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 Reserves 1-4
Topic Originator: EastEndTales  
Date:   Tue 12 Sep 16:29

V Killie earlier today.
Jak got 45 minutes and Moffat played. Good to see them getting game time.
Also heard Mehmet did a warm up, more good news.

Not sure who scored for us, one of the Sutherland lads?

Ep.11 of East End Tales is out now- Jack de Gier!

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 Re: Reserves 1-4
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Tue 12 Sep 17:15

DUNFERMLINE: Max Little: Ewan McLeod, Sam Young, John Tod (Jake Rennie 60): Liam Hoggan, Paul Allan (c) (Freddie Rowe HT), Michael Beagley, Miller Fenton: Owen Moffat (Mark Beveridge 60): Alex Jakubiak, (Jake Sutherland HT), Taylor Sutherland
SCORERS: J Sutherland (89)
YELLOW CARD: Rennie (70)

0-0 at half-time but lost a goal in the first minute of the second half!

Jakubiak seemed to impress -

`A disappointing result but a good exercise for the young side that mirrored the shape of the first team. Alex Jakubiak demonstrated what he can bring to the club. The 27 year old brought not just pace but the way he uses his body to bring others into the game and gives a different threat.`

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 Re: Reserves 1-4
Topic Originator: Bouncer  
Date:   Tue 12 Sep 22:33

Liked the look of Liam Hoggan.
Done well in both FB/WB positions going forward.

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