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 Highlights Peterhead
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Sun 2 Oct 12:04

link to highlights

Highlights up now

James McPake at 2pm
Kyle Benedictus at 4pm

from the Pars TV team.

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 Re: Highlights Peterhead
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Sun 2 Oct 15:11

For their first goal I think Benedictus should have cleared the ball cleanly but he managed to hit it against a Peterhead player and they made the most of it. I`d like to have seen the foul that led to the free kick from which they scored their equaliser. The Peterhead player outjumped Breen. I don`t think you could blame Mehmet.

Two good deliveries from Edwards for our goals. He has been our most consistent player this season and might attract interest in the January transfer window.

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 Re: Highlights Peterhead
Topic Originator: parsfan97  
Date:   Sun 2 Oct 18:05

Mehmet’s half attempted run to go for it and stopped meant he was out position and if he just stayed on his line he’d have saved it imo

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 Re: Highlights Peterhead
Topic Originator: USMac  
Date:   Mon 3 Oct 15:25

Totally disagree. Mehmet did not go for the ball; he was covering his near post as he should be doing. Breen had the man marked, did not get outjumped and would have blocked a near-post header. The player hits a fantastic header with the right amount of power going away from where he`s aiming. What can you do?

I don`t see a fault for the first goal either. Comrie had come across to mark his man, who received the ball. You would hope that one of the CBs would have covered for him, but they were covering Comrie where he was. Ball comes off from Bene`s block tackle with a nasty spin. Actually, Edwards almost got all the way over from his side to cover.

I can certainly see where jaws would have hit the floor giving up those two goals in the last few mins, but I don`t see any fault for either goal. I think that`s where you see McPake`s frustration in not being out of sight before then.

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