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Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Tue 6 Sep 10:23

Seeing Willie Gibson coming on for QOS on Saturday with about half-an-hour to go and his team struggling to get into the game set me thinking about the role of player/manager. Until then he`d been just like any other manager, patrolling the technical area and contemplating what changes he needed to make to turn the game around but once he came on his role changed. At one point a move broke down because of a careless pass. Willie looked exasperated but said nothing. Would his reaction have been different if he`d merely been a player? At the final whistle he looked a rather disconsolate figure.

What happens after the game? Does he join the other players in the changing-room for some sort of debriefing or does he return to the manager`s room with his own thoughts and a chat with his backroom staff? How easy is it to assess possible changes during the game when you are a potential substitute yourself? The situation must be even more complicated at Airdrie where both the manager and his assistant are still players. How easy is it to think about possible changes when you are involved on the field? Who is responsible for assessing the game and communicating with the manager about possible changes?

The whole set-up seems to me to be fraught with problems and the only reason for adopting it would seem to be to save a salary.

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 Re: Player/managers
Topic Originator: Bucuresti Par  
Date:   Tue 6 Sep 15:47

I`d imagine it is very difficult! From my experience captaining teams in university leagues in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, it was always a challenge trying to organise the formation, subs whilst playing. You also have your own performance to worry about! At a professional level, at least you have at least one coach on the touchline to help, plus all the players should have a good knowledge of their roles, formations and tactics. Apart from saving a bit of cash, there don`t seem to be many advantages, perhaps if you are a small club you could possibly attract a high quality player that wouldn`t normally sign for you as player manager, but that seems to be rarely the case. Not many teams have a player manager so that alone suggests it is not very effective.

I believe in Wullie`s case, this season he is choosing to play himself rarely so he can concentrate on the manager role. That`s a shame for Queens because on Saturday and from almost all of the our recent games against them, he looks comfortably their best player.

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 Re: Player/managers
Topic Originator: Bandy  
Date:   Tue 6 Sep 16:44

Edgar Davids is by far my favourite player manager. He was utterly exasperated at the quality of player he was working with that his frustration often boiled over and he got himself sent off. He had some bonkers terms and conditions in his contract too.

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