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 What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: Row_ZZ  
Date:   Tue 10 May 18:09

Words that were uttered by Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman when his side lost an FA Cup tie to Derby in dubious circumstances.

“I’m rapidly falling out of love with football” was another phrase he used. The interview became a bit of a cult meme, especially on Twitter. People will often use this legendary wee nugget of lower league football as a meme for situations which they overstate in football, such as drawing a game when they were expected to win.

No matter how “daft” or “meme-like” these phrases are, John sums it all up for me, personally, as a Pars fan at the moment.

The way my club, the club I love and always will, has dealt with everything from fan engagement to on-field issues has been nothing short of horrendous the past few years. It’s not even the fact we are down in the seaside league, it’s the manner in which the hierarchy have went about things to land us in this position. A blind man can see our problems, yet they have continued time and time again to pin it on others (the fans) and failed to build on the heroics of the fans that saved the club. I can take being bad at football, that’s not an issue, but to have consistently one of the biggest budgets in the league, some of highest average attendances, and still find a way to make constant mistakes (which has ultimately landed us in League 1) - nah, that doesn’t wash with me. This was coming for years and their ineptitude has finally caught up with them. I do indeed wonder what’s even the point in putting money in to this club anymore when the hierarchy just keep finding new ways to make bad use of it.

Unless over the coming days the new CEO lays down the law and MASSIVE wholesale changes are made from the boardroom right down to the playing staff, I really can’t see myself going to EEP any time soon. I just can’t be bothered with the stress anymore with supporting a team that, figuratively speaking, scores own goals every single season with its decision making. I would imagine a lot of fellow Pars are the same.

I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)
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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: The Boss  
Date:   Tue 10 May 18:26

Have to agree with you Row_ZZ.

This has been most depressing time for me as a Pars fan. You do feel like you’re getting taken for granted. Especially being locked out of games when they could have got limited numbers through the door.

It’s also the way we went down that has angered me. It was with a whimper.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: kozmasrightfoot  
Date:   Tue 10 May 20:37

I`ve felt like that for years. I also dislike the negatively and moaning from lots of fans. It makes for a depressing couple of hours.

Saying that though, i believe fans should stick by the team no matter what. All(most) clubs go through hard times where nothing much that`s good ever happens. We`ll be a better team at some point in the future too when the tables turn to our good side for us.

For the sake of honesty I don`t get to many games(I currently work nightshift every Friday and Saturday), but I soak up as much information on the team as I can. This forum, other fans and various news sites keep me apprised of the goings-on on and off the pitch.

Not the same as going to every game bu I try my best and still bleed black and white.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: xgatesmafia  
Date:   Tue 10 May 20:45

I have to agree it would pain me to put more money into the club at the moment given the current state of things. But like always if the team end up playing half decent football I’ll probably head along when I can . Or they manage to get dick Campbell in as manager I’d be onboard.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: Gareth Keenan Investigates  
Date:   Tue 10 May 20:48

Very harsh to label fans as being negative or ‘moaning’ given the product we’ve been served up especially this season. Especially within the ground the fans have been excellent and to be frank this team didn’t deserve the backing they were getting home and away. Not having a pop at you for not attending games btw as that can’t be helped sometimes but fans in the ground for ninety minutes and fans (rightfully) venting on message boards/social media are completely different.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: scosha  
Date:   Tue 10 May 21:07

I have to agree with the above post, i have been a ST holder since the “Norrie” stand was completed and before that i was attending most games. What really annoyed me this season was the lack of passion, determination and having to watch utter dross. I watched the first half of Caley v Arbroath tonight, i sawmore passion , determination etc than i have seen at East End for a long time.

Sadly i will not be renewing my ST as long as JH is the manager, unfortunately
i can not ssee any improvement until he and the coaches have depated.

A mclaren
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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: Never10yairds  
Date:   Tue 10 May 21:10

Agree with every word of that row zz. Well said.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: nightboat  
Date:   Tue 10 May 23:15

Totally agree. I have continually given money in support but it stops now until the current board/owners start to use my money sensibly and to the benefit of my club.

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 Re: What’s the point anymore?
Topic Originator: Bigbeefcake  
Date:   Wed 11 May 02:08

Everything the OP says is spot on...

My heart and appetite for the Pars has been ripped out. During the pandemic I thought about getting back to East End, that first game with lifted restrictions, couldn`t wait. Then they made the most underwhelming appointment since Davie Hay..

Woeful inept displays as predicted, then the board decided to round on the fans - a******es, Queens away, mis-judged statements - blame blame blame.

Then the mini lockdown when every other club in Scotland applied and balloted to let fans in - not our shower, they couldn`t be a***d.

Beg fans for money at every turn - begging bowl out, manager`s fund, centenary. Bloody season ticket holders ploughing money in to keep the club afloat during Covid to watch games on a stream!!

There`s probably so much more, but to round it off they wanted to charge £20 odd for a relegation play off and only backtracked when shamed into doing so.

Peter Grant was woeful, Yogi has been less woeful but still woeful, the players have been woeful but make no mistake the board have been the worst out the lot - the board have stuck a wedge between the club and fans in the past few years and i`m afraid there might not be any coming back.

It`s another big beefy bonanza at the beefcake boulevard!!
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