner speakers. We have agreed unanimously that this will act as a catalyst to review and improve the format of our future events to make it an enjoyable and inspirational event for all.”

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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: Never10yairds  
Date:   Mon 9 May 14:36

I’d need to hear what the comments were to accurately make a decision, I don’t go in for the “someone said something really bad so we must cancel them” without judging the comments myself. I don’t doubt it’s possible though.

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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: king lad  
Date:   Mon 9 May 14:38

Really sad to see, women are doing a lot of great things for football across the UK and it`s being held back by these backwards dinosaurs like Bill Copeland who was the speaker. The apology was really poor too, the "sorry if you were offended" defence isn`t taking responsibility for your actions in any shape or form. Reform is needed to get these types of people out of the game
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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: buffy  
Date:   Mon 9 May 15:38

Misogynistic behaviour towards women in the man’s game has been ongoing for years; still happens at yer favourite stadiums too. Believe you me.

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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Mon 9 May 16:00

I`d be interested in hearing the comments. There can be a fine line between banter and abuse and that line is regularly crossed.
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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Mon 9 May 16:05

It isn`t just misogyny and sexism though. "Comedy" has been on a downward spiral for ages. There seems to be a lust for pushing the sick jokes past the percieved boundary. Frankie Boyle voted 5th funniest Scottish comedian says it all.

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 Re: Depressing in 2022
Topic Originator: TAFKA_Super_Petrie  
Date:   Mon 9 May 16:06

Was at a speakers night a few years ago with Copeland on the lineup.

Don`t remember him being particularly offensive (or funny for that matter) especially compared to some in similar events so would be interested to see what was said to trigger such a reaction.


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