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 Kelty - Arrangements for Disabled Fans
Topic Originator: Stanza  
Date:   Wed 17 Aug 14:59

The following information is from DAFC`s Disability Access Officer, Graham Ross. Any questions about it, please contact Graham directly - details in the message. I expect similar information to be on COWS shortly.

"I have been in contact with my fellow DAO at Kelty Hearts FC following a number of queries I have received from some of our fans with disabilities in respect of ticketing and stadium access for Saturdays match. I can now update you as follows-

Disabled fans will be able to buy tickets for the match in the usual manner through the clubs ticketing site accessed via their website. Fans with disabilities should purchase concessionary tickets for the game. Unfortunately Keltys existing policy dictates that carers are also required to buy a concessionary ticket. This aspect has been discussed and it is likely this policy will change however not in time for Saturdays match.

Disabled fans are recommended to park at the North side of the ground near to the Community Centre where disabled parking is available. This car park may fill quickly so best be there sharp. Entrance can be gained from the North gate.  To book a seat within the stand you can do so by e`mailing loganbak@keltyhearts.co.uk 

For wheelchair users please ask for "Jock", Keltys DAO, at the North gate who will direct you to a suitable area which has access to disabled toilets and refreshments etc.
Jock is extremely keen to assist and will be on hand to support our fans on the day.  

To help him support you folks he has asked that I give him a list of names of wheelchair users intending travelling to the match to give him an idea of numbers etc. Can I ask that, if possible, you contact me at dao@dafc.co.uk ahead of Saturday and I will let him know. 

I am also intending going to the match so if you have any problems please give me a shout on 07877980028 and I`ll try and help.

Best Wishes

Graham Ross
Disability Access Officer

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