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 Lowland League Attendances
Topic Originator: McCaig`s Tower  
Date:   Tue 23 May 15:54

I`m indebted to a guy called Ryan Kelly who keeps a lot of stats on the lower leagues.

In particular he published a note of all the attendances in the Lowland League for the season just ended.

(If I could figure out how to load an image I would publish the graphic).

I note that:

Average crowds were 270 - ranging between 115 for Stirling Uni and 733 for Celtic B.

There were 4 crowds over 1000 - the two "old firm" games, Tranent v Rangers B and Broomhill v Hearts B, which looks anomalous. Celtic B v Rangers B attracted 8,500 which dwarfs everything else.

Tranent had the second biggest average at 489 which may reflect first season excitement, followed by Rangers B. Broomhill, Berwick and Spartans

Broomhill were [edit] fourth biggest despite having little hinterland or history. which I found surprising, but they were playing at Broadwood (and the big Hearts crowd distorts matters),

My main takeaway from this is that having Celtic and Rangers B teams in the league makes very little difference in terms of attendance. Perhaps this should be borne in mind when considering other B teams.

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 Re: Lowland League Attendances
Topic Originator: DJAS  
Date:   Tue 23 May 17:17

That the guy on twitter? If so I followed that as well. Would put Broomhill attendance down to the open goal podcast link.

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 Re: Lowland League Attendances
Topic Originator: Big T Par  
Date:   Tue 23 May 18:03

Tranent have always been really well supported. Definitely not 1st season excitement.

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 Re: Lowland League Attendances
Topic Originator: TAFKA_Super_Petrie  
Date:   Tue 23 May 19:47

Broomhill played a lot of Friday games to try and maximise their potential crowds from folk who may otherwise go to another game on Saturday and obviously get the exposure from the podcast to bring more punters in, also had to account for the Colts also playing home games at Broadwood.


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